Berlin: “Previous case law not applicable to Berlin elections”

DThe re-election to the Berlin House of Representatives can take place as planned to take place on February 12th. In a decision published on Tuesday, the Federal Constitutional Court rejected an urgent application against the conduct of the election. However, the legality of the election will only be decided after the vote. 40 complainants, including … Read more

RMP on proposals to advance elections: “You cannot elect a president without electing a Congress at the same time” | Present

In “Without a script”, Rosa María Palacios referred to the various positions of the congressmen, within the framework of the reconsideration of the project to advance elections for this 2023. Rosa Maria Palacios analyzed the statements of congressmen about the draft early elections for this 2023. In the first place, he addressed what was expressed … Read more

After 2 years of seizing power, the UN opposes the Burmese military government to hold elections. more bloody than before

On January 31, AFP reported that During the time the Myanmar Army was planning elections New elections are expected in 2023, the United Nations and analysts have warned that they could spark even more bloodshed. As opposition to the junta continues to heat up and planned elections cannot be free and fair under current circumstances, … Read more

Morocco and the UN in favor of elections to resolve the question of legitimacy

Morocco reaffirmed, on Monday, its support for the efforts of the UN Special Representative for Libya, while stressing its position of principle for peace in Libya, which is based on an “inter-Libyan solution under the aegis of the United Nations”. without foreign interference. During a joint press briefing between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser … Read more

A group of deputies from the Green Party announces its support for Marcelo Ebrard for the 2024 presidential elections

Deputies of the Green Party, express their support for Marcelo Ebrard in the race for the 2024 presidential elections, this Monday.Courtesy A group of at least 16 deputies out of the 41 from the Green Party announced this Monday their support for Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard for the 2024 presidential elections. This is the … Read more

New medical research calls for investigating the safety of taking melatonin supplements

Whether your sleep struggles are caused by anxiety, jet lag, or a chronic sleep condition, most of us have had trouble getting quality sleep at some point in our lives. This can make many of us need help getting a good night’s sleep, whether it be traditional or natural remedies.Unfortunately, recent research has linked prescription … Read more

Dina Boluarte: “Let’s tell all of Peru that we’re all leaving” | The president asked that Congress advance the elections

“Let’s tell all of Peru, with the highest responsibility, that we are all leaving”. With those words, the president of Peru, In Boluarteasked Congress last night to pass the advancement of the elections for this year and, otherwise, it advanced that will promote constitutional reforms to achieve that goal. Con 58 killed by state repression … Read more

Delfina Gómez, governor? Lead the polls for the Edomex 2023 elections – El Financiero

A survey by EL FINANCIERO on electoral preferences in the State of Mexicocarried out in January, indicates that Delfina Gómez, as candidate of Morena-PVEM-PTobtains 45 percent of the effective intention to vote, eight points above Alejandra del Moralas a candidate for PAN-PRI-PRD-Panal, who captures 37 percent. In a distant third place appears Juan Zepeda, from … Read more

FPÖ wins Austrian state elections, ÖVP largest despite loss

Imago Stock & People GmbH NOS News•yesterday, 03:30 The elections in the Austrian state of Lower Austria were won by the conservative governing party ÖVP, despite a loss of almost 10 percentage points. Chancellor Nehammer’s ÖVP received 39.9 percent of the vote, according to forecasts. That is the worst result in the state since 1945. … Read more

Regional elections, Bianchi D’Amato and Rocca compared on healthcare and waste-to-energy plants

Healthcare and waste. These are the main themes on which the debate was structured which, in front of the television cameras of RaiTre, featured Donatella Bianchi, Alessio D’Amato and Francesco Rocca as protagonists. In the broadcast “Mezz’ora in più”, Lucia Annunziata tried to solicit the three main contenders for the presidency of the Lazio region, … Read more