NASA documents the sound of a giant meteor hitting Mars

(MENAFN– Amman Net) The US space agency, NASA, documented a strange sound on Mars, which turned out to be a giant meteorite that was swimming in the planet’s atmosphere, before crashing on its surface. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the recording combines “seismic and acoustic waves” detected when a space rock hit Mars … Read more

Slap Trump, FBI Can Use Seized Documents – World

Legal reverse for Donald Trump in the FBI investigation into classified documents seized in Mar-a-Lago: overturning the decision of a federal judge, a three-judge appeals court has allowed the State Department to continue to use one hundred of documents, establishing that the public interest prevails in the investigations, as national security is at stake. Ginni … Read more

A feminist association documents “serious side effects” in medicine for trans children

The Congress of DeputiesThe new political course begins this September with several pending projects such as the TRANS Law, which was approved by the Council of Ministers on June 27. The law is cutting edge defense of the rights of the LGTBI collectivebut it is not without controversy. And it is that it allows the … Read more

26 Million Police Documents Allegedly Leaked in Hacker Forum

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — One of the users dark site claimed to have leaked data from Polda Metro Jaya. However, a given sample can be found freely in site share Scribd documents. A user named Meki uploaded a thread or thread entitled ’26M DATABASE NATIONAL POLICE IDENTITY OF INDONESIA REPUBLIC’ featuring the large logo of … Read more

Slack Introduces Canvas: Text, Links, and Multimedia Collaborative Documents

Slack announces on Dreamforce Canvas. With Canvas you create shared documents with text and multimedia, in which, for example, all relevant information for a project is in one place. Slack presents Canvas at the Dreamforce conference of parent company Salesforce. Canvases, as Slack calls the Canvas documents, are like whiteboards. You fill them with text, … Read more

Donald Trump, USA | Cheers for Jens Stoltenberg: This is what he says about the secret Trump documents

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): A recent survey published in Politico is very good news for NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, and shows that NATO now has a historically high level of support among the Americans. As many as four out of five of those questioned now believe that the US should either maintain or increase its commitments … Read more

Mars already accumulates seven tons of human garbage

the surface of mars harbors and more than seven tons of garbage from half a century of robotic exploration of the red planet. The calculation has been obtained by Cagri Kilic, Postdoctoral researcher in Robotics at West Virginia University, from the analysis of the 18 human-made objects destined for Mars in 14 separate missions, according … Read more

Another Hague official suspected of issuing false ID documents

RTV Utrecht In cooperation with Broadcasting West NOS News•Tuesday, 11:33•Amended Tuesday, 11:54 In The Hague, an official has probably again managed to issue false passports, driving licenses and ID cards. The desk clerk (32) was fired and was arrested on Wednesday. The man had been working as a temporary worker at the municipality since March, … Read more

“Documents” about some of the leaders of the believers – 4 –

Muslima bin Abdul Malik said to Hisham bin Abdul Malik, How do you covet the caliphate when you are miserly and you are a coward? He replied: Because I am gentle and chaste.As Ibn al-Dahhak al-Fihri said to Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, before he became king, when he was a young boy: O Ibn al-Khalifa, … Read more

Peek 4 Easy Ways to Translate English-Indonesian Documents in Microsoft Word

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – For those of you who have documents in Microsoft Word and want to do the process English-Indonesian translatesee the following reviews. In Microsoft Wordyou can directly carry out the process English-Indonesian translate easily. Take a look at four easy ways to translate English-Indonesian in documents in Microsoft Word. Read also: Recommended 4 Best English-Indonesian Translate … Read more