Scientists found that COVID-19 causes delirium in one in three elderly patients

Delirium manifested in COVID-19 patients would increase the risk of death in older adults, according to new research (Shutterstock)An investigation focused on 817 older adults with COVID-19 concluded that delirium is a common symptom of the COVID-19 coronavirus. This was determined by a group of American scientists who observed that 226 elderly -28% of the … Read more

The TSJB for the eviction of an elderly man with senile dementia and terminal cancer

CARMEN MORALES PUISEGUR @moralespuisegur Palma Saturday, 14 November 2020 – 11:37 Julio Daz, 83, endorsed a missing woman after signing a loan of 59,000 euros. The refund exceeds 83,000 euros. Julio Daz photographed at his home. PAH An 83-year-old man with senile dementia and terminal cancer stay at home for the moment after paralyzing the … Read more

Young people live badly because of the elderly or infinite fatigue

Generating outrage is a strategy that works. It is enough to issue a forceful thesis that opposesga apart of the population to another so that, between refutations and adhesions, the idea begins to circulate. This may be the case of the ‘plug generation’, in which a recent book affects of Josep Sala and Cullell, which … Read more

An elderly man arrested for burning containers and dealing drugs

The Municipal Police Sabadell he has arrested yet old man of 70 years accused of burn containers in the capital of Valleys and drug dealing. As reported in a statement, at 3:29 pm on Saturday, January 12, on the street of Buenos Aires, the intentional fire of three containers began, according to a witness to … Read more

72% of the elderly served by the Red Cross in Valencia are women

Alicante, Apr 28 (EFE) .- 72 percent of the elderly attended by the Red Cross in the Valencian Community during the current state of alarm and within the ‘Responde’ plan are women. According to a statement from the charity, this data reflects a feminization of the vulnerability associated with the social crisis of Covid-19 and … Read more

The coronavirus vaccine will be distributed free to the elderly in the US.

The covid-19 vaccine will be distributed for free in nursing homes in the United States. The president announced it, Donald Trump. He said he reached an agreement with the pharmaceutical chains CVS y Walgreens for logistics. Nursing homes can begin to decide which pharmacy they want to deliver to. vaccine starting next Monday. According to … Read more

Delirium may be the first symptom of COVID-19 in the elderly with frail health

The most frequent and common symptoms of COVID-19 are usually fever, cough, or shortness of breath. However, this disease can manifest itself differently in people. For example, a team from the prestigious King’s College London (UK) have found that delirium can be one of the first symptoms in older people with frail health. “Physicians and … Read more

Elderly man would have burned half of his body after falling asleep with a cigarette – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

An 83-year-old man allegedly fell asleep in a chair with a cigarette in his mouth and burned almost half his body. On the ground, several cigarette quotes and a burned T-shirt were left, and now Miami-Dade firefighters are taking over the case. It was 10 am this Sunday, 83-year-old Mobbe Stanly was smoking a cigarette … Read more