Clubhouse introduces payment function: donations to speakers

Clubhouse started on Monday with the introduction of a payment function, which allows users to send money to others in the app. For example, they can reward a speaker they appreciate or a moderator with a donation. Clubhouse is an app that consists of rooms in which users talk to each other live in audio. … Read more

Trump campaign returned millions in donations ‘because of hidden check mark’

The New York Times spoke to several donors, including cancer patient Stacy Blatt. He had a disposable income of $ 1,000 a month and wanted to make a one-time donation of $ 500. Because he missed the check mark, a total of six times that amount was debited. His bank account was frozen and he … Read more

Baschi clears away at “1 gegen 100”: “If I lose everything, I will collect donations with a concert”

PublishedMarch 29, 2021, 4:53 am On Saturday evening three celebrities played in the SRF quiz show “1 against 100” for cultural workers. After a shaky party, the singer Baschi from Basel was able to win 26,500 for the Basel Rock Funding Association. 1 / 7 The Basel-based singer Baschi won CHF 26,500 on Saturday evening … Read more

EU suspends vaccine donations to poor countries The news

The EU is postponing the donation of vaccines to poor countries Brussels, 21 March, LETA – DPA. The European Union (EU) is not currently in a position to donate vaccines to the poorest countries, said Urzula von der Leiena, President of the European Commission (EC). “Member States are under considerable pressure to supply vaccines to … Read more

Mother’child abuse’ arrested for leaving a motel child to work The story of 100 million donations

[사진출처 = 고 펀드 홈페이지 캡처] In the United States, where children are prohibited from leaving their children alone in their home or motel room, there have been cases of punishment after leaving their children to work after the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). This is because schools and childcare facilities are closed and there … Read more

Reconstruction project – animal shelter in Gastern hopes for donations after fire

Animal shelter operator Erwin Schlosser is facing a reconstruction project after a roof fire on the Monday of the previous week destroyed the building with the bargain market and his apartment (the NÖN reported). Demolition or renovation still pending. The damage assessment is largely complete. “A couple of companies were already there and looked at … Read more

Clotilde Armand was asked what was the last donation made. Herjeu: OAAAAAAU! It’s incredible, isn’t it? / video

Clotilde Armand and donations Clotilde Armand was asked what was the last act of charity she did. The answer is shocking. To the question “What was the last act of charity, the last donation made?”, Clotilde Armand said that … they. “I made many donations for my cause! (…) I am being sued in court. … Read more

Muscle disease patient Souf (22): ‘Shocked by many donations but grateful’

Normally it is already a lot when Souf is active three hours a day. “Now he’s actually been bouncing for two days. He thinks he should react to everything.” With the risk of overloading his body. “I love him too much to have him broken for a bit of media. Taking his phone was equally … Read more

Microsoft Ends Donations to Those Who Supported Biden Override | WORLD

Updated on 02/07/2021 02:39 am Microsoft Corp. said it will suspend 2022 election cycle donations for lawmakers who voted to overturn the results of the U.S. presidential election, following concerns that the company’s political action committee would have endorsed some of those. Senators and House Representatives. The company will also stop donating to any state … Read more