Buying behavior: this is how our retail trade is dying! | Look

Chemnitz. Chemnitz. If Sven Schöppe had known a year ago what was in store for him this year, his outdoor shop on the Brühl would probably never have opened. Giron Adventures is celebrating its first anniversary this month, and “celebrate” is the wrong word for it. “We are very happy that we managed this year … Read more

The affectionate message of a nurse before dying from covid-19

The message of a nurse before dying from covid-19 3:15 (CNN) — Stopping to breathe every few words, a male nurse struggled to record a video for his family hours before he died of covid-19. Sergio Humberto Padilla Hernández prepared his last goodbye to his family, while clinging to the hope that he could still … Read more

With billions against the lockdown dying of small businesses

It was a shock for many entrepreneurs: cinemas, theaters, fitness studios, beauticians, gastronomy – they have all been in lockdown mode again since November. “This can be fatal for some companies if they no longer have any reserves. It could cost them their existence, ”says Eckhard Sudmeyer, Managing Director of the Braunschweig-Lüneburg-Stade Chamber of Crafts, … Read more

Revelada la Dying Light Anniversary Edition para Xbox One

While we continue to wait for clear news of Dying Light 2 that can already be reserved for December on Amazon, we receive news of its first part. Well has been revealed the Dying Light Anniversary Edition para Xbox One. Apparently Techland will launch this edition in December. The special edition will offer the base … Read more

Club dying Heidelberg: Why hardly anyone wants this “club funding” from the city – news from Heidelberg

Werner Lorenz in the cave. A reopening becomes less likely with each month in lockdown. Photo: Hentschel By Anica Edinger Heidelberg. Ziegler, night shift, swimming pool club, Hall 02: numerous clubs in Heidelberg have closed in recent years. The city wants to stop this phenomenon, which is also known as “club dying” – for example … Read more

Hospice Sankt Felix in Neustadt / WN: Women donate handicrafts for the dying and their relatives

Image: Gabi Schönberger Wanting to do something good with needlework (from left to right) Inge Plößner, hospice manager Susanne Wagner, Sabine Dachauer and Gerda Striegl. The self-made things can be purchased in the Hospice Sankt Felix for a donation. “> Wanting to do something good with needlework (from left to right) Inge Plößner, hospice manager … Read more

Dying Light Anniversary Edition could arrive next December 8 to Xbox One and Ps4

Techland would be preparing a new edition of its successful zombie and parkour game As we continue to wait for news of Dying Light 2, it seems that the original work is going to be animated with a new edition that will commemorate its fifth anniversary. The renewed edition of Diying Light is renewed would … Read more

Dying Light Anniversary Edition coming to Xbox One and PS4 on December 8

This version will be available in stores with the original game, its expansions and a lot of downloadable content 02 of November 2020 · 00:57 hs The launch of Dying Light Anniversary Edition by Techland will arrive on Xbox One and PS4 on December 8 for a price of $ 39.99, this according to leaks … Read more

Johnny Depp: a rescued horse and another that saved him from dying

Johnny Depp in October 2020 at Zurich Film Festival (Credit: Reuters)Of Johnny Deep many aspects are known. It is known that he had a long affair with Winona Ryder and another a little shorter with Kate Moss, a fairly stable undocumented marriage with Vanessa Paradis and a complex rupture, full of scandals and denunciations crossed … Read more

WHO warns that smokers are at higher risk of dying from Covid-19

World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that people infected with Covid-19 Y smokers are at increased risk of developing the disease from grave and even of death. In addition to this warning, the WHO has recognized that so far it has not been shown that tobacco addicts have a greater chance of being infected compared … Read more