The rock frankly about the latest scandal with his father and enmity with Vin Diesel

The strained relationship with his father Rocky Johnson and the behind-the-scenes friction with Vin Diesel – these are two of the topics that Dwayne Johnson-Scala openly commented on in a new interview for Vanity Fair. And at one point he came to another constantly hot topic – his possible plans for the presidency in the … Read more

6 towers, “evil runs in their blood” without winning their enmity… Pisces and the most prominent Aquarius

In some cases, many of us are exposed to great pressures, which may help to show the worst of us, as anger, frustration, sadness and feelings of betrayal combine to turn us into evil characters, and horoscopes and astronomy can help us identify the characters that are characterized by evil and dangerous qualities, which may … Read more

From his love stories to his enmity with Peronism: 20 phrases by Jorge Luis Borges

This August 24 marks the 122nd anniversary of the birth of Jorge Luis Borges. Born in Buenos Aires and died in Geneva, Switzerland, Borges was one of the most recognized Argentine writers in the world. Its repercussion was such that 36 years after his death he will have his own festival throughout this week. The … Read more