The insect is dying out. Europe does not want the Chinese path of “human pollinators”, it has a different proposal

“The law is a major milestone in nature conservation,” commented Lenka Fryčová, an expert from the Central European branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature Conservation (WWF). Decrease by tens of percent According to European Environment Commissioner Virginia Sinkevich, insects are declining at an “alarming rate” in much of Europe. Some research even shows … Read more

Prato, a social health worker stole ATMs from dying patients: reported

Rubava i ATM ai dying patients and in one case she had even taken possession of that of a recently deceased person. With this accusation was reported dai carabinieri a social and health worker from the hospital Saint Stephen from Prato. According to the reconstruction of the investigators, once the cards for electronic payments were … Read more

Weight loss surgery reduces the chances of dying from cancer

Body weight is considered a risk factor for cancer, but can losing it reverse that risk? One study suggests that the answer is a resounding yes, at least for those who lose weight significantly through bariatric surgery. Patients who underwent this operation were 32% less likely to develop cancer and 48% less likely to die … Read more

Techland presents the first completely free chapter of Dying Light 2 Stay Human | #games | Anime, Manga and Video Game News

How about the whole MultiAnime gang! On this occasion, we share a statement from Techland. The content, titled “In the footsteps of a Nightrunner”, represents the beginning of the 5-year plan to support Dying Light 2 Stay Human.. Mexico City – June 13, 2022 – It’s time to expand the vibrant world of Dying Light … Read more

Last goodbye to the Dr. who questioned the vaccine and was shot to death, will be this Tuesday. TV presenter says he saved him from dying of covid

Prior to the funeral, patients, activists, colleagues and loved ones will watch over the body of Dr. Sammy Mancilla CORPRENSALoved ones will hold vigil over the body of Dr. Sammy J. Mancilla this Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Patients, activists, colleagues and loved ones will watch over the body of the Dr. Sammy Javier Mancilla, who … Read more

The question of Russian soldiers: what is the point of dying for Severodonetsk? This is what Moscow’s real goal is – ANALYSIS

February 24 Vladimir Putin made a bet: in no war scenario would the world have offered concrete and effective help toUkrainea country apparently far from the interests of the West and with a population and a ruling class that had nothing to do with those of the Villages of the Nato. As in 1938-1939, when … Read more

Dying Light 2, let’s enjoy comfortably with Intel Core i9-12900KF

The temperature has already started to rise to close to 30 degrees. Every year we greet summer, but every year we hear that this summer is going to be the hottest summer ever. There are things that come to us every summer, and one of them is a horror movie. In fact, watching horror movies … Read more

Man is saved from dying crushed after carom in the Periferico [VIDEO] – The Sun of Puebla

At least one person dead ten injured and a pedestrian who was saved from being crushed by a truck who fell from the elevated bridge Ecological Peripheral and Valsequillo Boulevardwas the balance, until Monday night, of a carambole of 21 vehicles. According to what witnesses said, the multiple collision derived from the wet floor due … Read more

Students leave the university to the front. Our friends are dying in our arms, says a 19 – year – old soldier iROZHLAS

War between the world Back in March, he joked that he hadn’t told his parents exactly what he was doing in uniform. But now his mother and father fully understand him and fully support him. “I try to call them every time I can. They understand me. They support me mentally and financially. “My mother … Read more