E-System to Change Sponsorship of Domestic Workers: Things to Keep in Mind | Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia are now able to change employers through the Absher Afrad platform

Jeddah: Sponsorship of domestic workers including house drivers can now be transferred online in Saudi Arabia. The passport department has released the conditions to be followed while transferring in this way. Citizens registered on the ‘Abshir’ platform can outsource their domestic workers services. Those registered on the ‘Abshir’ platform can transfer the services of their … Read more

There are new options for domestic leisure travel! Ford Kuga rumored new model appeared – Free Electronic Newspaper Auto Channel

Ford Kuga, which will be launched in 2020, may have new models unveiled in the near future. The energy consumption certificate from the Energy Bureau and the camouflaged car photographed are very likely to be the Vignale model previously launched in Europe, strengthening Kuga’s domestic leisure travel market. Competitiveness. Ford Kuga is a popular domestic … Read more

Domestic Corona 19 vaccine and treatment that can’t be used… Insufficient response to Omicron: Dong-A Science

Interested in the results of latecomer development On the 2nd, the first shipment of SK Bioscience’s Corona 19 vaccine ‘SkyCoby1’ is being shipped. Provided by SK Bioscience Vaccines and treatments for the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19‧Corona 19) developed by domestic companies are not being used in the face of the infectious disease. Since it was … Read more

Domestic travel allowances will probably change from 2023, the proposal is awaiting comments

Average fuel prices have changed several times this year This year, domestic travel reimbursements increased a total of four times. Meals increased at the beginning of the year. In March, the compensation for the use of electric cars increased from CZK 4.10 per 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity to CZK 6, and in May, the compensation … Read more

dynamics of price changes for domestic models and foreign cars :: Autonews

Global geopolitical changes have strongly influenced the domestic used car market: in March-April, prices skyrocketed, although then they began to gradually decline and in some cases almost reached pre-crisis levels or even turned out to be slightly lower. At the request of Autonews.ru, analysts from the Avito Auto portal tracked the dynamics of the cost … Read more

Index – Domestic – Changes are coming to Hungarian highways

The large-scale pavement repair works before winter have come to an end – reported the communications director of Magyar Koncessziós Infrastruktura Fejlsztő Zrt. László Szimicsku said that during the large-surface pavement repair, there were no spot potholes on the roads all over the country, but the asphalt was ground up with a work machine and … Read more

Japan will fully supply domestic new crown oral drugs Russian experts say there may be a new wave of infections – Teller Report Teller Report

10:53, November 26, 2022 Source: China News Network   (Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) Japan will fully supply domestically produced new crown oral medicine Russian experts say there may be a new wave of infections China News Agency, Beijing, November 25th. Comprehensive news: According to data from the WHO website, as of 18:38 on the 24th Central … Read more

He is Edit Frajt’s rarely seen husband: they are smiling in a joint photo with Pál – Domestic star

Running from 1987 to 1999 Neighbours was such a great success in our country that the TV viewers felt that its characters were almost family members. Friar Editet many people also locked it in their hearts Mágenheim as Julia. Nothing could prove this better than the fact that the actress is still addressed by strangers … Read more

Index – Domestic – The Hungarian government achieved partial success in the negotiations with the European Commission

The Hungarian government achieved partial success in the negotiations with the European Commission, according to Index, the recovery plan submitted by the cabinet and the operational programs are approved in Brussels; they accept the seventeen corrective measures undertaken and completed, but EU money is disbursed only if Budapest implements further judicial reforms. According to our … Read more

Documentation center sees influence of Iran in Austria – domestic

Vienna – The Documentation Center for Political Islam in Vienna on Wednesday in view of the wave of protests in Iran basic report on political Islam in the Twelver Shia, which is also represented in Austria. The Iranian leadership, which rejects Western democracy, uses so-called “soft power” instruments, according to a press release.