Anuel and Yailin experience a tremendous scare after an emergency landing: “Thank God we are alive”

The rapper Anuel AA and his wife Yailin La más viral had a tremendous scare after they landed in an emergency in Monterrey, Mexico, as the couple arrived from Los Angeles to the country to participate in the Coca Cola Flow Fest. It was through social networks that the singer told his followers about the … Read more

“It’s really unacceptable”: Sandra’s mum trips over a badly parked scooter and “ends up in the emergency room”

Sandra angrily pushed the orange Alert Us button. His mum tripped over an electric scooter parked in the middle of a sidewalk in Brussels and ended up in the emergency room with a broken nose and an open wound. Sandra now wants regulations to be put in place regarding the parking of these electric vehicles. … Read more

Heavy rainfall leads to mudslides in Sicily

Fire fighters NOS News•yesterday, 03:28 Heavy rainfall has caused a lot of inconvenience on the Italian island of Sicily. Mudslides and tunnels were flooded along the northeast coast. Cars were also hit by the storm: vehicles got stuck in the mud. The mud also poured into houses. The Italian emergency services had to turn out … Read more

Stocks are cheap: can I use the emergency reserve to go shopping?

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What effect will the Childcare Emergency Plan have on childcare costs in 2023?

PvdA and GroenLinks are coming up with an emergency plan for childcare: a total of 240 million euros extra is needed for an increase in childcare allowance rates of 5.1 percent. What net consequences does this plan have for the sector and parents? ‘Lower costs for parents and more wages for employees,’ says Jeroen Pernot … Read more

Police intervene in farmers’ protest Zwolle, mayor issues emergency order | inland

01 dec 2022 om 14:58Update: 2 dagen geleden The police intervened on Thursday at a demonstration by farmers in front of the province of Overijssel in Zwolle. Three arrests have been made. A tractor that was in the way has slid away. Mayor Peter Snijders of Zwolle has issued an emergency order prohibiting farmers from … Read more

Triple danger: Covid, RSV and flu! prof. Dr. Yavuz warned: Admissions to emergency departments increased 3-4 times, we have a chance for early treatment with triple test

“NEW TRIPLE TESTS WILL ENSURE US TO SEE AHEAD” Explaining that triple respiratory panel tests have been used for a long time, and multiple tests including Kovid have been used in some countries for the last 1 year, Prof. Dr. Yavuz continued his words as follows: “They are called multiplex PCR tests. They also have … Read more

Satellite emergency messages: MediaTek will enter the race in early 2023

The trend has been emerging for several months, in the wake of the new Apple iPhones. Satellite communications, to send emergency messages in the absence of mobile network and wifi, are supported by the Apple 14 series. The option has been activated since mid-November in the United States, and will debut in December in France, … Read more

“ Armed soldiers can not deal with ” … “ 200 kg of gold bullion ” robbery case in North Korea Emergency | Joongang Ilbo |

ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2022.12.01 12:06 North Korea is in a state of emergency after gold bullion was stolen from a gold truck headed for the center of North Korea’s Sinuiju-Pyongyang National Highway No. 1. , Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on the 30th of last month (local time), citing local sources. … Read more

NMPD was on the edge of an emergency situation this fall / Article

Liene Cipule, head of NMPD, on human resources in the service During the Covid-19 pandemic, the vacations accumulated by doctors, which the employees took, created significant complications with the resources of the NMPD this fall. “We experienced a very difficult situation in the fall. Obviously, if it wasn’t for the pre-election period, when our alarm … Read more