8 Effective Herbal Medicines to Treat Sore Throat : Okezone health

WEATHER changes that make us susceptible to disease. One of the most common attacks is a sore throat or sore throat sore throat. Sore throat itself is not the origin of the disease, but a symptom that occurs due to several things. For example, fever, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, red patches on the … Read more

20 million cars and only 2,000 seats. Suspiciously effective e-TOLL

2022-08-08 07:07 publication2022-08-08 07:07 share photo: Łukasz Dejnarowicz / / FORUM Fines got only less than 2,000. passenger car drivers, although 20 million cars traveled through the routes covered by the system – writes Monday’s Rzeczpospolita. The newspaper reminds that the e-TOLL system was launched in December, thanks to which, on the sections of the A2 … Read more

The most effective solution for unwanted hair but… It can happen to anyone!

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> It all started when 33-year-old Erdal Yesilyurt went to a beauty center in Bagcilar with the advice of a friend to have the hair on his cheeks removed. Yesilyurt, built laser hair removal As a result, he not only does not get rid of the hair on his face, but also struggles with the … Read more

A More Effective Mind Opening Method Than Just Drinking Coffee: Coffee Sleep

Coffee sleep is actually very simple. Let’s say you started to get sleepy and you want to drink coffee to wake up your sleep. If you go to sleep right after drinking your coffee and wake up after about 20 minutes, you will wake up with a clearer mind than both sleeping for 20 minutes … Read more

Hellfire: High-precision, effective killing machine used to kill al-Qaeda leader – World

The death of the al-Qaida leader in a drone strike in the middle of the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, Afghanistan, is not just the result of a meticulous spy mission that allowed Ayman al-Zawahiri to be targeted without causing casualties among family members or other civilians. The CIA’s action revealed the effectiveness of the ‘Hellfire’, … Read more

Even the Spanish Queen wears these dresses. They are comfortable, fashionable, and at the same time extremely effective

Queen Letizia in a dress from a well-known chain store Linen dresses are extremely popular. We wear them every day, to work, but also on holidays. They are extremely sensual, and at the same time comfortable. It turns out that the Spanish queen Letizia has just joined the group of fans of this type of … Read more

New vaccine against herpes zoster is 97% effective; know benefits

The Shingrix vaccine against herpes zoster, from the pharmaceutical company GSK, stood out in comparison to the previously offered immunizer, Zostavax, for having much higher efficacy, with 97% against 51%. In addition, the immunizer covers new risk groups. Shingrix was approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) in August 2021 (see more). According to … Read more

Instantly lowers high blood pressure! The most effective foods against high blood pressure

It is estimated that almost one billion people worldwide are affected by high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. High blood pressure, which triggers heart disease, can get worse over time. A nutritious, heart-healthy diet is recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, including those taking blood pressure-lowering medications. FOODS EFFECTIVE AGAINST HIGH TENSION Citrus … Read more