Married? The network is discussing the engagement ring of Philip Kirkorov

Philip Kirkorov was officially married only once – to the prima donna of the national stage. After his marriage to Alla Pugacheva, he was left alone. And the most meticulous of the fans of the king of pop recently drew attention to a very interesting detail. Subscribe and follow us at: In the spring of … Read more

I did not interfere with my daughter’s choice in her engagement… The secret of Bab Al-Hara’s success is strange

The Syrian artist, Qassem Malho, explained that there is a big secret in the success of the series “Bab Al-Hara” that cannot be explained, despite the great criticism it received, but it reached large numbers of viewers outside Syria, and in countries such as Egypt or Algeria, the actor is judged through participate in this … Read more

Samsung hires a designer from Mercedes; Completely new design for the Galaxy S?

If the leaks related to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are real, it will not bring much change compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In fact, the entire Galaxy S series hasn’t changed radically since the Galaxy S20. Looking for a new source of inspiration, Samsung just hired Hubert Leedesigner of Mercedes-Benz … Read more

Who is Florentino Perez? The boss of Real Madrid who would be with Isabel Preysler | SHOWS

In the middle of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties it was learned that Isabella Preysler y Mario Vargas Llosa They ended their eight-year relationship. The reasons for the break have not been confirmed, but the Spanish tabloids speculate that the differences in common interests ended up breaking the romance; However, it would not … Read more

Watch.. Nour Ihab’s engagement sparked controversy on social media.. The juice is a crisis

It has spread among all the pioneers of social networking sites, especially Facebook Pictures of Nour Ehab’s engagement to the artist Nour Badr, which sparked great controversy on social media, which was yesterday evening, Saturday, December 31, 2022, and came in conjunction with the New Year’s celebrations. Nour Ehab’s engagement photos Lots of engagement photos … Read more

He was afraid of the age difference, but in the end he confessed his eternal love to her. Tomáš Bezdeda boasted of a great newspaper

The best thing is when you don’t even expect it and suddenly it hits you like lightning and you’re already in love, and that’s the most beautiful thing, admitted the singer in love. Musician Tomas Bezdeda after years of being alone he found his soulmate. According to him, the problem has always been that in … Read more

The engagement of the star of Bab Al-Hara, “The Blind Setif”, to a Lebanese beauty queen, caused confusion. This is a picture from the occasion!

In the past few hours, news spread about the engagement of the hero of the Bab Al-Hara series, the Syrian actor, Maan Abdel-Haq, to ​​a Lebanese beauty queen. A young Lebanese woman named Nawal Mahmoud Al-Khair, but she is not a beauty queen and does not work in the field of lights. This engagement did … Read more

Lapidary prediction of Pitty The Numerologist about Tini Stoessel’s courtship with Rodrigo De Paul

The fortune teller did not predict a good future for the couple of the singer with the soccer player. The relationship between Tini Stoessel y Rodrigo DePaul is at its best: both are super in love and accompany each other in their careers. However, Pitty the Numerologist was in LAM (America, at 20) and made … Read more

NHL | I don’t want to be completely rude. The Czech goaltender recalls an unsuccessful engagement in the NHL

The sports editor of Práva and, Marek Burkert, who specializes in events in the NHL, admits that he did not understand what Nashville’s intentions were with Rittich. “In certain passages, Saros was overworked, which was then reflected in his injury. David was thrown into the water (in the playoffs) without having the number of … Read more

Watch.. the first shots of Sahar Al-Sayegh’s engagement.. like the moon in a watermelon dress

The artist, Sahar Al-Sayegh, appeared while celebrating her engagement to a young man from outside the artistic community who works as a dentist named Professor Dr. Salah Al-Abbasi, who is a professor of oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry in Al-Qasr Al-Ainy, and this is in the midst of a simple ceremony that was attended only … Read more