What he was looking for, he found. The shooting legend of Baník Ostrava got the job of his dreams

The indoor pool in Brušperk, a small town with four thousand inhabitants located in the Beskydy foothills, offers three 25-meter swimming lanes, a children’s wading pool, a water slide, places for relaxation and rest. Among the employees, in addition, one of the personalities who wrote the history of Czechoslovak football. Ostrava forward Václav Daňek, who … Read more

Spiders may have dreams like humans

Although sleep is a common feature observed in creatures across the animal kingdom, it is not clear whether the different stages of sleep are universal, according to the researchers. In particular, REM sleep research is still largely focused on terrestrial vertebrates, particularly mammals and birds. According to the researchers, cross-species comparisons of this sleep phase … Read more

Populist, Islamist, president. Erdogan dreams of a “New Turkey” – o2

Turkey’s role in the international arena has gained importance. During the war in Ukraine, President Erdogan emerged as a mediator between the West and Russia. Recently, on July 19, he met with Vladimir Putin, who – which was carefully noted by all the world’s media – told him to wait for himself in front of … Read more

The price and specifications of the infinix hot 12 pro phone.. a need or not in dreams

Infinix has announced the launch of the infinix hot 12 pro phone, which will be launched in India and then in the rest of the countries, and the specifications and price of the phone will be as follows: Infinix hot 12 pro phone price and specifications: Come the phone With 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, octa-core … Read more

International Defense Analyst Explodes Putin’s Lies: Russia Dreams Of Defeating US F-35

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Superiority F-35 AS it has been heard all over the world. Success AS in developing F-35 make the superpower even more powerful. Military AS which is known to be the strongest in the world, is more formidable with its presence F-35. F-35 strengthen national security, enhance global partnerships, and support economic growth. Read … Read more

– Stops many girls’ dreams – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– It becomes almost excessively symbolic when the only colored player enters in the 119th minute to save time, says NRK’s ​​sports commentator Jan Petter Saltvedt. The English lionesses secured a historic one EM-gull after a dramatic final against Germany on Sunday. But it is not just words of praise that fall to the new … Read more

Dreams in broad daylight Russia thinks it can beat the F-35, US fighter planes use this advanced technology

ZONAJAKARTA.com – It’s common knowledge that F-35 owned by United States of America Becomes fighter most advanced and capable in the world. Although many acknowledge the power F-35 in the air, Russia seems to be trying to dispel that notion. Last month, state media Russia widely circulated videos allegedly revealing F-35 Israel failed against strong … Read more

Putin’s dreams dashed by £1.7bn Swiss ‘water battery’ to power 900,000 homes | science

Last month, Switzerland unveiled a new pumped hydroelectric plant called Nant de Dance, which effectively acts as a hydro accumulator, storing huge amounts of energy. As Russia ramps up its energy supply to the EU, this battery storage could play a key role in saving the bloc from the nightmare scenario of Putin cutting off … Read more

Qingdao: Hosting a summer camp to help Tibetan youths realize their football dreams

Qingdao: Hosting a summer camp to help Tibetan youths realize their football dreams Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau released sports events Qinghai sports event information is released in a timely manner, dynamic events are presented in an all-round way, and you can feel the perfect combination of beautiful Qinghai and sports. Happy Running China Hong Kong … Read more

The “Lebanese Forces” commenting on the Rmeish incident: It seems that “Hezbollah” sees the “forces” in its dreams and distorts the facts

The media department of the “Lebanese Forces” party announced, in a statement, that “following the unfortunate incident that occurred yesterday between some residents of the southern town of Rmeish and elements of (Hezbollah), some electronic accounts affiliated with (Hezbollah) launched a systematic and brutal campaign against The Lebanese Forces and its head, Samir Geagea, accused … Read more