Coalition with Nasdem and PKS in Early 2023 Has Been Formed

loading… The Democrat Party estimates that its coalition with the Nasdem Party and PKS will be declared in the near future. Photo/SINDOnews JAKARTA – Deputy Bappilu DPP Democratic party Kamhar Lakumani estimates that his party’s coalition with the Nasdem Party and PKS will be declared in the near future. The political communication built between the … Read more

London Metropolitan Police announces arrest of 17-year-old suspect involved in stealing early development content for next Grand Theft Auto – mashdigi

Rockstar Games issued a statementconfirmAfter being stolen from the early development content of the next “Grand Theft Auto”, but emphasizing that it will not affect the progress of the game development, the London Metropolitan Police said earlier on its official Twitter that it had arrested the early development of the next “Grand Theft Auto”. content, … Read more

Big Earthquake Shakes Aceh’s West Coast in the Early Morning

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An earthquake measuring magnitude (M) 6.4 occurred in the city of Meulaboh, Nagan Raya. The earthquake occurred at a shallow depth of 22 kilometers in the interior of the Indo-Australian oceanic plate. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reported that the earthquake occurred on Saturday morning (24/09/2022) at 03:52 WIB. … Read more

Slime Rancher 2: Available in Early Access, Breaks Records

Slime Rancher 2 was just introduced in Early Access and has already collected almost 1,000 mostly positive Steam reviews! More to Slime Rancher 2 The game has long been awaited by the community (Here is the Steam page), and the numbers speak for themselves: although the game hasn’t been available for long, it has already … Read more

Mario + Crazy Rabbit Star of Hope Early Access: More Details, But Harder | 4Gamers

“Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star”, a collaboration between Ubisoft and Nintendo, will be launched next month. Invited by Ubisoft, this time 4Gamers tried the game in advance. This time, I will talk about the experience of this game in the future. “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” is the sequel to “Mario + Crazy … Read more

Diablo IV latest news! The closed beta will start in November, and the public beta will be launched early next year | XFastest News

Are the Nephalems ready? Good news is coming! Blizzard announced today (20th) that the late-game closed beta testing of Diablo IV is about to begin. 》The player of the late game, and send out an invitation.If players think they meet the eligibility criteria, they can also apply through the website. The application steps must … Read more

Last minute early retirement decision! Benefits with 1800 days bonus

10- Due to which health problems do you retire due to disability? There are certain diseases listed in order to be able to retire disabled and receive a pension. SSI publishes the disease list. Diseases; neurological, psychiatric, eye, throat, oncological, hematological, traumatological, rheumatological, gastroenterological, dermatological diseases and cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, infectious diseases and the … Read more