Drugs with photos of Totò Riina and Matteo Messina Denaro, 28-year-old arrested

Drug “branded” Messina Denaro and Riina. The carabinieri of the Marsala operational and mobile radio unit, coordinated by the local prosecutor’s office, discovered a real wholesale depot of narcotic substances which also served as a laboratory for cutting and packaging doses. For days, the military had controlled the entrance to a warehouse in the Marsala … Read more

In Amoreiras, Pedro found a scheme just like the Wolf of Wall Street, with alcohol, drugs and €35 ​​million stolen. Then he went to PSP

March 19, 2023 22:25 David, the leader of the group, was arrested in Germany. Pluto, number two in the organization, is still at large d.r. Young unknowingly helped a criminal group that operated from Lisbon to sell fake shares that withdrew 35 million euros to Brazilians. Pedro is one of the assets of the police … Read more

People with HIV Must Immediately Take Drugs to Prevent TB, Why?

HIV (Illustration). People with HIV are asked to immediately take medication to prevent TB disease. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Chairperson of UKK Respirology of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), Rina Triasih, said people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are required to take tuberculosis (TB) prevention drugs. The two diseases are interrelated. “TB is the most common … Read more

Airline flight attendant caught carrying 10kg of drugs in a tube of toothpaste

▲ Photos of drugs found in toothpaste tubes: Yonhap News Female flight attendants of Vietnam’s state-owned airline have been arrested and arrested for smuggling drugs. VN Express, a Vietnamese media outlet, reported that Ho Chi Minh City police arrested four female flight attendants on board Vietnam Airlines flight VN10 departing from Paris at Tan Son … Read more

Pandemic, war, drugs, exodus: why Russia in a demographic crisis “steals” Ukrainian children. Putin’s nightmare: a population under 120 million

Pandemic, war, mass exodus, and let’s add alcohol and drugs. Russia, already in a demographic crisis, has lost about two million more people in the last three years than its structural weakening. First the Covid-19, which in Russia had perhaps the highest mortality rate in the world, then the invasion of Ukraine, the massacre of … Read more

Elementary school students contributed to the dangers of anaphylactic drugs

An experiment designed by children living in Canada has shown that the anaphylaxis wonder drug EpiPen has the potential to transform into a toxic substance in space. A video of an interview with children who discovered the dangers of Epipen, which even NASA did not notice, is also available on YouTube. Anaphylaxis is a severe … Read more

Increase of more than 50,000 users of psychotropic drugs

Community pharmacies provided psychotropic drugs to nearly 2.5 million people in 2022, an increase of more than 50,000 users compared to 2021 (+2.2%). The growth is accounted for by drugs for ADHD and antidepressants. This is written by the Foundation for Pharmaceutical Key Figures (SFK) in the Pharmaceutisch Weekblad. Psychopharmaceuticals Psychopharmaceuticals (ATC codes N05 and … Read more

What is the rebound effect linked to psychotropic drugs and how to avoid it

*(Page updated on March 13, 2023) Effect rebound: when it is linked to psychotropic drugs “Bounce Effect”: this is the Italian translation to effect reboundphenomenon that occurs after a abrupt withdrawal of a psychotropic drug and leading to significant negative consequences, including the return and exacerbation of the original symptom. To clarify how the effect … Read more

Ex vivo organ perfusion can aid development of new drugs

“One of the biggest challenges in drug development is to ensure the translatability of (animal) trials at an early stage of development to later human trials,” explains Evita. TNO has a wide range of preclinical ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) tools and models, including our revolutionary Organ-on-a-chip (OoaC) program, which reduces the need for … Read more