“Krastu mačs” will enjoy this year with a rich entertainment program

The “Coast Match” will take place this year without spectators on site, but will take place with spectators on TV screens, which will of course be a challenge for both organizers and managers, as spectators on site have always been an integral part of the tournament. But despite these changes, we will do everything we … Read more

Enjoy’s reorganization process is approved by the vast majority of creditors | Economy

With the favorable vote of 96% of the creditors at the meeting held this Friday, Enjoy SA agreed on the judicial reorganization proposal brought before the 8th Civil Court of Santiago. As a whole, creditors represent 92.7% of the valued loan liabilities and 100% of the secured creditors. This is how the agreement is reached … Read more

Bondholders’ meeting approves Enjoy’s judicial reorganization proposal | Economy

Following a unanimous vote of the Enjoy Bondholders’ Meeting held this morning, the judicial reorganization plan was approved that the company will present for final deliberation this Friday, August 14. They ensure that the proposal seeks maximize recovery and value generation opportunities, which will allow the operational continuity of the company, leaving Enjoy with a … Read more

Watch and enjoy in person: Cēsis Sv. St. John ‘s Church light show – Video

For the fourth weekend, Cēsis residents and guests of Cēsis will enjoy the lighting performance of St. John’s Church in Cēsis, which began as the culmination of this year’s city festival. The performance can be seen on Friday and Saturday evenings, when it gets dark, every round hour until 23.00, when the church walls shine … Read more

Why do I work so much? I enjoy doing things better. I enjoy learning and succeeding

The PPF Group, which is ruled by Petr Kellner, has published its annual report for 2019. After a year, the richest Czech, who has not given an interview for several years, reveals his views on the world, life and business in a regular introductory word. This year, of course, he could not omit the effects … Read more

Enjoy obtained the approval of the refinancing of guarantee tickets

The agreement will allow the casino operator to release resources for about $ 32 billion progressively. Good news received this Monday Enjoy. The board of national bondholders – Series I and J – approved the refinancing of the guarantee vouchers granted to guarantee the economic offers and execution of works in the casinos that the … Read more