Nigeria backs out of fuel subsidy removal

The Nigerian government has announced that it is once again abandoning the abolition of fuel subsidies, a measure extremely popular in Africa’s most populous country, a year before the presidential election. Faced with a serious budgetary crisis, the government had first proposed to abolish these maligned subsidies which siphon billions of dollars from the public … Read more

Energy prices will be high and volatile; economic growth will slow down, experts predict

The forecasting environment has become even more difficult at the turn of the year, with the geopolitical situation becoming particularly tight, central banks under pressure from inflation, and the rapid spread of the omycron remaining negative. Although most countries are trying to impose gentle restrictions on the economy, GDP growth will inevitably slow down in … Read more

Why is the Sun Called the Largest Energy Source That Affects Life on Earth? Read the explanation

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Sun is a celestial body that is about 26 thousand light -years from the center of the Milky Way. according to National Geographic, the sun and the solar system it carries orbit every 230 million years. The sun orbits at an average speed of 450 thousand miles per hour. The sun is … Read more

“Oil Fund” can’t hold back, submits “Treasury” to reduce excise tax

After all, the world is facing the problem of Covid-19. For more than 2 years, including foreign politics and inflation problems As a result, the price of oil fluctuates and continues to rise. However, Thailand, although the proportion of oil consumption is not much. but with factors that must be based on the same oil … Read more

EU members disagree on greening of nuclear and gas energy Business

In this regard, a group of countries led by France, in which nuclear power plants account for 70% of the country’s electricity consumption disagrees with Germany, which is ending the closure of its nuclear power plants, Austria and some other members in the 27-nation bloc. Debate on the EC proposed classification taxonomy) was not on … Read more

Energy and climate: Austria, Denmark, Spain and Luxembourg challenge European Commission taxonomy

Austria, Denmark, Spain and Luxembourg on Thursday sent a letter to the European Commission, questioning its proposed taxonomy that considers gas and electricity from nuclear sources on the same level as renewable sources. “The Commission’s proposal jeopardizes the energy transition in the European Union globally and jeopardizes the taxonomy by classifying nuclear energy as sustainable, … Read more

8 houseplants that will create positive energy in the home

Money tree Money tree It has long been believed that this houseplant helps bring home success and wealth. According to feng shui, this houseplant helps to create positive energy that helps to get rid of bad thoughts and depressing tensions. The money tree effectively cleans the indoor air and increases the flow of oxygen: this … Read more

Bitcoin, the EU alarm on energy consumption for mining. Experts: “The risk is a mass flight”

The mines use too much energy for the extraction of virtual coins. And the waste also falls on renewables. This is the alarm that comes from the Swedish economist Erik Thedéen, appointed a month ago vice president of the European Financial Instruments and Markets Authority. Thedéen called the creation of currencies a “national problem” that … Read more

Wittenberg: agreement has been reached on immediate compensatory mechanisms for energy bills for citizens and businesses – Economics, finance

photo; The coalition partners today conceptually agreed to support a set of additional measures to immediately reduce the rise in energy prices at the expense of citizens and businesses. In addition to the support mechanisms already in place, the coalition partners agreed to introduce new measures that will significantly reduce the population’s bills, as … Read more

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Company signs two hydrogen agreements with ENGIE and Total Energy

She said company Abu Dhabi Future Energy (Masdar), today, Wednesday, that it has signed an agreement to develop a plant for the production of green hydrogen in the UAE UAE Arabic with French Engie and Vertiglobe. In a separate statement, a source said it had also agreed with Total Energy and Siemens to jointly develop … Read more