New easter eggs in the remake of “Evil Castle 4”, the first chapter of the village siege can be skipped with “just one shot” | 4Gamers

“Evil Castle 2” actor Leon S. Kennedy is very active in series and animation with the community meme “man with a high salary”, while “Resident Evil 4” (Resident Evil 4) is It was his famous battle. In the remake of “RE4” launched this year, the Capcom team also added a brand new easter egg, allowing … Read more

How to grow homemade spaghetti, figliar Leo or fake eggs. Fakes that made it far

Not all lies are bad. Some white lies they are acceptable if they are to help a good cause. Here is the list 12 most famous past or recent ones frauds, the revelation of which surprised many. Although not every one is exclusively negative. He chalked it up to a demented person V roku 1969 … Read more

Secrets, anecdotes, easter eggs… What you probably missed in Hogwarts Legacy!

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7 Unexpected Benefits of Quail Eggs, Makes This Disease Worse

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Checking chicken eggs for freshness: the easiest way that takes less than a minute

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Buy a dish of eggs from “Batta Brothers” .. the price is dirt cheap

Special offer from the duck brothers.. We will complete the show and understand the people. Look, teacher. Look, teacher. First, there is a challenge for anyone who gets clean eggs, weighing 2 kilos, and there is more and more fresh eggs. Secondly, this is today’s price. You will go to get eggs that are not … Read more

Easter eggs, from today at Lidl there is the white chocolate Deluxe one with a percentage of pistachios and almonds that will amaze you

The first Easter egg from Lidl’s Deluxe line came out today, the white chocolate one with chopped almonds and pistachios, which promises to be sold out in a very short time, as happened last year. We went to the supermarket for you to discover the ingredients @greenMe Easter starts today at Lidl. In fact, the … Read more

After 20 years of storage, “boiled eggs turn into rubies”! She was frightened: she didn’t stink at all. The expert revealed the old appearance of her predecessor | International | CTWANT

A mainland woman shared a photo of a boiled egg that has been on display for 20 years, glowing like a ruby ​​under the light. (Picture / Extracted from Weibo) The egg shortage crisis broke out in many places around the world, and the price of eggs in Taiwan has soared to a record high. … Read more