UAE general charged with torture elected President of Interpol

Interpol on Thursday elected President Ahmed Naser and Raisy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) accused of torture, despite concerns by human rights organizations about the risk of Interpol being exploited by repressive regimes. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The UAE general’s presidency of Interpol follows generous funding from the UAE to an … Read more

Presents the German coalition government agreement. When could the new chancellor be elected?

If all three parties approve the coalition government agreement at extraordinary conferences, the Bundestag could elect Social Democrat leader Olaf Scholz as chancellor on December 6. Photo: Annegret Regards / REUTERS / SCANPIX 19:31, November 25, 2021 Valdis Bērziņš, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Yesterday in Berlin, representatives of the Social Democrats, the Greens and … Read more

Mario Vargas Llosa elected to the French Academy

The Peruvian-Spanish writer Mario Vargas Llosa was elected Thursday to the French Academy, which for this 85-year-old Nobel Prize winner for literature made an exception to the age limit. The novelist, Nobel in 2010, won 18 votes in the first round, against one for director Frédéric Vignale, one blank and two draws. His candidacy had … Read more

Sweden, Magdalena Andersson elected first female premier: she resigns after a few hours

A few hours after being elected to Parliament to lead the new Swedish government, Magdalena Andersson she resigned from her post as prime minister after losing the support of the gave. It is unclear whether Andersson – who was due to take over as government on Friday after meeting with re Carlo XVI Gustavo – … Read more

Sweden’s newly elected first female prime minister resigns again | Abroad

The 54-year-old former finance minister Andersson had the support of 117 parliamentarians in a confidence vote, just enough for an appointment. But shortly afterwards, when a budget proposal from three opposition parties was passed, the Greens decided to leave the coalition. It was the first time parliament approved a budget in conjunction with an “extreme, … Read more

European Television elected Martin Řezníček from the Czech Television to the news committee

Martin Řezníček, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Czech Television, will sit on the news committee of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for two years. He was elected there by representatives of the member television stations of this organization, which brings together public service media. The Czech journalist will be on the committee for the first time in … Read more

These are the elected candidates for deputies and cores in the Valparaíso Region

ELECTIONS 2021.– With 99.99% of the polls counted (7,027,068 votes), the Electoral Service (Servel) reported that the presidential candidates of the Christian Social Front, Jose Antonio Kast (27.91%), and that of Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric (25.83%), go to the second round. They follow him Franco Parisi (12,80%), Sebastian Sichel (12,79%), Yasna Provoste (11,61%), Marco Enriquez-Ominami … Read more

Slim Ben Ammar elected president of ASMETS

Mr. Slim Ben Ammar was elected new president of the Moroccan Association of Issuers of Service Vouchers (ASMETS), at the end of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Association, held recently in Casablanca. “During their Ordinary General Assembly, the members of the Moroccan Association of Service Voucher Issuers (ASMETS) elected their new President, Slim Ben … Read more

Bulgarian President Radev elected for a second term – Abroad – News

Radev won 66.7% of the vote, while his rival Sofia University rector Anastass Gerdzhikov won 31.8% of the vote, with the Central Election Commission announcing 99% of the vote on Monday. In the first round of the presidential election on November 14, which had 23 candidates, Radev won 49.4% of the vote and Gerdzhikov 22.8%. … Read more

Bulgaria is elected for the third time in COVID-19

Bulgaria has already voted twice in the parliamentary elections this year, in April and July, but in both cases the parliament remained divided and neither party was able to form a new government. The third attempt to elect 240 lawmakers is expected to succeed and the country will finally have a government capable of overcoming … Read more