iPhone: how to schedule an email with iOS 16 | Mail | Email | Smartphones | nnnda | nnni | DATA

Send a email these days it is very useful, whether for work, studies or any personal matter, it helps us communicate something instantly. However, now the emails they can also be programmed and you no longer need an external app to achieve it if you have a iPhone. This new feature allows you coordinate what … Read more

Cyber ​​attack against Mps, email addresses in the crosshairs

Listen to the audio version of the article The hell of cyber attacks that daily put European societies and institutions at risk has hit MPS systems, albeit apparently without serious consequences. It is the Sienese bank itself that gives the news, through an email sent to an unspecified number of customers involved. The communication, sent … Read more

Meta internal email reveals Messenger will re-merge with Facebook

In 2008, Facebook tested adding instant messaging to the social platform, and in August 2011 launched the Messenger app for Android and iOS. In 2014, the Messenger function, which was integrated into the Facebook program, was removed, and users needed to install the Messenger program to continue using it. Tom Alison, who oversees the Facebook … Read more

Survey: signing documents by e-mail signature: for or against? | Business

Thousands of documents are signed daily in Lithuania with an electronic signature. And while this method saves a ton of paper and saves a lot of trees, the innovation hasn’t yet become a common way for everyone to sign. We invite you to participate in the survey and share whether you have already managed to … Read more

Elon Musk’s email with which he demands Tesla workers to return to offices is leaked

Elon Musk made news this week after giving an ultimatum to all of his workers at Tesla to return to their offices: if they don’t, they’ll assume they’re fired. After the news broke, the billionaire said employees “should pretend they work somewhere else” in response to a user who asked how he would respond to … Read more

Underage boy sent threatening email to Arnhem school, threat passed | NOW

The sender of a threatening email to a primary school on Groningensingel in Arnhem was traced by the police on Friday morning. Due to his young age, the boy has not been arrested, but “appropriate next steps are being taken”, the police said. Due to the threatening email, four primary schools in Arnhem were closed … Read more

Here’s how Microsoft’s new One Outlook email app works

Microsoft announce The new Outlook for Windows beta that makes your desktop email client look very similar to the web version. While the screenshots and the entire structure of the application Leaked recentlyMicrosoft’s announcement gives us a good look at the kind of features we can expect to see in our inboxes. According to a … Read more

Many Popular Websites See What You Type Before You Hit the Submit Button, 1,844 Websites Collected EU User’s Email Address

But on a mainstream site ranked in the top 1000, users probably don’t expect their information to be keyed in. According to a new study, a surprising number of websites collect some or all of user data as they enter it. A surprising number of the top 100,000 websites have keyloggers that secretly record everything … Read more

A report reveals the start of the new email “One Outlook” from Microsoft

Thank you for reading the news about technology: A report reveals the start of the new “One Outlook” email work from Microsoft and now with the details of the news Cairo – Samia Sayed – It seems that the new email client from “Microsoft Outlook” for the Windows operating system, or the so-called “One Outlook” … Read more

Again, Here’s Leaked One Outlook, Email Client For Windows 11

As has been reported Previously, Microsoft was developing a new Mail Client that aims to replace all existing Mail Clients, including Outlook Web, Outlook from Microsoft Office, and Mail & Calendar that comes preinstalled with Windows 10. Nah after first We can see leaks about this application, recently Windows Central shared more pictures about the … Read more