The patients collapsed into the emergency and intensive care units were over. Doctor Başer Beyoğlu asked Minister Koca and added

Doctor Başar Beyoğlu asked Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca from his social media account if there was any space left in intensive care beds in Ankara. It was claimed that the collapse of the health system in Turkey in which case more than 50 thousand a day. Turkish Medical Association (TTB) and Ankara Medical Chamber … Read more

Protracted emergency measures in Gatineau [VIDÉO] | COVID-19 | News | The right

Initially referring to “temporary measures for ten days” in Quebec, Lévis and Gatineau, especially in anticipation of the long Easter break, Prime Minister François Legault foresaw their lifting on April 12. “It is worrying the situation in these regions,” he said at a press briefing on Thursday. It was the second time in 48 hours … Read more

Sinopharm-Sputnik V, Here Are 5 Corona Vaccines That Can Immediately Get BPOM Emergency Permit

Jakarta – The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) revealed five the COVID-19 vaccine who is currently doing the registration process. The five vaccines are outside the Corona vaccines that are approved for purchase by the government. “There are also several vaccines that are in the process of BPOM, but none in the Permenkes are … Read more

Center-right mayor of Opera arrested: ‘In full emergency Covid took masks intended for RSA to give them to family and friends’

In the first months of the emergency Covid, when the masks and protective devices were unobtainable and contagions for Coronavirus reared up, the center-right mayor of Opera (Milan) subtracted the supplies destined for Rsa e pharmacy to give them to friends and family. It is one of the charges for which the mayor ended up … Read more

Dinda Kirana has to enter the emergency room because of GERD after consuming this, the following are foods and drinks that can trigger gastric acid to rise – all pages

Instagram @ dindakirana.s Dinda Kirana recently found out that she has GERD. He had to be rushed to the emergency room because his stomach was twisted and he could not stand up. Report from Grid.ID Journalist, Ragillita Desyaningrum Grid.ID – Recently Dinda Kirana reported that he had to be rushed to the ER and even … Read more

Assessed Unfit to Handle NTT Disaster Emergency, NTT Governor Viktor Laiskodat Fires Head of NTT BPBD

POS-KUPANG.COM | KUPANG – Assessed Unable to Handling Disaster Emergency in NTT, Governor of NTT Viktor Laiskodat Fires Head of BPBD NTT Seroja Tropical Cyclone Disaster Management in East Nusa Tenggara Province not responsive and responsive ‘casualties’. Head of the East Nusa Tenggara Province Disaster Management Agency (BPBD NTT), Thomas Bangke removed from his post … Read more

Exchange of wives: Widow, infidel, kadibudka and emergency colony!

In the Exchange of Wives, you will be the first to meet Iveta (51), Petr (57), Tomáš (18), Natálka (8), Terezka (7), Vaneska (5) and Iveta’s eldest daughter Šárka, who spends her holidays with her three children. at Iveta in Prague. Iveta enrolled the family in the Exchange. During the whole eight years of the … Read more

Florida has declared a state of emergency, a threat of toxic water from a waste fertilizer plant Svt

Tampa (USA) The series of the US state of Florida has continued to evacuate hundreds of homes because there is a threat of water leaks from the waste fertilizer plant in the Tampa Bay Bay. Toxic water could flood an area that is firmly farmed. The city is trying to drain the water, the BBC … Read more

Coronavirus ONLINE: The epidemic slows down, the emergency ends. And other illegal parties

According to the President of the Constitutional Court, Pavel Rychetský, the government is taking comfortable steps in resolving the pandemic, avoiding difficult ones. In today’s interview on Prima television and CNN Prima NEWS, Rychetský did not want to assess whether the measures taken to suppress the epidemic were appropriate. “But I can evaluate the result, … Read more