Ana Paula Consorte and her response to Doña Peta: “I’m happy with Paolo, that’s what matters” Alondra García Miró VIDEO farándula trcm | SHOWS

In an interview carried out through WhatsApp carried out by ‘Amor y fuego’, Ana Paula Consorte indicated that the statements of Mrs. Peta they don’t care at all. MIRA: Jessica Newton wishes to have Alondra García in Miss Peru 2023: “It’s spectacular” Paolo Guerrero’s partner and mother of his next baby, stated that the most … Read more

Doña Margarita lived with the beekeeper, who killed her grandmother and put her parents to death

A friend of her mother saves them from hunger and misery At the age of 18, he managed a homestead and became the economic director of the family newspaper The wife of King Simeon II – Margarita Gomez Acebo, who turned 88 on January 6, had a dramatic childhood. When she was only one year … Read more

Irma Maury and her only requirement to return to Al fondo hay sitio | AFHS | Dona Nelly | America TV series | MISCELLANY

Irma Maury gave life to one of the most remembered characters of “At the bottom there is room”: Mrs. Nelly. The mother of Lucho, Pepe and Teresita stood out for her peculiar character and way of being, becoming one of the favorite figures on television. For this reason, great sadness caused her to leave the … Read more

Vicente Fernández went live with Ana Bárbara and Doña Cuquita also let him go

It is not news that Vicente Fernandez enjoys the fame of an inveterate gallant. Several times it was even possible to verify some extramarital affairs that he had in full view of everyone, including his wife. However, Doña Cuquita never cared, for her the important thing was that her husband always returned to her arms. … Read more

Alondra García Miró breaks her silence signs of love from Paolo Guerrero to Ana Paula Consorte VIDEO about the relationship with Doña Peta América Today celebrity | SHOWS

BREAK YOUR SILENCE. After months of being silent, Lark Garcia Miro He was encouraged to answer the questions about his ex-partner Paolo Guerrero. After giving an interview to Trome revealing that now he can do kissing scenesthis time the ‘green-eyed’ spoke about the ‘Predator”s signs of love to Ana Paula Consort. READ ALSO: Alondra García … Read more

Alondra García Miró meets Doña Peta again and laughs at Paolo Guerrero | EYE-SHOW

Lark Garcia Miro She continues to visit the family of her ex-boyfriend Paolo Guerrero, despite the fact that he already has a new romantic relationship with the Brazilian Ana Paula Consorte. MIRA: Alondra, indignant, pronounces on video with Doña Peta at a party This was demonstrated at a party to which Dona Peta attendedthe mother … Read more

Sofia Giaele De Donà and the flirtation with Flavio Briatore, him: Who?

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 Flavio Briatore was contacted by Dagospia and his reaction surprised everyone: “Sofia, who?” Turn on notifications to receive updates on Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 “Sofia, who?”. Flavio Briatore’s skimpy commentary on the news coming from the most spied on house in Italy. Just her, Sofia Giaele De Donà – married to … Read more

Dear life, Massimiliano Dona (Consumers Union) at

The dear life presses the country. The Italian economic situation is not the best. Istat data for July also tell us this. Compared to June, sales start to grow again, but the divergence between the positive trend in sales in value and the negative one in volumes continues, down for the second consecutive month. Italians … Read more

Doña Peta resentful with Alondra: “I don’t talk to her, why are you going to implore them to call you?” | soccer player | Lark Garcia Miro | Dona Peta | Paolo Guerrero | | SHOWS

the mother of soccer player expressed her annoyance and was resentful towards the model Lark Garcia Miro. Dona Peta confessed that he no longer has communication with the ‘green-eyed’, after the romance with his son ended Paolo Guerrero. The reporter from ‘En Boca de Todos’ asked the parent of ‘Predator’ if she still maintains communication … Read more