Hyundai Ioniq 6 – The first live images of the test drive (+ Driving impressions).

Chez Hyundai, we don’t do things like the others, at least for the Ioniq range, 100% electric. Thus, if certain brands try to have a certain homogeneity on the aesthetic level, this is not at all the case of the Korean firm since the Ioniq 5 and this Ioniq 6 shares no common ground. The … Read more

Is chlamydia driving the extinction of koalas?

Who ever an STD knows: it is very annoying, but usually not life-threatening. It is different for the koala. Australia’s gray teddy bear is on the World’s Endangered Species List International Union for Conservation Of Nature. And what is the main disease that threatens the koala? Chlamydia. In the Australian regions of South East Queensland … Read more

Road, Uver | Now it’s convoy driving here

The storm has already led to several closed mountain crossings, according to the Swedish Road Transport Agency. Column driving has been introduced on Hemsedalsfjellet. – The mountain passes Vikafjellet, Tyin-Årdal and Aurland – Hol are closed, informs traffic operator Andreas Herland at the Vegtrafikksentralen at 10am. – On Strynefjellet it is still open, but column … Read more

The problem is the price… Di All New Kona new car robbery with driving, safety and sense of space

Sophistication by applying external ‘straight eyebrows’ family lookBest-in-class ‘inside space’ is an advantage8-speed automatic transmission for smooth drivingA price increase of up to 6 million won is a sales variable I rode a new 2nd generation model of Hyundai Motor Company’s small sports utility vehicle (SUV) Kona, which has returned with a completely different look … Read more

Animal welfare, key to obtaining good reproductive rates

Animal welfare is one of the most important pillars that acquires greater relevance in all livestock. The implementation of animal welfare protocols will allow livestock to improve the housing practices, infrastructure, management, nutrition and stresswhich will obtain better reproductive and productive indices, according to an article published in the magazine of the Faculty of Veterinary … Read more

Control of alcohol and drugs while driving, a challenging result

During the night from Thursday to Friday, the Brussels police carried out an action “alcohol and drugs while driving”. The action was carried out at Place Poelaert and Place des Barricades. Nearly a thousand drivers were checked. A total of 85 people were arrested in violation of the Code… Take advantage of our current offer … Read more

Police are demanding four driving licenses in 49 hours for speeding in Northeast Fryslân. “I had to go to the bathroom…”

‘Stacking driving licences: collections are already legion in the region’. With this message on Instagram, the Northeast Fryslân police unit makes it clear that speed offenders are being monitored. In 49 hours, four driving licenses were recovered for significantly exceeding the speed limit.

A Palestinian with a long driving record killed a 16-year-old girl and a 19-year-old boy in Germany

According to the Bild newspaper, Ibrahim A. has a lengthy criminal record. He has come into conflict with the law twelve times since 2015. He committed most of his acts in Euskirchen. For example, he was investigated for theft, damage to property or grievous bodily harm and threats. He again committed credit card fraud in … Read more

Driving in the air – Flying car: Slovakian inventors overtake Boeing and Airbus – News

contents Designer Stefan Klein has been tinkering with the AirCar for decades. Now he has made a breakthrough. At first glance, the white and gray AirCar looks like a sleek, but slightly overlong sports car with a rear spoiler that is a bit too big. Legend: Looks like a car, is one too, but not … Read more