“Running Kart Drift” is now open for pre-market global testing, and childhood memories start running again | 4Gamers

The latest work in the “Running Kart” series developed by NEXON, “Running Kart Drift”, will start the global pre-market test from today (1), and the test time will be from September 1st 09:00 Taiwan time to September 6th 21st :00, platforms include PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android. “Running Kart Drift” is the latest … Read more

The handle drift problem is finally solved, PS5 DualSense Edge can quickly remove the joystick module- Qooah

A few days ago, at the Gamescom game show, Sony launched the PS5 DualSense Edge controller, which is the standard Xbox Elite controller, but did not disclose the specific information of the controller. Today, Sony finally released the detailed structure diagram of the PS5 DualSense Edge handle. The joystick of this handle can not only … Read more

Mishaal Kawkab is the 2022 Dunlop Drift Cup champion in Lebanon

In an exciting two-day championship that included 73 participants, Mishaal Kawkab won the 2022 Dunlop Drift Cup at Mazar Motor Park – Warda (Kfardebian). The competitions were held in cooperation with the Lebanese Automobile and Touring Club on Sunday, July 24th. winning cup © Red Bull Kawkab succeeded in collecting a total of 280 points … Read more

The Crew 2 Season 6 Chapter 1 with Drift World Champion Chris Forsberg

Ubisoft’s racing game “The Crew 2” will usher in the new content of the 6th season on 7/7 – “DOMINIION FORSBERG”, this time the first chapter of the 6th season directly found the drifting world champion Chris Forsberg to cooperate, in the game The content design is designed in conjunction with its Forsberg Racing team, … Read more

UK consumer regulation says 40% of Switch handlebars have drift problems | XFastest News

The Switch has faced numerous complaints about Joy-Con handlebar drift since its launch in 2017, sparking a class-action lawsuit. Even the European Union called for an investigation into the issue after receiving more than 25,000 complaints from multiple countries. The reporting was significant enough for Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa to apologize for the issue in … Read more

The Nissan Navara-R has a GT-R engine and 1,000 horsepower, it will build you as well

In 2020, the British company SB Motorsport embarked on a modification of the Nissan Navara pick-up, in which it wanted to get an improved engine from the Nissan GT-R. It is now done and will be produced by potential applicants as well. Nowadays, the ever-increasing and insane performances of supersports and their electric siblings, 1,000 … Read more

Netizens shout that Mandalika asphalt is damaged because it is used by Drift, MotoGP racers say otherwise

Jakarta – Some netizens questioned the fate of the Mandalika Circuit asphalt which was used for the track day event last weekend. They are also worried that the asphalt on the main track will be damaged because it is used for drifting. But actually it’s nothing to worry about, because MotoGP racers only suggest that … Read more

Three Tourists from Cidahu Drift at Istiqomah Beach Palabuhanratu

LINGKARPENA.ID – Another sea accident (Laka Laut) occurred at Istiqomah Beach, Citepus Village, Palabuhanratu District, on Wednesday 4 May 2022. Guards from the Sukabumi Polres Water and Air Police Unit, the West Java Regional Police Polairud Directorate, together with the Tourism Office managed to evacuate three tourists who were swept away by the strong waves … Read more

It is said that the outsourced repair center of Nintendo of America is already exhausted just repairing the drift problem of the Switch’s JoyCon #Game Console(176289)

The unique handheld and home console design of the Nintendo Switch console has created a new peak for Nintendo in the current game console market. However, the detachable controller JopyCon has been prone to “drift” problems due to inherent design problems shortly after the launch of the console. That is, the direction of the controller … Read more