Xbox’s Elite Controller becomes the gauntlet of Marvel villain Thanos

How would you like to have one of the most exclusive Xbox controllers in the world, well let us tell you that at the moment is something impossible since this control is owned by mike24jd, who is a user of Reddit which decided to make its own special edition controller inspired by Thanos’ infinity gauntlet. … Read more

Nude photos of several elite athletes leaked after a hack

Four British athletes, whose names have not transcended, are part of an extensive group of sports stars and celebrities who have suffered a hack in these last hours. Private material was stolen from their phones containing photos and intimate videos that have been posted. An organized cyber attack that also suffered the Manchester United. The … Read more

Razer Wolverine V2 is the ‘Xbox Elite’ controller for the less wealthy

With the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, Microsoft adds more power and new functionalities to the new generation that is beginning, but its controller does not add as many new features compared to the Xbox One. Razer wants to give an alternative to all Xbox and PC gamers with … Read more

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will allow you to face combat outside the ship

Putting us in situation, Elite Dangerous landed on Xbox consoles, via Xbox Game Preview, offering a space simulation experience where space was explored and traded. The game grew by first introducing the possibility of landing on planets and exploring them with a land vehicle. But the pilot was still a mere passenger. Now, a new … Read more

“ELITE Addition”: Former NBA players praise Miami Heat for latest signing

Former Miami Heat player Caron Butler will join Erik Spoelstra’s staff as an assistant coach. NBA insider and AP reporter Tim Reynolds broke the news today. [/ embed] Heat selected Butler as the 10th pick on the 2002 pick. He spent about 2 years in the organization, but remained close to the front office. … Read more

‘Man in the middle’: The other side of referees in elite football

Champions League UEFA to release documentary on November 16 Bjorn Kuipers and Lionel Messi UEFA will release a documentary on November 16 which shows the private side of referees that we don’t usually get to see, showing how they work and operate in elite football. In a teaser posted on their website, they show a … Read more

Champions League: ‘Man in the Middle’: the B-side of the referees in the world football elite

Champions League UEFA premieres this documentary on November 16 UEFA brings to light the referees’ conversations never heard before: “Messi, show me Lhe UEFA premieres a new documentary on November 16 where it shows the lesser-known facet of the referees. In a teaser that it has published on its website, this organization summarizes its B-side … Read more

Elite Taxi continues with the mobilizations during this week in Barcelona

Elite Taxi continues with the mobilizations during this week in Barcelona – November 4, 2020 Elite Taxi Barcelona continues with the mobilization calendar during this week. Yesterday they already concentrated in front of the Avalis headquarters to negotiate moratoriums on loans related to the purchase of taxi licenses, and finally they were able to commit … Read more

Elite Taxi Barcelona and Taxi Project take legal action against the administrations of Madrid and Catalonia

Elite Taxi Barcelona and Taxi Project take legal action against the administrations of Madrid and Catalonia – November 3, 2020 They consider that in both communities, the administrations are favoring the VTC sector After months of intense work, the Elite Taxi Barcelona and Taxi Project associations announce that they have proceeded to take highly relevant … Read more

Elections 2020: which presidential candidate does the sports elite support? | Video

Posted at 18:57 ET (23:57 GMT) Monday, November 2, 2020 Playing 1:55 Posted at 17:49 ET (22:49 GMT) Monday, November 2, 2020 0:18 Posted at 17:40 ET (22:40 GMT) Monday, November 2, 2020 0:47 Posted at 17:04 ET (22:04 GMT) Sunday, November 1, 2020 1:54 Posted at 18:54 ET (23:54 GMT) Wednesday, October 28, 2020 … Read more