You can buy 01 shares of Samsung Electronics… Decimal trading of domestic stocks allowed

Enter 2021.09.12 12:00 Edit 2021.09.12 15:43 Decimal trading of domestic stocks possible through trust methodFirst, temporary operation through designation of innovative financial servicesForeign stocks will trade decimal points this year, and domestic stocks next year. Photo = Getty Images Bank. The financial authorities have come up with a plan to improve the system for decimal … Read more

Christmas presents are in jeopardy this year. There are no toys or electronics in the shops

Getting Christmas presents may be a problem this year. The worldwide shortage of chips and other components significantly affects the electronics and toys market. Vendors are facing limited deliveries from China, which is reflected in the amount of goods in stores. For example, mobile phones, flashlight cars, dolls or stuffed animals are starting to arrive … Read more

LG Electronics releases Life’s Good with Charlie Puth

On the 3rd, LG Electronics released the final soundtrack of the music project of the 2021 Life’s Good campaign, which LG Electronics has been working on to establish a consensus with the MZ generation and to communicate sincerely. The Life’s Good music project, launched by LG Electronics in May, was led by Charlie Puth, a … Read more

NVIDIA Introduces AI-Applied Voice Recognition Synthesis Technology

Hello. Reporter Seo Jae-chang | Nvidia’s models support voice-automated customer service lines in banking and retail industries, bring video games and fictional characters to life, and support real-time speech synthesis for digital avatars. The NVIDIA creative team is also using speech synthesis technology for expressive narration embedded in a video series about the power of … Read more

Electronics and cars will become more expensive. The largest contract chip manufacturer will increase prices by up to 20 percent

According to sources, the company is going to increase the prices of the most advanced chips by ten percent. The less advanced ones used by car customers will cost about 20 percent more. The new prices will come into force at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. Consequently, higher prices … Read more

Don’t lose your old Xbox!Microsoft announced that “cloud games” will be on home consoles this year-Free Electronics News 3C Technology

(Photo/AFP) Microsoft announced today at the Gamescom 2021 game show that its xCloud cloud gaming service will soon fully support Xbox game consoles, even for older models. xCloud uses cloud computing to allow users to play 3A masterpieces through mobile phones and computers with unlimited specifications (with screen and internet required) on a monthly fee … Read more

Ciamik, Semester I-2021 Net Profit of Metrodata Electronics (MTDL) Soars 55.6 Percent

ILLUSTRATION. PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (“MTDL”) through Metrodata Academy has become LinkedIn’s business partner as the LinkedIn Alliance Partner for LinkedIn Talent Solution (LTS) with a cross-industry market share. DOK/MTDL Reporter: So Gumilar | Editor: So Gumilar KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (MTDL) managed to record a good performance in the first half … Read more

When did the stock price of Samsung Electronics go up? Reported ahead of maximum performance

Enter 2021.07.25 06:35 Edit 2021.07.25 06:35 As Samsung Electronics’ stock price peaked at the beginning of the year and has been on its way for over half a year, the market is paying attention to whether or not it will rebound. What has Samsung Electronics’ stock price been like in the past?◇ Pre-reported stock price … Read more

In the past, MotoGP relied on skill, now only electronics – runganSport

Valentino Rossi (Petronas Yamaha SRT) MotoGP Losail, Qatar 2021 / runganSport © PETRONAS SRT. In the past, drivers had to have extra sensitivity and much more experience. In addition to great handling, you must also have the skills to understand the motor. Meanwhile, currently the racers only have to be able to go fast, while … Read more

LG Electronics utilizes metaverse for in-house course completion ceremony

LG Electronics held a metaverse graduation ceremony so that employees who completed the software expert training course could share the joy of completion in the same space. According to LG Electronics on the 18th, researchers selected after rigorous internal screening earlier this year have recently completed a software expert training course run jointly by LG … Read more