Gavi and donors must expand vaccine supply for children up to five years of age

The growing number of unvaccinated children in crisis-affected countries are at high risk of contracting life-threatening diseases. On the occasion of the World Immunization Week that begins on April 23 under the motto ‘the great recovery’ or The Big Catch-Upin English, at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) we call on Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, and its … Read more

“Less and less blood”. But the number of young female donors is increasing

Florence, April 15, 2023 – There is good and bad news regarding blood donations in Tuscany. The negative aspect is that total blood donations are decreasing in our region: during 2022 203,640 units were collected against 211,892 in the previous year, i.e. 3.9% less. The encouraging news is that Avis is counting on growth female … Read more

Definitely out of fleet soon: Qatar Airways uses two Airbus A380 as spare parts donors

The golf airline is again using eight superjumbos, two of which are used as spare parts donors. However, the Airbus A380 will only make a brief second guest appearance with Qatar Airways. Chief Akbar Al Baker makes that clear. The Airbus A380 is currently making an unexpected comeback. More and more airlines are bringing him … Read more

Rich donors fail, and the money bin is locked. Now Trump is selling Christmas decorations and wrapping paper.

Donald Trump’s political organization has over NOK 1 billion in its account, but little of it can be used for his election campaign. Now he sells Christmas effects to bring in money. Are you dreaming of a Trump Christmas? You can get wrapping paper with Trump as Superman, Christmas balls in a Trump stocking or … Read more

“Kratip Chawankon” is awesome! free tattoo show For body donors to the Thai Red Cross Society

makes fans flock to admire the actress “Kratip Chawankon Wattanaphisitkul” Overwhelmed, which referred to the good side of opening a tattoo shop And let me tell you that her skills are extraordinary. Most recently, he came out to post a clip showing his tattoos. and made merit as well with free tattoos for body donors … Read more