Surprising scene in England: a muscular handshake between Conte and Tuchel degenerates into an altercation (video)

Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte, the coaches of Chelsea and Tottenham, clashed strongly on Sunday on the sidelines of the English championship meeting between their two teams, which ended in a draw (2-2) and the exclusion of the two men. In front of the television cameras, the German and the Italian exchanged a more than … Read more

The man England spoke to: He waited 20 hours in the emergency room, learned that he had Leukemia! NEWS Creation Date: August 13, 2022 14:00 TwitterLinkedinFlipboardE-mailCopy LinkFont Gareth Dixon, who lives in England, went to the emergency room with increasing pain after not getting a hospital appointment for days. The 40-year-old man was diagnosed with leukemia after waiting 20 hours in the emergency room and insisting on getting a blood test. Here’s … Read more

An emigrant who went from England to Palanga received a message from his homeland a moment before his flight: I was struck by lightning

I was already starting to worry that my flight would be, if not canceled, at least delayed for a week. This would mean a ruined vacation, and that after three years of waiting, when I could not and did not want to return to my hometown due to all kinds of restrictions, the fourth is … Read more

MADE IN ENGLAND: City will be much stronger with Haaland, I’m a little worried about United

“The first round brought some surprising results, but the season is just starting, for example a draw at Fulham I wouldn’t see as tragic for Liverpool. Fulham are full of energy after promotion, they wanted to prove themselves and I have to say I liked his performance. He played compactly, Mitrovic scored both goals up … Read more

Putin says he will drop a nuclear bomb if he loses in Ukraine

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russian President Vladimir Putin can deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine if he senses strategic defeat. This was warned by General Sir Richard Barrons, former commander-in-chief of British Joint Forces Command. “If Putin feels strategic defeat, he will likely use tactical nuclear weapons,” Barrons said, citing ExpressMonday (8/8/2022). Barrons described Russian nuclear … Read more

Frustration and ruin. United fans boo star Ronaldo, then fight amongst themselves

Photogallery Photo: Ian Hodgson, TK/AP The debacle of Manchester United’s bench during the first round of the Premier League against Brighton. Photo: Ian Hodgson, CTK/AP Manchester United fans walk past a wall featuring a portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo.Photo: Ed Sykes, Reuters Fans have been hoping for a lot since the return of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.Photo: … Read more

Haaland enjoyed a fine debut in the Premier League and was happy for his father to see it too

Haaland confirmed that his league debuts in new places are going well. The year before last January, as a substitute player, he even helped Dortmund turn around Augsburg in the Bundesliga with a hat trick and a 5:3 victory. “You can’t say anything other than that it was a good start. The first game is … Read more

England is amazing! The Scottish tough guy shot down his opponent. Result? Yellow!

The Premier League has long been referred to as the toughest football competition. The referees leave a looser yardstick here, they often call seemingly clear fouls, and above all, newcomers in the jerseys of the teams of the English top league are having a hard time. Ecuadorian talent Moises Caicedo could have his say about … Read more

Faced with inflation, the Bank of England is considering steeper rate hikes

LONDON: The Bank of England could follow the example of other central banks on Thursday and accelerate its rate hikes in the face of worsening inflation, at the risk of penalizing economic activity. British inflation accelerated further in June, to 9.4% over one year, a record in 40 years, fueling a crisis in the cost … Read more