Does the Central Bank of Egypt surprise markets in Ramadan?

The markets in Egypt are awaiting the second meeting in 2023 of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank, at the end of this March, and the resulting decisions to curb inflation, which has reached unprecedented levels, according to the latest reports from last February. In its first meeting of this year, the committee … Read more

Al-Azhar settles its opinion on the controversy of the “House of the Abrahamic Family” project

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar in Egypt, on Saturday, expressed its opinion about what is being raised about the “Abrahamic Family House” project, which is an edifice that combines the three main monotheistic religions, that is, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In a statement published on the official website … Read more

There is no war; Referee withdrawing the conceded goal – VAR | Egypt Al Nasr | Football

Cairo – The referee disallowed the goal after checking the mobile phone footage of the spectators in the Egyptian second division football league match. The strange incident unfolded in a match between Suez and Al Nasr, the second division club. Al Nasr’s goal in the final minute of stoppage time was initially allowed by the … Read more

Watch the method of transferring the first nuclear piece to Egypt from Russia to Dabaa.. Pictures

Rahma Ramadan wrote Saturday, March 18, 2023 12:39 PM published Nuclear Power Plants Authority Through its official page on the social networking site Facebook, pictures from the Russian “Tiaghmash” factory, which is responsible for manufacturing the trap for the heart of the Egyptian nuclear reactor in the Dabaa region, the method of transporting the trap … Read more

The price and specifications of the Vivo Y16 phone in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and its most important features

Recently, we had a group of Vivo phones that were manufactured by a Chinese company, as these phones are characterized by many specifications and features, the most important of which are: attractive and wonderful design, durability as a result of the use of high-quality materials, and the phone also ensures the possibility of good performance … Read more

“Georgina Branch of Egypt” • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A group of photos published by the Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry on her official page on the “Instagram” website documented a significant change in her features, which made her followers liken her to “Georgina”, the friend of the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo. And Yasmine Sabry appeared in the pictures with a smaller and … Read more

Important Remarks from the Sovereign Fund of Egypt regarding Wataniya and Safi IPOs by

© Reuters. – A few days after the Egyptian government announced its intention to start offering procedures for the “Safi” and “Wataniya” companies, Ayman Suleiman, CEO of the Sovereign Fund of Egypt, said that there will be no maximum limits for the shares to be offered for sale by the two companies. This comes … Read more

The big blunders of the Egyptians on a sign dedicated to Mathilde and Elisabeth

It is sometimes said that it is the intention that counts. Egypt beats to the beat of the Belgian royal family these days. Princess Elisabeth and Queen Mathilde indeed walk there in the footsteps of the late Queen Elisabeth. The sovereign passionate about archeology and Egyptology had undertaken a trip to the country 100 years … Read more

A first official interview with Princess Elisabeth during the trip to Egypt

The royal visit to Egypt is also marked by the first official interview with Princess Elisabeth. The young woman appears well prepared but relaxed and smiling. On the third day of their trip, Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth visited a new archaeological excavation site, an opportunity for the heiress to the throne to walk in … Read more