The first electric lamborghini will be a crossover

The first electric car from the workshops of the Italian carmaker Lamborghini should arrive in 2028 and it should be a four-seater crossover, said Winkelmann. According to him, electromobility is a clear direction that companies will take in the future. “As for the first electric car, it is clear that our approach is clear and … Read more

Electric classic mini? The house takes care of it

ELECTRICAL LIFE-SAVING – In full climate of ecological transition, with the noose of anti-smog regulations that at this rate will end up strangling older cars with an internal combustion engine more and more vehemently, one way to keep them alive for a long time could be to convert them to electric. This seemed to the … Read more

Announces major investment: – Invests NOK 300 billion on 30 new electric cars

Get access to the most important issues and a number of membership benefits: Try our pro membership for 1 kroner the first month. (Elbil24): The alliance consisting of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi has invited a global car press to an information meeting next Thursday. However, nothing has been said about what the topic should be, … Read more

It has been calculated what is most worthwhile to drive today: a petrol or an electric car

If you do not plan to keep the newly purchased car only in the garage, operating costs will not be avoided, so experts recommend calculating them and then comparing them, adding the final figures to the price of the purchased model. You may be surprised to see the result. Buy even without support The choice … Read more

Unstable supply in CATL, electric car factory rumored to abandon wave- Hong Kong

Whether it is a brand that has just entered the market or a brand with many years of history, as long as they choose to produce electric vehicles, they will inevitably use batteries, and the Chinese battery supplier CATL is a hot name in recent years. Recently, it has been reported that the CATL era … Read more

Tesla is challenged about fast charging of electric cars

It’s blowing icy cold when Karin Hellgren, communications manager for the OKQ8 petrol chain, steps out of the gas station in Upplands V√§sby. She passes the petrol pumps and goes on to the new fast chargers for electric cars that the company recently set up together with Skellefte√• kraft. Or “super-fast chargers” as they are … Read more

Volkswagen has revolutionized the automotive industry. Launches a new electric model that changes the rules of the game

Five years ago, Volkswagen introduced the concept of reincarnation of the legendary car from the 1960s, which was nicknamed Cucumber. In 2023, he will head for the European market. Volkswagen has finally decided to enter the market for electric commercial vehicles with its minivan electric model. The concept has been ready by the German concern … Read more

New video shows Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric minivan from all angles

In a little over a month, the premiere of one of the first mass-produced electric minivans with a classic body layout should take place – on March 9, Volkswagen will present its ID.Buzz, which, on the way to the conveyor, although it has lost the charm of retro motifs in design, has received a modern … Read more

Volkswagen started pre-production of the ID.Buzz electric van

Volkswagen has started pre-production of the fully electric ID.Buzz van at its factory in Hannover, Germany. Through a teaser video published on their social networks, Volskwagen revealed that pre-production started from the electric heiress of the legendary T1, the ID.Buzz. The process is being carried out at its plant in Hannover, Germany. That said, the … Read more

Out of power on electric car:

It’s not just-just running completely out of power on the electric car. Among other things, this became a topic when more than two thousand cars were left standing E18 after several lorries got stuck in December. Common practice is that powerless electric cars are picked up by tow truck and driven to the nearest charging … Read more