How rare people get HIV under control without treatment

Less than 0.5% of people infected with the AIDS virus (HIV) can maintain such control of the virus without treatment. This is despite the presence of cellular reservoirs where “dormant” HIV is hidden. To explain this phenomenon, the researchers compared the viral genomes that were integrated into the DNA of cells of 64 people of … Read more

Moroccans worried about rising coronavirus infections

With more than a thousand daily cases since the beginning of August, the increase in contamination with the new coronavirus in Morocco is fueling concern and criticism in the local media on the management of the health crisis. “Morocco under severe strain”, “Infernal spiral”, “Fear of cities”, “The government is walking on corpses” … Under … Read more

Nespresso invests in the coffee industry in the DRC

Nespresso will invest in the coffee industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to relaunch this activity, which has been damaged by years of civil war. Coffee from the shores of Lake Kivu will first be distributed in the United States and then globally in 2021. In 1980, coffee was the DRC’s second export … Read more

Thousands of fans celebrate the anniversary of DJ Arafat’s death in Abidjan

“We are all gathered because of Arafat, he is a gentleman to respect. Bob Marley (died May 11, 1981) had his May 11, we, in Ivory Coast, we have our August 12”, a declared Amandine, 28, strapped into a black t-shirt bearing the image of the artist, on which we could read: “Arafat Year 1”. … Read more

progress compromised by the Covid-19 epidemic

Thousands of Muslims took part in Istanbul on Friday in the first prayer organized at the former Hagia Sophia since its conversion into a mosque. It was the first prayer organized at the former Hagia Sophia since its controversial conversion into a mosque; a ceremony in which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recited a passage from … Read more

The Face of the decline of the bees, bubbles of soap to pollinate fruit trees

Professor at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science Japan and author of the study, Eijiro Miyako has been working for several years on robots pollinators, but the latter tended to crush the flowers. “It was very sad,” he said to the AFP. The scientist has the idea of using soap bubbles while playing in a … Read more

The DRC is struggling with the worst Ebola epidemic ever recorded in the country

At least three people died Tuesday in Kinshasa in the democratic Republic of the Congo when hundreds of demonstrators called for the reopening of the grand central market has been closed since the end of march in the framework of the”state of emergency” health decreed to stop the new coronavirus. The police claims to have … Read more

857 deaths and 25,000 cases of cholera since January in DRC

Of the dead series in the entourage of the president of the democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), officially the disease Covid-19, fuelling rumours of poisoning at the top of the State in Kinshasa. This climate already weighing is weighed down with the sudden death of the judge in charge of a trial of anti-corruption … Read more

STROKE mortality is changing unevenly in Europe

The mortality rate from cerebral vascular accident (STROKE) are declining overall in Europe, but this reduction tends to be slowing in some countries, especially in the West. The study published in the European Heart Journal (EHJ) assesses the trends for three types of cerebrovascular diseases in Europe between 1980 and 2016. It is essentially a … Read more