The images of the seizure of 13 tons of drugs carried out by the United States Coast Guard in the Caribbean

The entire crew of the cutter ship Hamilton poses next to the 13 tons of seized drugs (USCG)In the framework of the great anti-narcotics operation ordered by President Donald Trump in April, The United States Coast Guard seized about 13 tons of drugs in international waters in the Caribbean on Thursday. Two crew members of … Read more

The US Coast Guard seized almost 13 tons of drugs in the Caribbean: “Traffic increased by 50% due to the Maduro regime”

US Coast GuardThe United States Coast Guard seized almost 13 tons of drugs in the Caribbean and began downloading it in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, under the great anti-narcotics operation that has been going on since April. The total of the drug is valued at $ 228 million, divided between 7.7 tons of marijuana and 5.2 … Read more

Cancer drug suspended due to encephalopathy risk

The Medicines Agency (ANSM) announced this Wednesday, August 26, the suspension of the marketing of an anticancer drug, Ifosfamide EG, due to an increased risk of encephalopathy, brain disease. The drug concerned is ifosfamide “in solution”, that is to say in the form of a liquid ready to use to be administered by infusion, marketed … Read more

Cancer drugs inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication

27. August 2020 07:40 Robert Klatt Various cancer drugs have stopped the reproduction of SARS-CoV-2 in cell cultures. Because the drugs are already approved, clinical trials with humans can begin soon. Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Specific Medication to treat Covid-19 do not exist even more than eight months after the start of the pandemic. This … Read more

Hepatitis B drugs from grass pollen allergy vaccine

Chronic infections are a global health problem that hepatitis B drugs have not been able to treat. A research team led by Rudolf Valenta from the Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology at the Medical University of Vienna has now shown that a vaccine in the BM32 against grass pollen allergy The protein it contains … Read more

Pharmaceutical Companies Busy Researching Covid-19 Vaccines and Drugs, WHO Even Highlights Antibodies That React to Corona Virus Found in Breast Milk – All Pages

freepik WHO highlighted antibodies in breast milk, which apparently reacted to the coronavirus. – Scientists around the world are now racing against time to find a bidder virus corona (Covid-19) which is endemic. The latest experts in the Netherlands are rumored to be researching breast milk (ABOUT) to be used as a preventative virus … Read more

Dr. Tam wants Canada to think about decriminalizing hard drugs | COVID-19 | The gallery

La Dre Theresa Tam points out that several provinces – including British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta – have seen their opoid-related deaths explode since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation “is getting worse as we speak,” she said at a press conference on Friday. Improving access to a safer drug supply and building … Read more

At the Mácháč festival in Doksy, the police discovered drugs in 59 people

Police and customs officers found drugs in 59 people during inspections at the Mácháč u Doks electronic dance music festival in the Českolipsko region. The festival ended this morning, but checks will continue, according to police spokeswoman Ivana Baláková. The spokeswoman stated this today on the website of the regional police. “During today, we will … Read more

Seventeen dead in 24 hours in Colombian wave of violence

In Colombia, 17 people were killed in three different massacres between Friday and Saturday. Local media are calling it one of the bloodiest weekends this year. The South American country has been in the grip of violence from armed groups, paramilitaries and drug gangs for months. On Friday, five people were killed in a shooting … Read more

They denounce delays of up to 6 months in the delivery of cancer drugs: “We must open a criminal case against the Government, it is a matter of bioethics”

“We must open a criminal case against the Government, it is a matter of bioethics”, express with anger and boredom from the cancer fighting organizations that denounce delays of up to six months in the delivery of oncological drugs by the provincial government of Buenos Aires. He Drug Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires … Read more