Drones that interfere with Archia’s sleep or – how paparazzi interfere with the privacy of the Dukes of Sussex – Relationship – Egoiste

The couple mentioned that “drones have been launched at least three times a day, moreover, both in the early mornings and late evenings, which disturbs not only the child’s sleep, but also the neighbors.” A lawyer for a couple of Dukes of Sussex said the drone was most likely used to take photos of the […]

Harry and Meghan sue over stolen photos of their son

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle filed a complaint Thursday in Los Angeles against one or more paparazzi they accuse of having photographed their young son Archie without their knowledge in their garden, AFP learned from their lawyer. • Read also: Meghan wants to ban the publication of the names of friends who came […]

The princes separate the charity fund set up by Princess Diana. Are family ties broken everywhere? – Relationship – Egoiste

According to the Daily Mail, Britain’s Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, have made an official redistribution of the charity fund inherited from their mother, Princess Diana. Respectively, from now on, the fund’s income is legally “brotherly” redistributed to the parties. Disagreements had already taken place around Princess Diana’s charity fund between the wives […]

Megana Mārkla is worried about possible development problems for her son – Family – Apollo.lv – Woman

Megan Mārkla herself is worried about the possible consequences of insufficient socialization. Archy does not interact well with other children and her peers. The Duchess of Sussex even wants to take courses for new mothers to be with other mothers with children of the same age. The mother believes that Archie needs to learn emotional […]