Pokemon Park “Sand Park” opens today in “Chub Tottori Sand Dunes Children’s Country”! First time in Chugoku region-GAME Watch

Today, May 5th, “Sand Park” opened at the event square in “Chubu Tottori Sand Dunes Children’s Country” in Tottori Prefecture. At “Sand Park”, you can enjoy park playground equipment designed by Pokemon “Sand” and “Alola Sand”, who have been appointed as Tottori Furusato Ambassadors. This park playground equipment was donated by Pokémon Co., Ltd., which … Read more

Chinese explorer finds evidence of water in dunes on Mars

Friday’s news comes days after mission officials acknowledged that the Zhurong rover has yet to wake up from hibernation. AP | According to Zhang Rongqiao, the mission’s chief designer, its solar panels are likely covered in dust. Water could be more pervasive and more recent on Mars than previously thought, based on observations of Martian … Read more

Chinese Robotic Exploration Finds New Signs of Water in Mars Sand Dunes

The Chinese rover robot discovered the existence of water on Mars which is suspected to be widespread and still relatively new than previously thought. The findings were the result of observations of the robot in the Martian dunes. The findings highlight potentially fertile new areas on parts of Mars where temperatures are warmer so conditions … Read more

Wild rabbits wanted to release, because there are too few in the dunes

‘Recycled rabbits, that’s what you could call them.’ Véronique van Meurs, forester at nature manager PWN, walks with two transport boxes through the North Holland Dune Reserve, just outside Castricum. Together with employees of wildlife shelters in Krommenie and Mijdrecht, she is releasing eight rabbits into the dunes today. Or at least: in the veranda … Read more

The dunes of Veleka disappeared from the beach concession

A large part of the dunes at the mouth of the Veleka River in Sinemorets have fallen out of the documentation for the auction, with which the Veleka beach – one of the most beautiful on our Black Sea coast – is to be leased. The “Green Laws” initiative announced the omission. This is another … Read more

“Round” sand dunes on Mars raise questions for scientists

“Round” sand dunes on Mars raise questions for scientists Wednesday – 23 Shaaban 1444 AH – March 15, 2023 AD London: «Asharq Al-Awsat» NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has captured stunning images of almost perfectly round sand dunes on the surface of the Red Planet. While dunes of all shapes and sizes are common on … Read more

These strange circular dunes that NASA has found on Mars establish a connection with our planet

These dunes help scientists in research efforts to understand the weather on Mars. The slight deformity in the southern part of the circumference indicates that this is the direction the wind is blowing. Image: NASA join the conversation The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mission is una de las NASA missions most important in research work on … Read more

Wild rabbits must restore the population in the North Holland dunes

NH News In cooperation with NH News NOS News•Tuesday, 11:37•Amended Tuesday, 3:08 PM Wild rabbits will soon be released in the dunes of Castricum. Foresters of nature manager PWN hope to restore the population with this. A series of viruses has led to major rabbit deaths in recent decades. As a result, the animals have … Read more