Start Network Announces $400,500 Drought Insurance Payment for Senegal

The State of Senegal will receive 400,500 dollars in insurance (252.37 million FCFA) against the risk of drought from Start Network, a group of humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in order to fight against the food insecurity. The measure announced on Thursday 24 November by the group’s spokesperson was triggered on Monday 21 at the end … Read more

The paradox of climate change in the Netherlands – a country drenched in water needs more of it

Now climate change is drying up vast swaths of Europe, and the Dutch are hoping to find a way out again – only this time by figuring out how to save more water instead of getting rid of it. From California and Texas to India and China, many countries around the world are grappling with … Read more

Euphrates River Drought, Is A Sign of Doomsday Is Near?

loading… The Euphrates River Is Drought, Is A Sign Of The Apocalypse Is Near? PHOTO/Hawar News DAMASCUS – The Euphrates River is the longest river in southwest Asia, its length is about 1,740 miles and is one of the two main constituents of the High-Euphrates river system. This river is located in the country Turki … Read more

Previously hit by floods, now the Amazon River is in severe drought

tambourine – Six months ago the surrounding area sungai Amazon flooded. Now the area is experiencing a severe drought that hampers the supply of their needs. Reported from AP, after six months earlier the area around the Brazilian Amazon river experienced floods that destroyed villages and agriculture. So now they are faced with extreme drought … Read more

World’s Longest River Drys Up, 19th Century Ship Pokes To The Surface

Jakarta – Either one longest river in the world, the Mississippi River, is drying up. This situation made the 19th century ship pop to the surface. Launch CNNMonday (10/17/2022), a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who hunts for artifacts in Mississippi River amazed to find 19th century shipwrecks. A severe drought in the Midwest has … Read more

ZOZO Championship Bradley breaks four-year championship drought! Fowler, Putnam T2_Total Score_Final_Player

Original title: ZOZO Championship Bradley breaks four-year championship drought! Fowler, Putnam T2 (PGA Tour PGATOUR/Graphic) On October 16, Beijing time, the final round of the ZOZO Championship is over. After the move, Keegan Bradley, who ranked second alone, played steadily, with a 68 (-2) in this round to achieve a go-ahead (total score -15), and … Read more

Spanish mecca for migratory birds dried out

Rop Zoutberg / NOS NOS News•Tuesday, 16:38 Rop Zoutberg correspondent Spain Rop Zoutberg correspondent Spain The Doñana wetland in southern Spain has dried up. The national park is a very important stopping place for many tens of thousands of migratory birds that fly annually from their wintering grounds in Africa to breeding grounds in Europe. … Read more

Catastrophic drought and war in Ukraine have caused famine in Somalia / Article

The last time a famine was officially declared in a country in the world was in 2011, and that time it was also in Somalia. Thousands of Somalis have already died. According to the UN, up to 500,000 children under the age of five could die from malnutrition. Somalis say the drought in the region … Read more

New technique for artificially invoking precipitation in dry weather

Posted in: 28/09/2022 – 17:52 Scientific bulletin titles: – DART spacecraft prepares to collide with asteroid Dimorphos to divert its course – The giant pink diamond Fortune Pink will soon be auctioned in Geneva – New technology to artificially summon precipitation in dry weather A NASA spacecraft is trying to collide with an asteroid to … Read more

Drought, Virzì tells of contemporary humanity burnt in a dystopian and “too” choral dramedy

Someone calls it America second today Paolo Virzì. “But three hours of this film of mine you would not stand, trust me” joked the filmmaker from Livorno during the Venice Film Festival where his Drought it was presented out of competition. Luckily now the rains have arrived, and the public will be able to see … Read more