Michella Elías lashes out at EEG: “I have the worst memories, I wouldn’t go back even for all the money in the world” | This is war | entertainment | SHOWS

Michelle Elijah shocked the fans This is war (EEG) by revealing that he did not have a good time at the time he participated in the competition reality show on América Televisión. “Before, I was dying to go back, but the truth is that right now I have the worst memories,” he told Amor y … Read more

Rosángela breaks when she reveals that she was kicked out of This is war for visiting Elías Montalvo | EEG | Peter Fajardo | VIDEO | shows

The businesswoman and influencer Rosangela Espinoza He appeared on television after several weeks to tell more details about his professional and personal life. your visit to love and fire served for the ‘Selfie Girl’ to break her silence regarding her retirement from This is war, despite being one of the most popular and controversial figures … Read more

Laura Borlini on Mario Irivarren: “If we were the same age, I would fall in love with him” | eeg | reality boy | women in command | Vania Bludau | SHOWS

Updated on 12/28/2021 08:54 am The television host Laura borlini He confessed this morning on the ‘Women in command’ program. Argentina said that she likes the reality boy Mario Irivarren. “I have said many times that yes, if I were a chibola I would fall in love with Marito, it is something that has something, … Read more

EEG: Matías Ochoa and his acid comment to Azul Granton after giving him a ring | This is war | entertainment | SHOWS

Matías Ochoa and Azul Granton starred in a tender moment during the special edition for the end of the season of “This is war”(América Televisión). In it, the reality boys carried out the traditional exchange of gifts for Christmas. LOOK: Yahaira appeared in his first concert with the ‘Activator kitten’, but there are no people … Read more

EEG headset market offering new study visions for 2027 and COVID – 19 Analysis by – Jeunes Express

this market helmets SEEThe report is a useful resource, covering a variety of key aspects of the market including key pricing structure, critical success factors, revenue sources, and key performance. Considering the current market situation, this market analysis also highlights possible investment prospects. It will be extremely helpful to business owners to streamline their processes. … Read more

“EEG”: Tepha Loza ends up on the floor when trying to smack Luciana Fuster | VIDEO showbiz NNDC | PEOPLE

Spheffany Loza suffered a dangerous fall in the recent edition of “This is war”Of this Friday, December 3. The model ended up on the floor after trying to smack Luciana Fuster in the face. The reality girls faced off in a round of questions on the show, a challenge that ultimately had the “Combatants” team … Read more

Gian Piero Díaz complains to Johana San Miguel live for looking for a replacement for “EEG” | celebrity NNDC | PEOPLE

Gian Piero Díaz reappeared in the conduction of “This is war”, And at the beginning of the program this Friday, December 3, he took the opportunity to make a forceful claim to his partner Johana San Miguel. The presenter of the reality show did not overlook the fact that the actress also considered Carlos Carlín … Read more

‘Mr. Peet ‘broke his silence after leaving “EEG”: “They made my bed and betrayed me” | This is War | Peter Arevalo | BOCONVIP

Updated on 12/01/2021 05:40 pm Sports journalist Peter Arévalo, better known as’ Mr. Peet ‘, spoke for the first time about his departure from “This is war”In 2019, after spending a long season as a reality show narrator. The commentator gave an interview to the YouTube channel ‘Peru Bonny’, where he revealed unpublished details of … Read more

EEG: Fighters cruelly mocked Ducelia’s laugh with a chicken

The warrior did not expect that both Ignacio, Pancho and Mario would make fun of her like that Fighters mocked Ducelia. Ducelia Echevarría asked for the floor to express her disagreement that both she and Blue become combatants. However, he did not imagine that the pupils of Gian Piero Diaz They caught her imitating her … Read more

Gian Piero Díaz reappears on “EEG” amid resignation rumors | celebrity NNDC | BOCONVIP

Updated 11/19/2021 08:24 pm Gian Piero Diaz He reappeared in the recent edition of “This is War” after being absent for two days. The presenter made his entrance to the set, however, he did not explain the reasons why he stopped appearing on the youth reality show. “We are together again. I think I’m going … Read more