This is the reason why third doses of Pfizer, Moderna and Sinovac will not be applied in the Valley

Both in Colombia and within Valle del Cauca, a slight shortage of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is expected in the coming weeks, given their high demand in other countries. That is why health authorities have prioritized these biologicals for certain…

WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization updates recommendations on booster doses and COVID-19 vaccination for children – PAHO/WHO

New guidance continues to prioritize reaching full protection of the most vulnerable first and reflects evidence of declining vaccination efficacy and increasing dose delivery 21 January 2022 – The World Health Organization (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) has updated its guidance on booster doses and vaccination in children in light of … Read more

Vaccines, third doses: Italy at two speeds. Lazio and Puglia in the lead, Sicily last

Listen to the audio version of the article Even the so-called “booster”, ie the third dose of Covid vaccine, replicates the scheme of the campaign launched in December 2020: a difference in the rate of dose addition between Regions. So if to lead the ranking are the Lazio and the Puglia, at the bottom of … Read more

Spain: 7-year-old girl receives two doses of vaccine on the same day

the essential In Spain, a seven-year-old girl received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine on the same day. A seven-year-old girl received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine on the same day at her school in MĂ©rida, Spain, the newspaper reports Today. It was the child who allegedly informed his parents of the incident. The … Read more

Mentana returns to lead the news: “I had Covid, thanks to science with three doses it was light” Copy He returns to the television news La7 after ten days and talks about it after the isolation is over “because an illness is always a private matter, but above all out of respect for all those for whom it was a more painful experience”. Enrico Mentana had anticipated it a few hours earlier … Read more

What vaccines are available in Cali for booster doses? This was said by the Sec.Salud

The Secretary of Health of Cali, Miyerlandi Torres, announced that only AstraZeneca biologicals are available in the city for the application of booster doses or third doses. According to what was indicated by the Secretary, although in the capital of the Valley there are vaccines from other pharmaceutical companies, for now, only AstraZeneca will be … Read more

Argentina signed a new agreement with Pfizer for 18.5 million vaccines for 2022 that includes pediatric doses

The Ministry of Health of the Nation communicates a new agreement with Pfizer Argentina and BioNTech SE for the acquisition of 18.5 million doses of vaccine against COVID-19 during the year 2022, which will be delivered according to the schedule agreed between the laboratory and the national government. These vaccines are added to the contract … Read more