Zara’s transparent dress that will be a trend on New Year’s Eve

Thanks to social networks, with special mention to Instagram, which is the largest fashion showcase that currently exists, we can be up to date, at a single glance, with the trends that are emerging in the world of fashion season after season. Thanks to the work of influencers and celebrities, it is very easy to … Read more

Ekaterina Strizhenova in a turquoise dress showed off with her daughters and grandson

The famous TV presenter and actress Ekaterina Strizhenova is an example of a real happy woman who has both a family life and a career. Ekaterina Strizhenova has been living with her husband, director Alexander Strizhenov for many years, their marriage is considered one of the strongest. The couple has two adult daughters – Anastasia … Read more

Georgina Rodríguez wears the perfect dress to look elegant and slim at Christmas | Critical Voices – Salta

Friday, November 25, 2022 With the arrival of December, the weather begins to change and temperatures begin to drop. However, the cold should not be an impediment for you to look sophisticated and elegant, especially now that the happiest days of the year are approaching. That is why today Georgina Rodriguez teaches us how to … Read more

Yasmine Sabry… With a bold look and a charming dress, she catches the eye on a cruise. Watch now

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Art gossip..the strangest marriage customs in the world A bride does the impossible and falls into a very embarrassing situation during her wedding won’t believe what came out from under her dress

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Katja Schuurman dumps a wedding dress worth more than a million euros in a container

Wedding dress Katja Schuurman This can be seen on images that weekly magazine Story shares. There were also feces all over the dress that cost more than a million euros. “It was in a plastic bag. How gross is this. That wedding dress really has to go,” says Katja in her podcast Schuurman & Spigt … Read more

Watch.. Mai Omar ignites the youth’s instincts with an unparalleled dress

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The real princess: Kate Middleton in a snow-white dress eclipsed the disgraced Meghan Markle

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Christine Beaulieu shone brightly in this retro sequin dress

In December 23, the actress plays Gabrielle, the chef at the Château Frontenac restaurant. Here is the synopsis and trailer for this Christmas feature film written by India Desjardins: On December 23, the day before Christmas, the frenzy of the holiday season is everywhere and seizes many… In this choral film, we follow a hardened … Read more

Adriana Karembeu (51) causes a sensation and reveals her breasts in a very sexy slit dress

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