Italy, Russia | Berlusconi shocks with Putin statements before the elections in Italy

The 85-year-old claimed in a television interview on Thursday evening that the Russian president was pressured to invade Ukraine. – Putin was pressured by the Russian people, by a party, by his ministers to come up with this particular operation, Berlusconi told the Rai TV channel. He is a friend of the Russian president and … Read more

Center-right, late rally and tense faces? Here’s what happened – Libero Quotidiano

The center-right has met. Appointment in Piazza del Popolo in the late afternoon of Thursday 22 September. Here, in Rome, there are many people waiting to see Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini e Silvio Berlusconi. They wait and wait, because the three leaders are late. “What should I tell you? They will come,” he comments Maurizio … Read more

Elections 2022, Berlusconi: “At the beginning of the campaign I risked death” – Video

Silvio Berlusconi fell off a ladder at a rally in Lesmo at the beginning of the election campaign “and the doctors – he himself told the Manzoni theater in Milan – said it was more likely that I could die”. This would be the reason – explained the president of Forza Italia, closing the electoral … Read more

Elections, live coverage – Pd and M5s close the campaigns in Rome. Letta, half-empty square and the dem De Luca attacks the income: “Porcheria”

23 Set 202222:18 Meloni: “Legislature’s goal to cut the tax wedge by 5 points on low incomes” “We have to cut the tax wedge. I set myself as the goal of the legislature “in case of victory,” to cut the tax wedge by 5 points on the lowest incomes, therefore up to 35 thousand euros, … Read more

Italy accuses the president of the European Commission of influencing the upcoming parliamentary elections / Article

Italy’s far-right leaders have been outraged by von der Leyen’s recent comments about for the upcoming Italian elections. In them, the victory is predicted for the far-right forces and the Eurosceptic Giorgia Meloni could become the prime minister. The President of the Commission has indicated that she is ready to work with any elected government … Read more

Watch.. Haya Maraachli in a very daring seductive look.. the rudest appearance ever.

You are now following the news of Haya Maraachli in a very daring seduction look… the rudest appearance ever. And now with the details Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – Thursday, September 22, 2022 05:06 pm | Follow Favorite A number of fans of the young Syrian artist, Haya Maraachli, circulated bold seduction pictures of … Read more

Elections, the initiative of Marco Cappato: “So at the polling station you can protest the decision not to recognize the digital signatures collected”

A declaration to do verbalize at the time of the vote. Marco Cappato invites all voters to deposit a short text at their polling station to protest against the decision of the Court of Milanwhich did not accept the appeal on the digital signatures collected by Referendum and Democracy List. Cappato’s initiative joins that presented … Read more

Mid-term elections in the USA – Evil is the point

COMMENTS Ron DeSantis wanted to draw attention away from the abortion issue with a distasteful stunt. He is now being investigated for possible human trafficking. POLITICAL PIECES: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent two flights of Venezuelan asylum seekers from Texas to the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard in a political stunt. He is now being … Read more

The facsimile of the ballot paper in the general elections of 25 September 2022 (and how to vote)

Sunday 25 September 2022, from 7 to 23, Italy vote to renew the Parliament. The renewal of the Chamber and Senate takes place earlier than the natural deadline of 2023, following the resignation of the government chaired by Mario Draghi, which was followed by the dissolution of Parliament decreed by the President of the Republic … Read more

Elections, Meloni: “Fascism is an absolute evil? I did not dissociate myself from Fini. I hope Fdi wins and also Vox in Spain”. Salvini: “Reintroducing the Provinces”

20 Set 202222:39 Salvini: “Left and M5s put their hearts in peace” “This square is a lot of stuff for a Tuesday evening and this makes me think that Sunday we will win the elections and the Pd and M5S for 5 years will put their hearts in peace”. Thus the leader of the League, … Read more