In order to keep students in schools of Rēzekne region, the municipality will offer to obtain a driving license free of charge – in Latvia – News

In addition to general education, students of Rezekne region secondary schools have the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical driving skills and receive a category B driving license for the eighth year. Last school year, 64 students took advantage of this opportunity, a total of 22,291 euros was spent from the municipal budget. Until now, … Read more

Tesla’s new version of the “fully autonomous driving” system completely abandons the radar, will it make you drive easier or more tired? | TechNews

For a long time, Musk has been promoting Tesla FSD (Full Self Driving). He once stated in 2018 that the “long-awaited” new version of the FSD system will be launched in August. As a result, everyone guessed it, but it was not as expected. In 2019, Musk did the same thing again, drawing a “big … Read more

the police discovered that the driver under the influence and driving too fast must be … in jail

Posted on Friday, July 23, 2021 at 3:29 p.m. He accumulates … This Thursday evening, around 8:15 pm, the Boraine police came across a driver who was driving at full speed, in Wasmes. It turns out that the motorist, who was positive for alcohol and drugs, had not returned to prison after his prison leave … Read more

Driving service broker Lyft gets robotaxis from start-up Argo – Innovations

The robot car company Argo AI, which is financed by Volkswagen and Ford, plans to use up to 1,000 self-driving cars for the US driver service broker Lyft over the next five years. The first converted Ford vehicles are slated to hit the platform later this year in Miami, Lyft manager Jody Kelman told the … Read more

Flooding in Pepinster: Nathan, 6, helped clearing by driving … an excavator (video)

(c) Marie-Christine Breuer’s Facebook page Among the many people who spontaneously came to help the thousands of flood victims in the Vesdre valley, there is Nathan, a six-year-old boy with astonishing and particularly precocious skills. Indeed, this child already handles an excavator with disconcerting ease. Not the sandbox excavator. No, a real backhoe, the one … Read more

[PHOTOS] Deux-Montagnes: drunk driving, he hits two teenagers

Two 15-year-old teenagers were close to death early yesterday morning after being hit by an advanced intoxicated driver in a family neighborhood in Deux-Montagnes. “If you can not manage yourself, do not drive and do not drink,” says Zack Thibodeau, 15 with anger. Listen to lawyer Nada Boumeftah’s interview with Vincent Dessureault on QUB Radio: … Read more

The new Audi RS 3 officially: Attracts an even better 400-horsepower five-cylinder and driving through the door first

The four circles drop the camouflage foils from the successor to the Audi RS 3 and represent all the technical details. We have something to look forward to! Audi is officially introducing a new, third-generation RS 3 Sportback and RS 3 Saloon (understand hatchback and sedan). “Both models are the gateway to our RS world … Read more

Valhalla sets new standards for hybrid cars and enhances driving pleasure

Our readers are Instagram users You can now follow the latest news for free through our Instagram accountستClick here to subscribe Elaf: Aston Martin is making strides towards starting production of the Valhalla, offering a mid-engine supercar that focuses on the driver’s experience first. The Valhalla concept, led by Tobias Morris, CEO of Aston Martin; … Read more

Tesla launches subscription to its autopilot. The month “without driving” will cost you a lot of money

The American carmaker Tesla has not been hiding for a long time that it plans to launch a subscription to its Full Self-Driving function, which is currently offer in its optional extras as a supplement with a price tag of 6200 euros. However, with the company’s cheaper electric cars, this amount can be too much … Read more

Abu Dhabi Police calls on drivers to adhere to safe driving during bad weather

Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to drive with caution during the expected fluctuations of the weather during the coming days and rainfall accompanied by strong active winds, and urged them to reduce speeds to 80 km / h in such volatile weather conditions, leave an adequate safety distance and not photograph while driving.She stressed … Read more