Conape: students will pay more in 2021 for loans due to the rise in interest rates

Institution says it will be forced to do so Drafting- Students who have any debt with Conape, could pay more next year after a “forced” increase in the interest rate that the entity will have to do. Conape warned this Wednesday at a press conference that if its loan portfolio was sold to Banco Popular, … Read more

The UK faces the risk of an “economic crisis” due to Brexit and Covid-19

The British Government has privately admitted that the United Kingdom faces an “economic crisis” as it completes its exit from the European Union, amid the second wave of the pandemic. The confidential report of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office Boris Johnson, to which has had access to the newspaper The Guardian, warns of the economic … Read more

UK faces risk of “systemic economic crisis” due to Brexit and Covid-19

A confidential report from the Cabinet Office warns of the chaos that Brexit, Covid-19 and riots can create. The government department states that the UK faces a higher probability of “systemic economic crisis”. The main factors are his departure from the European Union and the pandemic. The document observed by The Guardian warns of the … Read more

Actor Víctor H. Morant and thousands of families in crisis due to a pandemic

Víctor Hugo Morant, famous for his leading roles in soap operas such as ‘Dejémonos de vainas’ and ‘Don Chinche’, recounted the economic drama that he is experiencing today because of the coronavirus pandemic, and said, in Snail NewsThe same thing happens to singers, musicians, dancers and “everyone who moves in the world of entertainment.” “I … Read more

There is a Meteorological Alert in force in seven provinces due to heavy rains and storms with accumulated water between 20 and 50 mm – Ruralnet

Weather Alert N ° 13 Phenomenon: Strong storms Part of the coverage area is being affected by isolated storms of varying intensity. It is expected that from the afternoon-night they will increase in intensity and new areas of storms will develop that affect the rest of the area during the early hours of Wednesday 25. … Read more

Nicaragua: Trump prolongs national emergency due to “threat”

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday extended an executive order issued on November 27, 2018 in which he declared a national emergency in the face of Nicaragua’s political and social crisis, considering it an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of Nicaragua. the United States”. Trump sent a letter to … Read more

Minors present anxiety and stress due to online education: INMUPRED | Reqronexion

Adriana Bouchot Beltrán, director of the Institute to Prevent Risk Behaviors, reported 7.4 percent of the risky behaviors that are attended by telephone correspond to those that put a minor at risk. The risk situations correspond to suicide risk, depression, cases of violence or abuse. In addition, he commented that during this period of the … Read more

Tottenham leader suffers losses of more than $ 85 million due to pandemic in Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur, the current Premier League leader, on Monday reported a loss of $ 63.9 million pounds ($ 85.4 million) due to the coronavirus pandemic and a stadium ban. 2 Related “We are in the middle of one of the most difficult periods that we have ever had,” Tottenham President Daniel Levy said on Monday, … Read more

Western Union closes in Cuba due to pressure from the Trump administration

Havana, Nov 23, 2020 (AFP) – The financial services company Western Union closed this Monday in Cuba, forced by pressure from the Donald Trump administration, depriving thousands of Cubans from receiving remittances from their relatives in the United States. “US Government: solely responsible for ceasing remittances through Western Union today (Monday),” Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel … Read more

Greece to extend confinement due to COVID-19 rebound | World

THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) – Greece will extend its lockdown measures beyond the end of November due to the spread of COVID-19 and pressure on hospitals, the country’s health minister warned on Monday. “Based on the numbers of the epidemic, the pressure on the national health system and the spread of the disease, it is clear … Read more