If you pour black pepper into the soup and drink it… – Yeni Akit

Spices added to soups increase body resistance. Making statements to Merve Kantarcı Çulha from Aksam.com.tr, Uzm. Dr. Yegane Özcan, “Red pepper added to soup makes you lose weight, black pepper reduces fever and clears nasal congestion, and cloves cleanse the lungs.” said. So, when should spices be added to the soup? Here is the secret … Read more

Regret All This Time Wrong! They say it’s healthy to drink fruit juice and these 3 drinks trigger high cholesterol

Collage from Compass Drinks that cause cholesterol GridFame.id – Cholesterol is one of the soft, yellow, wax-like fatty compounds produced by the body, especially the liver. Every day, the liver can produce about 800 milligrams of cholesterol. Cholesterol at normal levels is actually useful for health. Cholesterol is an important form of fat that the … Read more

Beware of Confusion! Don’t get into the habit of consuming this delicious drink, it can trigger high cholesterol that is harmful to the body – All Pages

compass Avoid drinks that cause high cholesterol GridHype.ID – The height of the rate cholesterol in the blood still has to be a concern of many people. The reason is, high cholesterol can cause various problems health which is serious. As is known, excessive cholesterol can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Launching … Read more

This is the beer that Germans prefer to drink – Pilser sales are shrinking

In Germany, despite the corona pandemic, beer is still being drunk diligently. While a Bavarian beer is enjoying increasing popularity, the long-running favorite has to accept losses. The Hell beer type, originating from Bavaria, is rising to new heights in consumer favor and has even won over the traditional pilsner Veltins helped to achieve record … Read more

Those who cannot give up their morning coffee are in shock! Urgent warning to those who drink Turkish coffee and coffee early in the morning. Those who drink coffee before breakfast received a warning from their specialist. The health of those who drink coffee on an empty stomach is in danger

Although coffee is a healthy and useful food, its consumption for people with certain diseases or taking medication, and excessive consumption for healthy individuals can cause some negative effects. Especially in individuals with blood pressure, heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia), tachycardia and other heart diseases, coffee consumption can cause palpitations. This negativity can also be seen … Read more

It’s a loss if you don’t try, soak the cucumber and lime overnight and then drink it tomorrow morning, don’t be surprised you can avoid this dangerous disease – All Pages

Compass Benefits of lime juice and cucumber. SajianSedap.com – Benefits of lime and cucumber for culinary and health is not a secret anymore. There are many people who regularly consume both of them every day because they are sure of the benefits. Scientifically, drinking lime juice mixed with cucumber has also been proven to be … Read more

People Who Are Allergic and Intolerable to Cow’s Milk Can Still Drink Milk, These 4 Types of Milk Can Be Replaced

Pxhere Soy milk can be an alternative to cow’s milk. Bobo.id – Milk is a drink that has many benefits for the body. This is because milk contains complete nutrients for the body, ranging from helping strengthen bones, to providing important vitamins. One of the most commonly consumed types of milk is cow’s milk. Unfortunately, … Read more

It turns out that diabetes patients can drink sweet drinks, these are 5 safe sugar substitutes

Pixabay Honey can be a safe substitute for sugar for diabetic patients. Bobo.id – Patient diabetes you have to be careful when choosing food or drink. Foods and beverages with high content gula should be avoided so that blood sugar does not increase. Changing this diet is certainly difficult for friends who like sweet foods … Read more

Drink This Tea 3 Times a Day, Overcome Hypertension and Heart Disease

Thursday, January 13, 2022 – 06:00 WIB VIVA – Hypertension or pressure blood High blood pressure is a lifestyle-induced disease and affects nearly 30 percent of the world’s population. This condition is characterized by constant high blood flow in the arteries which puts pressure on them, causing reduced elasticity. In turn, these conditions can thwart … Read more

Polish Vodka Day. What is known about this drink?

On January 13, we celebrate Polish Vodka Day. A liquor such as French cognac or Scotch whiskey is on the list of protected geographical indications. Interestingly, since 2013, the definition of Polish Vodka after the amendment specifies in detail which vodkas may be used by the protected geographical indication “Polska Wódka / Polish Vodka”. /Illustrative … Read more