7 Korean dramas about hate being love with the highest ratings in 2022 to early 2023

The 2022 Korean drama about hate turns to love with high ratings, one of which is Crazy Love. Photo/KBS2 JAKARTA – Korean dramas with the concept of hate turns to love is one of the favorites for lovers of the romantic Korean drama genre. Not surprisingly, the rating is often high. A drama with the … Read more

scientists study new method for early diagnosis

Photo: Reproduction Internet Scientists at the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania are developing a new method to facilitate the early diagnosis of Parkinson’s from speech. Speech disorders are known as one of the characteristic symptoms of the disease and the strategy could contribute to the early initiation of treatment. The hallmark signs of the … Read more

The woman who had health screening at the insistence of her neighbor beat cancer with early diagnosis

The “Journey to Mediterranean Hope” project was launched in 2021 by the Akdeniz Municipality and the District Health Directorate to conduct health screenings for women aged 40-69. The women, who were taken from their homes by the Women and Family Services Directorate teams, participated in the tests at the Cancer Early Diagnosis, Screening and Education … Read more

This is how you can play Hogwarts Legacy 72 hours early | Overview

All versions and release dates at a glance Written by Thomas Bunink op Tuesday, January 31, 2023 10:50 am Hogwarts Legacy releases next week, but owners of the Collector’s Edition or Deluxe Edition can play the game 72 hours early. In this overview we list all versions, release dates and times. Hogwarts Legacy comes out … Read more

What if the “technological singularity” occurs as early as 2030?

Recently, a company specializing in translation claimed that the phenomenon of “technological singularity” was going to happen very soon. However, this declaration is rather daring insofar as until now, the concept does not yet have exact criteria. How to define technological singularity? First mentioned in the 1950s, the notion of technological singularity received a precise … Read more

BMKG: West Java Early Warning Potential for Heavy Rain, Let’s Check the Area!

PORTALTEBO.id – Update of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) released early warning West Java. Monday, January 30, 2023. In related information early warning extreme weather delivered BMKG to the people of West Java. Reported by Portaltebo, Through the official Twitter account BMKGa number of areas in West Java province which will potentially experience … Read more

Early symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Home page Deutschland Created: 01/29/2023 09:43 am Von: Caroline Gehrmann Split The inflammatory nervous disease MS shows itself at the beginning with the first neurological deficits. Since these are not always easy to recognize, a diagnosis is often difficult. The disease mainly affects younger women. What signs point to it. Bremen – The “disease with … Read more

“Elderly woman calls for help in the early afternoon, but the ambulance arrives in the evening”

Call 112 in the early afternoon, but the ambulance arrives in the evening. The protagonist of the episode reported by regional councilor Walter Zalukar is an 87-year-old woman who fell into the house. The fact occurred in via Ghirlandaio on 23 December. “The son says his mother contacted 112 at 15:30 because her heel was … Read more

COVID vaccines and early boosters provided protection for pregnant women during Omicron surge

COVID vaccines and early boosters provided significant protection for pregnant women against serious complications and death, even after the arrival of the new Omicron variant, according to a study published this week in the medical journal The Lancet. This study “demonstrates a vaccine efficacy in preventing serious complications of severe COVID-19 of 76% after vaccination … Read more

Leaked early development video for a new multiplayer game in the Horizon series

The Horizon series of Guerrilla Games is scheduled to be released to the VR game Call of Mountain following the first work, Horizon Zero Dawn, the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, and is expanding into the core IP of Sony Studios and Guerrilla Games. A while ago, rumors circulated that a multiplayer game based on the … Read more