There are BPJS Employment Job Vacancies, these are the requirements and how to register!

Jakarta – BPJS of Employment open job vacancies. This vacancy is opened for S1 to S2 graduates. Quoting from the official BPJS Employment website, Monday (24/1/2022), there were three vacancies opened. The first is the Deputy Director (Vice President) for Marketing Communication and IT, the second is the Assistant Deputy Director (Assistant Vice President) for … Read more

Gkn, agreement on industrial reconversion signed. “There is a guarantee of continuity of employment also for contract workers”

The framework agreement on the path for the industrial reconversion of the Campi Bisenzio factory was signed to the Ministry of Economic Development Gkn, now passed to the entrepreneur’s Qf Spa Francesco Borgomeo. The agreement reached between the company and the unions provides for a reindustrialisation shared, aimed at relaunching the production site and guaranteeing … Read more

sending of applications for employment from January 27th

As announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, with a Press release, was published in the Official Gazette no. 12 of 17 January 2022 on Prime Ministerial Decree of 21 December 2021 of programming of the flows 2021, which establishes the quotas of foreign workers who can enter Italy for self-employed and subordinate … Read more

Discriminatory employment insurance: a judgment that helps a mother from Saguenay

The judgment of the Social Security Tribunal of Canada, which concluded last week that provisions of the law on employment insurance discriminate against women, comes at the right time for a mother from Saguenay. • Read also: Saguenay: a mother fights to receive employment insurance Jessica Soucy, a mother who had three children in five … Read more

Money from the Employment Service for themselves?

The position of the Employment Service (OCT) is being abused. Such information reached Kaunas Day. We have contacted this budget body to clarify the circumstances, but we have encountered cookies. Pleased your loved ones? According to Kauno Dienas, specialists working in two subdivisions of the OCTs used their official position to provide financial subsidies for … Read more

Employment: professionals looking for foreign firms in Colombia – Personal Finance – Economy

Competitive salary paid in dollars, paid time off, flexible hours, birthday day off and budget to pay for Internet service And to adapt the workplace at home, these are some of the benefits offered by foreign multinationals, especially in technology, that bet on teleworking. With those benefits, who would not like in this new year … Read more

Google Exceeds Expectations in Chrome OS

Android is perhaps the most popular operating system in the world for Google, but we can say that Chrome OS is where the fastest and most exciting progress tends to happen these days, according to a report published by computer world. “Every year we’re seeing huge leaps in how Chromebooks work and their capabilities – … Read more

Wage increases in 2022 are ignoring escalating inflation | work and employment

As a inflation skyrocketing in the last six months and approaching 3% at the end of last year, 2022 risks, if prices do not slow down and wages do not adapt quickly, to be a loss of purchasing power for many families. With the exception of the minimum wage, there are still few signs that … Read more

Egypt – Apple removes an important feature from Siri with iOS 15

(MENAFNYoum7) With the launch of the iPhone 13 series last year, Apple has also started rolling out the iOS 15, iOS 15 was first revealed at WWDC in June, and it brings some notable features like a redesigned Safari browser, SharePlay, Focus Mode, live text, default search, and many other features. The update also brought … Read more

False internships in place of employment contracts, the squeeze in maneuver. Fines of up to 6 thousand euros for companies that do not recognize the indemnity

Something moves after over 60 thousand signatures collected on against the work masked by stage and the many stories of people framed on the card like trainees to then be used in shops or companies a few hundred euros a month instead of employees with a “real” contract. During the passage of the Budget … Read more