The pill and sport: less efficient through contraception?

The pill and top athletic performance don’t get along – is that really true? The pill might reduce women’s athletic performance somewhat. Whether the effect is actually noticeable remains unclear. Hormonal contraceptives that are swallowed – usually called the birth control pill or simply “the pill” – are the most popular contraceptive in Austria. This … Read more

Three-net ventilation and efficient heat dissipation SADES Garuda Garuda chassis listed! | XFastest News

The weather is hot, and the host is also afraid of heat. Are you tired of seeing through the side of the all-color glass in the market? Will the glass break by luck? Can only ask God to worship Buddha? SADES is known as an e-sports military factory. In order to make you feel more … Read more

Forza presents the keys to an efficient data center |

Forza Power Technologies, a manufacturer of reliable power solutions, analyzes the efficiency of Data Centers today and details different strategies to optimize energy use in these facilities. “Data centers enable the flow of information that our digital world depends on. However, such capacity also makes them one of the largest consumers of electrical energy, being … Read more

It is revealed that Fujian will sign an efficient scorer or replace the CBA scoring champion last season – yqqlm

Original title: It is revealed that Fujian will sign an efficient scorer or replace the CBA scoring champion last season Beijing time on June 17, according to the well-known European media “Sportando” reported that the Fujian men’s basketball team will sign the 31-year-old American defender Thales McGee, who played in the Israeli league last season. … Read more

These 3 Tricks Can Make Cars Efficient in Fuel Consumption, It’s Easy – Want an economical car fuel consumptionnot only have to use a small engine capacity How to drive and road conditions also affect the fuel consumption of an efficient car or not. With some basic driving techniques, we can make our car a fuel efficient car. 1. How to Drive The first and quite … Read more

Research opens door to further study of superconductivity and creation of more efficient semiconductors

A team led by researchers from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has discovered how subtle structural changes in strontium titanate, a metal oxide semiconductor, can alter the material’s electrical resistance and affect its superconducting properties. . The research can help guide future experiments and materials design related to superconductivity and the creation of more … Read more

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is updated in the US: more efficient and technological

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid update was introduced for the US market, and here’s what’s new. Toyota Corolla Cross It has news for the hybrid version sold in the United States, which differs in several features from the models for Asia and Latin America. The 2023 update was focused on the technological and mechanical … Read more

Very Efficient, Tests Fuel Consumption and Acceleration Honda HR-V 1.5 CVT – Though Honda HR-V The latest generation has launched, but the old HR-V still looks modern and stylish in 2022. The Honda HR-V is present as a compact SUV which was launched for the first time in 2014 and was marketed in 2015. Actually, the Honda HR-V in its home country of Japan already … Read more

Is detecting corona in sewage more efficient than mass testing? “From two infections in the entire apartment building”

Analyzing sewage water may be more efficient in a new corona wave than mass PCR testing. This is evident from research by KU Leuven. You can detect one or two corona infections in an entire apartment building via sewage water. For example, you can intervene very quickly when the coronavirus appears in the water, and … Read more

Praise Real Madrid star Karim Benzema, Arsene Wenger: Old striker is the most efficient

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger heaped praise on Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, calling “the old one the efficient”. Benzema has been a key player for Madrid throughout this season, especially in the Champions League, where he has always been decisive for The whites to reach the finals. Editor’s Choice Finally, he scored through the … Read more