Drinking too much coffee would increase the risk of dementia and decrease brain size

Coffee and mental health do not mix well: it even promotes the onset of dementia in high doses according to a study published at the beginning of the summer. Tom Salbeth commented on this news in the sequence of Weekend buzz. This is a study that could well worry heavy coffee consumers. If according to … Read more

Uncomfortable Throat when Exposed to Covid-19, Dr Tirta Suggests Drinking This

The founder of Sole Vacation, Tirta Mandira Hudhi alias dr Tirta, gave a statement to reporters after the opening of the 5th Sole Vacation at Atrium Ambarrukmo Plaza, Sleman, DIY, Thursday (17/9/2020). – (SuaraJogja.id/Muhammad Ilham Baktora) Many patients found who complained of sore throat to dry cough. SuaraKalbar.id – Sore throat or an uncomfortable throat … Read more

The first comment from the musicians after Hama Beka’s statements about drinking whiskey

01:35 PM Sunday 01 August 2021 I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy: Festival singer Hamu Beka’s statement, in which he said that he does not take drugs, but drinks alcohol from time to time, sparked a great controversy. A source from the Syndicate of Musical Professions told Masrawy that the Syndicate has nothing to do with … Read more

Often accused of being the cause of obesity, it turns out that drinking sugar water can have an amazing effect on the body

Pixabay/congerdesign Drinking sugar water can bring these benefits to the body Nakita.id – Sugar syrup often accused of being the cause of several health problems, such as weight gain, decreased HDL, high blood sugar content, to high blood pressure. However, when consumed properly, sugar water turns out to have a lot of benefit. Launch Brightside.me, … Read more

Scientists Develop Simple Ways To Turn Seawater Into Drinking Water

UrFU / Ilya Safarov Alharbawi Naseer Tawfiq Alwan assembles a prototype distiller at the UrFU workshop Nationalgeographic.co.id—Ural Federal University (UrFU) electrical engineers have developed the technology desalination the new one which is cheaper and simpler. The technology will significantly reduce costs desalination and four times the production volume. The results of the study were published … Read more

One hour of Covid-19 can be lost, after drinking a mixture of coconut water, lime and salt, this is what the expert says

SRIPOKU.COM – People who are self-isolating because they are exposed to Covid-19, asked to critically filter the information circulating about treatment. There are many hoaxes about drinks, food and supplements that claim to be healing Covid-19. The public immediately believed the information, and invaded the suggested food and drink. In fact, the truth has not … Read more

TEN Review Yoon-Jeong Jang ♥ Kyung-Wan Do Kyung-Wan’s past drinking meeting… Why do I think I’m going to marry him? Haebang Town

Jang Yoon-jung ♥ Do Kyung-wan’s love story revealed“He read a book on the phone…it’s all about love”Jang Yoon-jeong’s ‘makmaek’ instead of ‘wheat’ Photo = JTBC ‘Liberation Town’ broadcast screen capture Singer Yoon-jung Jang confessed her love story with her husband, Do Kyung-wan. In JTBC’s ‘Liberation Town’, which was broadcast on the 27th, three close friends … Read more

The Benefits of Wedang Uwuh to Launch Menstruation, Suitable for Drinking Routinely in the Morning

TRIBUNSOLO.COM – Drinking wedang uwuh every day seems to be good for the health of the body. The reason is, wedang uwuh has a lot of natural ingredients in it. Moreover, drinking it in the morning proved a lot for health. Also read: Benefits of Wedang Uwuh when taken regularly, can strengthen the stomach Also … Read more

Giza: Drinking water was cut off from 3 areas due to a sudden break

05:18 PM Saturday 24 July 2021 Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser: Walid Abdeen, spokesperson for the Water and Sanitation Company in Giza, said that the water was cut off from Al-Munira Al-Gharbia, Al-Amal City and Bashteel Street with its branches, as a result of a sudden break in the 600mm line on Airport Street in … Read more