Mass brawl of elite teams in Russia. The referee handed out six red cards

It started innocently enough. In the set time, visiting forward Quincy Promes and home striker Wilmar Barrios wanted to say something to each other. However, the striker, who played for Ajax or Sevilla, was suddenly accompanied by two other domestic players, and the referee began to sense that something bigger was about to happen. He … Read more

After a secret investigation, the dark secrets of an elite ex-policeman were revealed: wealth was also loaded through criminal means

It is likely that J. Šiuipys was not an ordinary policeman, one witness mentioned that he served in the elite “Aro” forces. The defendant himself in the courtroom, while explaining the origin of the property, mentioned that he also receives an official pension of 175 euros in addition to other income. Last July, a colleague … Read more

The slow decline of the Liège political elite: “We live with a bomb under the table”

Christine Defraigne announced it recently, she will not be a candidate in the 2024 elections. The first mayor of Liège stops politics. She wishes to fall back on her sole activities as a lawyer. This decision, which affects the local MR, also has a broader symbolic charge. After the departure of the former president of … Read more

Panda Nababan Sacrifices Anies Wandering, Elite Nasdem: Offside!

Monday, 21 November 2022 – 06:34 WIB VIVA Politics – PDI Perjuangan senior statement (PDIP) Panda Nababan sarcastic Anies Baswedan is only going to be a presidential candidate but the elite already seem to be responding Nasdem. Panda’s speech is graded offside. Nasdem DPP chairman Effendy Choirie or Gus Choi said that his party had … Read more

“Sanctions hawks” in Brussels are worried: the Russian elite must see that their boss is threatened by a tribunal

“The most painful sanction would be the establishment of a tribunal. This would affect the Russian elite very badly because they would see their boss being investigated,” he said. Development of sanctions It is planned to start negotiations on a package of 9 sanctions against Russia at the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on … Read more

Danger, 700 Ukrainian Elite Troops Ready to Attack Russian Nuclear Sites

Thursday, 10 November 2022 – 09:02 WIB VIVA – More than 700 elite teams of the Armed Forces Ukraine (ZSU) is reported to have arrived in the Republic of Zaporizhzhia, after undergoing combat operations training under the instructions of British and Polish special units, Wednesday 10 November 2022. In the quoted report VIVA Military from … Read more

GIGABYTE X670 AORUS ELITE AX for Ryzen 9 7900X – JC Hyun > Review

Although the same chipset, AMD 600 series chipsets, which divided the performance of the chipset by PCIe 4.0 or PCIe 5.0 support, were released from the top X series to the middle B series. The sub-chipset H chipset will be released someday, but there is no exact mention yet. The chipset corresponding to the entry-level … Read more

Anger continues in the Russian elite, Prigozhin clashes with Shoigu over failures in Ukraine – media

They announce that Mr. Prigozhin blames S. Shoigu for the failures in Ukraine and wants to punish him for it. As the journalists of the National Resistance Center of Ukraine reported, based on their sources, Mr. Prigozhin believes that S. Shoigu and the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, … Read more

They asked the children of the Russian elite to participate in the war. Here’s what they heard – o2

As reported by “Ukrainian Truth”, investigative journalists from the Russian editorial office of “Important Stories” undertook the task. They tried to “recruit” Vladimir Putin’s consolations and relatives in the power elite by contacting him via e-mail and telephone. The effect turned out to be poor. The war in Ukraine. The children of the Russian elite … Read more

Francesco Costa: “The Californian dream is in crisis. Life is impossible for those who are not among the elite of the super-rich”

Francesco Costa is deputy director of IlPost. His latest book is “California – The end of the dream“, Mondadori 2022 Francesco, is the “Californian dream” in crisis? The starting point is that California is losing population. And not because of denatality or because of natural disasters; nor because there is a lack of work or … Read more