Insomnia may be due to vitamin deficiency.

Stating that vitamin deficiency can cause sleep problems in both children and adults, Endocrinology and Metabolism Diseases Specialist Dr. Safiye Arık said, “Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this.” Nazan DOĞANER HALICI Release: 05:00 – 06 December 2022 Updated: 07:23 – 06 December 2022 Insomnia is an important problem that negatively affects quality of … Read more

Woman died due to serious incident in ‘relational atmosphere’, man from Huissen arrested | Don’t miss these stories

MET VIDEO | updateHUISSEN – In the night from Sunday to Monday, a woman died in a serious incident in an apartment at the Stoeterij in Huissen. A man was also seriously injured. According to the police, this is an incident in the ‘relational sphere’. “I’m really scared of that.” Editorial 5 dec. 2022 Latest … Read more

England star pulled out of World Cup due to armed robbery | Sports

The 27-year-old spoke to manager Gareth Southgate on the morning of the match against Senegal and explained the situation. Armed robbers reportedly broke into his house on Saturday. The strategist confirmed after the 3-0 victory that he had given Sterling permission to return home. It is not yet clear when the striker will return, but … Read more

EZ: Problems with liquidity due to ceiling prices of energy for households

Energy supplier last instance vetn NO (pedpokldme, e dceinka NO sale) according to HN they turned to the ministry in a joint letter prmyslu a trade we will solve financial problems from the suspended ceiling cen energy for household goods and SME. Companies recent news zlohy reflecting ceiling price salary from own (i.e. the difference … Read more

On Monday, driving was difficult in many places due to snow and ice

The Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology of Latvia predicts that on the first day of the week, a thick blanket of clouds will completely cover the sky, but a little snow could remain mainly in the eastern part of the country. The roads will remain slippery in certain sections. A slow south-east, east wind … Read more

Due to Russian strikes, electricity will be cut off in all regions of Ukraine

There is no prospect of negotiating an end to the war in Ukraine, said Irina Shcherbakova, who helped found the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Russian human rights group Memorial. “I am absolutely convinced that there is no diplomatic solution with [Vladimiro] In Putin’s regime, while he is still here,” Shcherbakova said on Sunday in the German … Read more

Thousands of Riau Islands Residents Die Due to HIV/AIDS

Kadinkes Riau Islands, Moch Bisri, help-Head of the Riau Islands Province Health Service (Dinkes), Moch Bisri said, as many as 7,716 people occupying the Riau Islands died due to exposure to HIV/AIDS. “Of the 14,500 cases of HIV/AIDS detected since 2018-2022, 7,716 people have been confirmed dead,” said the Head of the Riau Islands Provincial … Read more

UNESCO withdrew a parade in Belgium from the list of cultural heritage due to the figure of a slave

The problematic nature of this character has long been pointed out by African countries in particular. This was reported by the AFP agency today. UNESCO decided to exclude the Belgian festival at a meeting in the Moroccan capital of Rabat, where the intergovernmental committee also decided on the expansion of the list of intangible heritage. … Read more

Found a lot of vendors selling RTX 4080 graphics cards at almost the same price. due to not being sold

RTX 40 Series graphics cards have just been released and have been on sale for a while. must be the target of these resellers inevitably But it seems the hoarding and reselling isn’t going so smoothly this time. by one netizen reveals a picture he found on Facebook There are many vendors selling RTX 4080 … Read more