No Travel Documents, Turn Back to Homecoming

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, asked regional heads to increase document checks on travelers or people going homecoming during the period of the homecoming ban. Especially the trip from the island of Sumatra to the island of Java. According to Wiku, later there will be additional checks, namely the … Read more

Peravia: Abinader inaugurates a solar energy park that will provide 50 megawatts

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, attended this Thursday the inauguration of the photovoltaic solar source electricity generation park AES Bayasol, from AES Dominicana, which will contribute 50 megawatts to the National Electric System, in the Peravia province. According to the president of the AES Dominicana corporation for Mexico, Central America and the … Read more

Airports register the mobilization of 334,500 passengers in the month of April

Santo Domingo, RD. Last April, 334,500 passengers from the United States, Europe and other destinations were mobilized through the country’s airports, according to data from the company Aeropuertos Dominicanos XXI (Aerodom). Aerodom explained that the Las Américas terminal continues to lead the rest in terms of the movement of flights and passengers. In the same … Read more

Franklin Mirabal returns to the altar!

Sports writer Franklin Mirabal proposed to his current partner Penny Báez, despite having assured that he would not remarry. Through a post on Instagram, Mirabal revealed that she could not resist the charms of Báez, whom she introduced as her partner in February. “Penny is the complete package … Very smart, pretty and with great … Read more

Andrés García now fires a machine gun during an interview and says he knows all the drug traffickers

Andrés García fired a gun in a recent interview. He does it again. And now it was not a simple pistol: the actor grabbed a machine gun and fired without fear when a reporter was interviewing him in Mexico. The actor of Dominican origin also revealed without measuring words that “I know all” Mexican drug … Read more

Michael Jackson’s heirs breathe … federal court rules in his favor

A federal tax court ruled in favor of Michael Jackson’s heirs in a battle that has dragged on for years, concluding that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) too inflated the value of the “King of the King’s assets and image.” pop “at the time of his death, leading to too high a tax bill for … Read more

Singer – Raulín Rodríguez claims “an important sum and money” from Sodaie and AIE

The singer Raulín Rodríguez accuses the Dominican Society of Interpreters and Executives (Sodaje), and the Society of Artists, Interpreters or Executives of Spain (AIE), of not having given him an “important sum of money”, which has not been reported to him. nor paid, product of the interpretations and executions of his songs in different parts … Read more

Portaltic.-Microsoft Edge adds integration with Office documents

MADRID, 3 May. (Portaltic/EP) – The Navigator Microsoft Edge has incorporated a new function in its latest version for testers that allows the Microsoft Office integration, so that it is possible to view documents without exiting the application. With the new feature, known as Office Viewer, browser users can open Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint … Read more

SpaceX ship returns to Earth with 4 astronauts

A SpaceX spacecraft returned to Earth from the International Space Station with four astronauts aboard on Sunday, in the first nighttime landing of a manned spacecraft in the United States since the Apollo 8 lunar mission. The Dragon capsule deployed its parachutes to drop into the Gulf of Mexico near Panama City, Florida, just before … Read more