Collected 40 dollars – Dagsavisen

The fundraiser for one of the largest political action committees associated with former President Donald Trump, the eponymous super Pac Make America Great Again, Again! (MAGAA) has declined dramatically in recent months, writes the Financial Times. In August, the Super Pac collected only 40 dollars, just over 400 kroner, writes the newspaper. In July, the … Read more

Slap Trump, FBI Can Use Seized Documents – World

Legal reverse for Donald Trump in the FBI investigation into classified documents seized in Mar-a-Lago: overturning the decision of a federal judge, a three-judge appeals court has allowed the State Department to continue to use one hundred of documents, establishing that the public interest prevails in the investigations, as national security is at stake. Ginni … Read more

Prosecutor: Trump and 3 of his Children Tricked Authorities Rp 3.76 Trillion to Enrich Themselves All

NEW YORK, – New York Attorney General Letitia James on Wednesday (21/9/2022) said, Donald Trump and his three children deceived the authorities to enrich themselves. Trump and his three children have been accused of lying to tax collectors, lenders and insurance companies for years by not properly naming the value of their properties. Letitia … Read more

Biden next to Fiala? They wouldn’t put me among the politicians of third world countries, Trump gets angry

The former American president wrote on his own social network called Social Truth that the seat of Biden until the 14th row shows where the United States has come under his administration and that they do not receive due respect. “In real estate, as in politics and in life, place is everything,” Trump wrote. “This … Read more

Department of access cards seized from Trump refused – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 15 SEPT – Victory for Donald Trump. Federal Judge Aileen Cannon rejected the Justice Department’s request to regain access to 100 top secret papers seized by the FBI from Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago and named a candidate suggested by the tycoon’s legal team as a special master. The New York Times reports … Read more

Revealed, Jordan’s King Feels Heartbreak When Offered by Trump the West Bank

loading… Donald Trump (right), while serving as US President, offers the West Bank to Jordan’s King Abdullah II. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – Donald Trump while in power as President of the United States (US), once offered full control of But the West to Jordan in 2018. The offer of the Israeli-controlled territory made the King of … Read more

Document about nuclear power in another country found in Donald Trump’s home | NOW

During a search of the home of former US President Donald Trump last month, FBI agents found a document describing the nuclear power of another country. That reports The Washington Post Wednesday, based on anonymous sources. It is unclear which country this is exactly. According to the paper, the document details the military capabilities of … Read more

The published description of the search of D. Trump’s house reveals new details

The description outlines what was in 33 boxes taken from an office and storage room at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence during an Aug. 8 search. While the inventory does not reflect the contents of these documents, it does show the extent to which classified information was stored in the former president’s home, among newspapers, magazines, clothing … Read more

Donald Trump wanted me killed!

Alec Baldwin claimed that Donald Trump called on people on January 6 to assassinate him. Trump would have claimed that Baldwin intentionally fired the shot that killed the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during the filming of Rust. Baldwin told reporter Chris Cuomo that the former president’s comment was a trigger for the mob to put a … Read more

Most Americans want an investigation into Trump

The opinion of the respondents differs significantly depending on which political party they belong to. 92 percent of Democratic voters support the investigation, compared to 61 percent of independents. Among supporters of the Republicans, whose ranks include Trump, support for the investigation is only 21 percent. Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last … Read more