Is Biontech safe, is there pain after the vaccine and how many days does it last? Does the Biontech vaccine have side effects, can it be bathed? Do you take a shower and drink alcohol after vaccination?

WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE FACED WITH SIDE EFFECTS AFTER VACCINE? Conditions that can be encountered frequently after vaccination and supportive approaches for these mild conditions are as follows: • Pain/swelling/redness at the injection site Position your vaccinated arm in an elevated position. Apply cold. (Example: Applying a towel moistened with cold water to … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo’s action Coca-Cola evaporates US$4 billion: Fewer people drink coca-cola-News-cnBeta.COM

The 2020 European Cup is in full swing. As the top man of the defending champion, Portuguese star Ronaldo’s every move is naturally the focus of attention from the outside world and can even affect the stock market. On the 15th Beijing time, Cristiano Ronaldo removed the Coke in front of him at the pre-match … Read more

Ronaldo refused to be in the same frame as Coke at the European Cup conference: “drink water”-IT & Sports-cnBeta.COM

As a representative of self-discipline, Ronaldo has really achieved the ultimate.At the press conference on June 14th, local time, star Ronaldo “angry” removed two bottles of Coke from the table, then brought a bottle of water and said: “Drink water, no Coke.”According to reports, Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the European Cup. They displayed … Read more

Sadistically, Henry the Butcher, Sukoharjo: Bloodstained Hands Kill One Family, Still Have Time to Drink

Report from Journalist, Ryantono Puji Santoso TRIBUNSOLO.COM, SUKOHARJO – A family murder tragedy in Baki Sukoharjo, leaving a number of facts that show how sadistic a human being named Henry Taryatmo (41) is. From the reconstruction that was held on Thursday (27/8/2020), the police revealed that the perpetrator did not look sorry after the … Read more

Mosquito repellent has been shown to be effective against the new coronavirus

Researchers from the Department of Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) had been tasked with evaluating the anti-viral activity of Mosi-guard Natural insect repellent, containing a substance called Citriodiol, derived from the essential oil lemon eucalyptus, which may offer protection against COVID-19. According to the ministry, which specifies that in both cases, the product has … Read more

Want a Slim Body? Try Drinking Honey Mixed Garlic Juice – Have you ever tried breakfast of garlic juice mixed with honey? Breakfast with garlic juice mixed with honey is believed to be slimming. Especially consuming it on an empty stomach. Garlic juice mixed with honey turns out to be effective in killing deadly diseases. From the timesnownews page, consuming garlic either raw or … Read more

We prepare apple juice as in a store, but from our own harvest: a tasty and healthy drink for the winter

Not sure what to cook with apples? Harvesting apple juice for the winter is an excellent solution in the cold season to boost immunity. Even a child will appreciate this “work of art”. Many do not know what to do with apples: after all, this year’s harvest is great. In addition to jam, pies, drying … Read more

The masks on the TV sets are “useless”, according to Marc-Olivier Fogiel

The managing director of BFM, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, estimated Monday that it would be “useless, anxious and disabling»To impose the wearing of masks on television sets, if other barrier measures against the coronavirus are respected. “I do not see why we would have masks to give an example, when the sanitary conditions in our premises are … Read more

Darius Rochebin, Swiss secret boot from LCI

After more than twenty years at the helm of the Swiss Romand television news, the former presenter of RTS takes control of a daily interview. Swiss journalist Darius Rochebin will present from Monday to Thursday, on LCI, a current affairs program at 8 p.m. with an interview with a personality every evening. Eric Dessons / … Read more