The Thai temple remained empty. Tests on the monks revealed meth

The incident happened at the end of November in a small temple in Phetchabun province. Only four monks worked in it, including the master superior. All tested positive for drugs. The raid was part of a larger anti-drug campaign across the province. This was reported by the authorities of Bung Sam Phan district, in which … Read more

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally Without Drugs

INSIDEN24.COM – Due to lifestyle, especially in consuming food height cholesterol easier to find. How to lower cholesterol is an important thing to know at this time because of daily activities and without being controlled consumption food cholesterol more increasing. The primary key lowers cholesterol Of course, it needs to involve a healthy diet and … Read more

Most Popular: 172 Syrup Drugs Declared Safe by BPOM, Trade Minister’s Promise on Oil Prices

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The most popular news on the economic and business channel throughout Saturday, December 3, 2022, starting with a complete list of safe syrup medicines from ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol contamination. BPOM announced that there are 172 syrup drugs that can be consumed. Next news about investment in IKN. A number of … Read more

Generalized anxiety disorders: mindfulness meditation as effective as psychotropic drugs

Mindfulness meditation would be much more effective than an antidepressant in relieving characters facing strong and lasting anxiety. The so-called “generalized” disorders are part of the six subtypes of anxiety disorders, including in particular agoraphobia, social anxiety or panic disorder. It is estimated that more than one in five French people (21%) suffer from generalized … Read more

I’m a pharmacist and I’ll explain which cold and flu products are really effective (and which are not)

With winter approaching, many people are already dealing with flu and various colds. Do-it-yourself is often used to try to soothe the symptoms that accompany seasonal diseases, such as cough, but the risk of making the wrong medicines is just around the corner. An English pharmacist explains which medicines can be really useful The spectacular … Read more

Alzheimer’s breakthrough could be ‘beginning of the end’: drug study

Alzheimer’s disease could soon be a distant memory. A revolutionary new Alzheimer’s drug named lecanemab could mark a major breakthrough in the decades-long battle against the neurological disorder, according to eye-opening Phase 3 trials. The potentially game-changing dry runs transpired in May 2021, but the results were only published Tuesday in the New England Journal … Read more

Nanoparticles: the drugs of the future

Medicines have led to a major increase in human life expectancy. However, this comes with repercussions. Most of the time, they have side effects which are not ideal for the well-being of the sufferer. The case of immunotherapy is obvious, often difficult to bear in cases of cancer, they are however essential to fight the … Read more

Antidiabetic drugs & MS: Cure or Risk?

Antidiabetic drugs & MS: Cure or Risk? – DocCheck A study shows that type 2 diabetics who take blood sugar lowering drugs have an increased risk of multiple sclerosis. Women are particularly at risk. However, this does not seem to affect every age group. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune neurological disease that central nervous … Read more

Huge sum of money, firearms, drugs and expensive cars seized in major police action, Culemborger (48) arrested | Culemborg

CULEMBORG – A 48-year-old man from Culemborg was arrested on Sunday during a major police action in his hometown. There were also raids in Utrecht and Nieuwegein. De Culemborger is suspected of drug trafficking and money laundering. During the police action hundreds of thousands of cash euros, drugs, a firearm and several expensive cars were … Read more

Hints of Seyhan’s Drugs in Episode 6 of Season 3

The drugs used by Seyhan in the 6th episode of the 3rd season of the TV series “like” contain clues about the episode. At 14.40 minutes, Seyhan’s medicines, which they went to visit their home, enter the frame. The drugs here have been given preparation names similar to some commercially available drugs. The drug called … Read more