Jokowi Stops Exports of Nickel Ore, RI Successfully Exports Steel Rp152 T

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the cessation of exports of raw materials for nickel since January 1, 2020 has shown positive results for the country’s economy. He said that exports of iron and steel in the first half of this year had reached US$ 10.5 billion or around Rp. 152 … Read more

How to get off the “black list” of Banco de Portugal? – Private Investor

The pandemic crisis has left many families and businesses financially difficult. And, although there are still no relevant signs of non-compliance, the expectation is that these will emerge closer to the end of the year, when the State’s moratoriums end. With the return of these responsibilities, there will be those who will fail their benefits … Read more

Renaissance Dam: Russia denies its cooperation with Ethiopia at the expense of the downstream countries, and in Iraq, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announces the arrest of the perpetrators of the Sadr City bombing

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that attempts to link military-technical cooperation with Ethiopia to the negotiating process between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia on the Renaissance Dam for hydroelectric power generation “raise astonishment” and called for not politicizing the construction of the dam in order to avoid any possible escalation of tension between the three countries … Read more

The flooded Maze carried the cow 100 kilometers downstream

The rescued breeding animal comes from the village of Echt in the south of the Netherlands, which, together with Germany, Belgium and other countries, was hit by devastating storms this week, followed by extreme floods. The impoverished cows lying on the shore in the debris were noticed by passers-by, who immediately contacted the fire department. … Read more

Luhut’s criticism, Faisal Basri said that downstream mining only supports industry in China

ILLUSTRATION. Faisal Batubara or better known as Faisal Basri is an economist and politician from Indonesia. Photo / KONTAN / Djumyati Partawidjaja Reporter: Ridwan Nanda Mulyana | Editor: I knew Laoli KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Senior economist Faisal Basri highlighted the policy to increase mining value added in Indonesia, which he said was still half-hearted. He … Read more