COMMENTARY: It is said that the devastation of Brexit has not materialized. Really? – Daniel Drake

Truss knew that leaving the European Union would bring Britain more trouble than good. Talk of bureaucrats in Brussels is one thing, but the ability to thrive economically in isolation is another. That is also why six years ago -⁠ yes, it seems like an eternity -⁠ she voted to remain in the Union. She … Read more

Frank Drake, who led the search for life on other planets, dies aged 92

It was at Green Bank that Dr. Drake, who planned the meeting, acquired his famous formula as a way of setting the agenda. It consists of seven factors, which include all knowledge and ambitions of human astrology. Some are quite experimental, such as the stellar birth rate in the Milky Way and the fraction of … Read more

Frank Drake, the man who searched for aliens, dies | Science

The man who sent the first message from earthlings to extraterrestrial civilizations died last Friday at his home in Aptos, California, at the age of 92. Frank Drake (Chicago, 1930) was the astrophysicist who, throughout his life, was able to transform a subject typical of comics and science fiction into a discipline respected by the … Read more

Drake postpones ‘Young Money Reunion’ show after testing negative for COVID-19

Canadian rapper and singer Canard rescheduled the “Young Money Reunion” concert after testing negative for COVID-19. Just hours before the “Young Money Reunion” concert, Drake let his fans down by sharing that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Now the ‘Hotline Bling’ singer has lifted the spirits of his fans by announcing he’s tested negative … Read more

Penelope Cruz star in Modena, for the set of the film on the Drake – Emilia-Romagna

Great curiosity for the diva, also resumed during the week Modena returns to 1957, becoming the main location for the film directed by Michael Mann about Enzo Ferrari, with Penelope Cruz and Adam Driver. The Hollywood set that moves from day to day in various parts of the city is arousing a lot of curiosity … Read more

All 82 songs that have achieved diamond status and over 10 million sales

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is the institution that certifies sales of albums and singles and also takes care of the protection of rights in the music industry across the ocean. It also awards best-selling products in recognition of commercial success, consistency and popularity. By default, certificates are named “gold”, “platinum”, “multi-platinum” and … Read more

When Drake and Beyoncé knock on the door of house music

Drake and Beyoncé surprised by drawing inspiration from house, music from the 1990s, a revival that honors forgotten African-American pioneers of this current of electro music. The Canadian fired the first with the album Honestly, Nevermind on June 17, four days before Break My Soul, single from the American. Exit rap or R’n’B: the two … Read more

Future reunites Kanye West, Drake and Young Thug on their new album

Future feat Kanye West, Keep It Burnin Rap fans are thrilled: Atlanta rapper’s new album Future is the promise of several hours of pure joy. The biggest names can be found on this sixteen-track album entitled I Never Liked You. Announced for several weeks, it is on Instagram that the rapper revealed the title, the … Read more