Clean energy instead of coal. The young generation gave a new direction in the Australian elections

Getting out of the role of outcast in the field of climate policy is the goal of the new Australian government, which is now formed by local Labor. Just a few hours after taking the oath of Monday, the chairman of the party and, more recently, the government of Anthony Albanese boarded a plane in … Read more

Sheikhs support deputies with civil marriage: calls for reform of Dar al-Fatwa

In response to the campaigns of atonement, and the silence of Dar al-Fatwa about them, a group of religious students and graduates, from within the same house, issued a revolutionary and changeable statement, but without signing it in their names, as informed sources confirmed to Al-Modon. The writers of the statement declared their affiliation with … Read more

Forza Italia, in Naples between Berlusconi and Beautiful’s Ridge. With some embarrassment: “In elections without a symbol? There are those who distance themselves”

Silvio Berlusconi returns to Napoli to relaunch Forza Italia. At the Mostra d’Oltremare with the former Knight and the national coordinator Antonio Tajani there were almost all the big names of the party (from Carfagna to Brunetta) and also the actor of the soap opera ‘Beautiful’, Ron Moss. During the speech given on the stage, … Read more

The INE receives a complaint from Morena for audios of Alejandro Moreno

Just this Wednesday, the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, released two audios on social networks in which the leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, better known as “Alito”, allegedly says that Cinépolis would have contributed to campaigns elections of his party 25 million pesos. However, the Mexican company dedicated to the … Read more

Mental health and high blood pressure… Causes and ways to avoid

Have you ever noticed that your breathing rate increases when you feel anxious or stressed? yes! This is due to high blood pressure caused by mental health problems. Not all people experience major mental health problems due to general anxiety and stress, but sometimes constant stress can lead to such conditions. Short-term rise in blood … Read more

Profile and Career Traces of Viryan Aziz, Former RI KPU Member Who Dies, 23 Years of Managing Elections

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Sad news circulated this weekend from the world of elections. Ex KPU commissioner RI period 2007 – 2022, Viryan Azis passed away. Viryan Aziz died at the age of 46 years on Saturday (21/5/2022). The following is a profile and track record of his career in the election world. This news circulated … Read more

Coup Issues, Cak Imin’s Panic and PKB-NU’s Cold Ahead of Elections

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The issue of the coup d’etat again greeted the National Awakening Party (PKB).PKB). PKB chairman Muhaimin Iskandar said there was an attempt to hijack his party by someone “without a boat”. Of only one importance: Election 2024. Cak Imin, Muhaimin’s nickname, claimed he did not know about the coup issue. “You … Read more

North Korea deploys the army to confront Corona

Health personnel of the North Korean army intensified the distribution of medicines to combat the increasing outbreak of the Corona virus, according to what the official media announced yesterday (Tuesday), at a time when the number of declared “fever” infections reached about 1.5 million, according to the French press agency. North Korean leader Kim Jong … Read more

Klopp on Liverpool’s chance in the Premier League: Unlikely but possible

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said that the chance of his team snatching the English Premier League title from Manchester City in the last round of next Sunday is “not possible, but possible,” according to “Reuters”. Liverpool won 2-1 at its host Southampton to become one point behind City before the last round. Liverpool need to … Read more

Russell Crowe to join in on candidate questions Bangkok governor elections on May 19

Russell Crowe to join applicants asking questions Election of the Bangkok governor, this May 19, through the program “22 May, Chee Destiny, Bangkok and Discuss, Do Not Argue”, which will be broadcast through Channel 7HD. Russell Crowe Famous Hollywood actors who previously became beloved by Thai people. After traveling for filming and traveling in Thailand … Read more