Drought, Great Britain declares a state of emergency, London rationed water. Stop transport along the Rhine

Britain has officially declared a state of emergency for drought in several areas of the country, including the capital London, after months of low rainfall and record temperatures. According to the press release issued by National Drought Groupthe body that monitors the water reserves, are affected by the emergency condition that requires new ones forms … Read more

to kill a toxin caused by drought

The Zooprophylactic Institute has confirmed that durrin, a toxic substance found in sorghum in drought conditions, killed 50 grazing cows in the province of Cuneo. Now there is the official confirmation of the laboratory tests: to have killed 50 Piedmontese cows in Sommariva Bosco (Cuneo), last August 6, it was one toxin developed from sorghumgrass … Read more

The disaster scenario is unfolding: extreme heat and drought push the price of electricity further up

© Hans Lucas via AFP As if energy prices weren’t stirred up enough by the war between Russia and Ukraine, persistently high temperatures are now pushing up prices just about everywhere in Europe. Almost empty reservoirs in Norway or French nuclear power stations with serious cooling water problems: the consequences for the electricity price are … Read more

The extreme drought in Italy has revealed another surprise in the river. And very dangerous

On July 25, Italian fishermen discovered an American-made bomb dating back to World War II in the Po River near the northern Italian village of Borgo Virgilio near the city of Mantua. The bomb was discovered by a drop in the river level due to a prolonged drought. This is reported by the Reuters agency. … Read more

To really solve drought, we sometimes have to accept wet feet in winter | NOW

Four years after the extreme drought of 2018, the Netherlands is completely dry again. We seem to have learned one lesson: the solution to increasingly drier summers lies in the winter months. Then there will be enough rain. If we drain that less quickly, there will also be more water in the soil in summer. … Read more

Farmers who “pump down” at speed react to dissatisfaction: “You can spray, but our crops shrivel”

Farmers and contractors try to provide their animals and plants with the necessary moisture with water from the Moervaart. — © ies Moerbeke-Waas – The whole of Flanders is feeling the consequences of the ongoing drought. Agriculture, in particular, is moaning. As long as it is still allowed and possible, farmers use all means to … Read more

Derivatives Market International August ’22 – Drought concerns in rapeseed and maize, wheat stabilized

The rapeseed contract on the Matif has shown significantly increased volatility since the beginning of August. Towards the end of the previous month, the November date rose again almost to the 700 euro/t mark. But this could not be broken. In the four trading days that followed, the price had again lost almost 80 euros/t. … Read more

Drought is transforming our gardens: “We will have to adapt certain types of vegetation in the near future”

Gardens suffer from the heat, but potted plants are not necessarily left out. Potted plants should therefore be watered more often than usual and their roots buried in a good substrate. “The substrate means having very good soil, good quality soil. For example, you have potting soil that is sold commercially now, with fertilizer for … Read more