Nintendo would be implementing a practical solution to fix the Joy-Con drift

A few weeks ago, a youtuber revealed a trick to put an end to the annoying Joy-con drift from Nintendo Switch, a curious solution that became trend in the social media, since thousands of gamers tried it and it worked. You may not know it, but this problem causes the console to detects a movement … Read more

Finally it seems that Nintendo has not yet fixed the Joy-Con Drift on Switch – Nintenderos

After some indications that reached us last night about the possible correction of the Joy-Con Drift at the controls of Zelda: Skyward Sword, now we bring you more information about it, which unfortunately is not very positive. Apparently, the found tapes these controls are not something really new. There are other previous Joy-Con models that … Read more

Drive four, there is a drift mode! Appeared AUDI RS3 QUATTRO

Thairath Online 22 July 2021 14:05 After Audi Sport has revealed the technical details of the new RS3 Quattro sports hatchback. Last June, with the RS3’s full live reveal on Monday morning, July 19, 2021, we finally got our hands on the New RS3 Quattro without any body camouflage at all. Available as a five-door … Read more

The new five-cylinder Audi arrives with drift mode and amazing acceleration

The performance of the RS 3 has not increased, but it has improved a lot in everything else. It is also available in Sportback (five-door) and sedan forms, as is its predecessor. Click on the picture, gallery opens!Source: Audi It is very unusual for the new generation of compact sports model not to be stronger … Read more

It looks like the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Hack completely fixed the issue

The Joy-Con Drift has been one of the biggest issues of the Nintendo Switch era, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Even with a new console model on the way. Fortunately, it looks like a YouTuber found a solution to the problem, just with cardboard! The VK channel shared a video of a … Read more

Looking for a solution to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem? You can find help here!

Many Nintendo Switch owners are familiar with the Joy-Con drift problem. You can find a YouTube video and other solutions here! About the Joy-Con drift theme It can affect us all: Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons may be familiar with the phenomenon. You don’t even touch the controller, and yet the Nintendo … Read more

Nintendo admits Switch Joy-Con controller drift problem: refuses to correct it | XFastest News

Last week, Nintendo released the Switch OLED, a Switch game console equipped with a 7-inch OLED display. Frankly speaking, the Switch OLED has not changed much, and the CPU and RAM, which can be shut down, have not been upgraded. When communicating with the media, the outside world is also eager to know whether the … Read more

Nintendo doesn’t seem to have addressed Joy-Con drift with upcoming Switch – Gaming – News

Nintendo won’t say whether it’s problems with stick drift in his Joy-Con controllers with the upcoming new version of the Nintendo Switch. It just states that ‘the configuration and functionality of the Joy-Cons are the same’. Including The Verge asked in response to the arrival of the new Switch whether the problem with the Joy-Cons … Read more

Nintendo refuses to say if its new Switch solved the Joy-Con drift issue

Nintendo announced a new version of its Switch portable console, which boasts a 7-inch OLED screen. But has the console maker changed the Joy-Con controllers?The answer is no, which raises fears of the return of a bug that plagues the lives of players: the drift. Questioned among others by our colleagues from The Verge, the … Read more