Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 et Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7

Red Hat introduces Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1, the latest version of the enterprise Linux platform. Red Hat also released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7. Both of these upgrades add capabilities and enhance existing functionality within the platform to meet a wide range of enterprise computing needs. Improvements range from optimizing complex infrastructure environments to … Read more

The shortest shortcut for video production to connect with Digital Twins, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise realizes collaborative imagination across software and space

Thanks to the emergence of innovative technologies and the evolution of GPU computing power, many films, commercials, MVs and other films have been produced using various virtual technologies. In addition to avoiding the influence of weather, environment and other factors, it also helps to save film production costs. It is also richer and more flexible. … Read more

Ubuntu 22.10 is now available, with GNOME 43 at its heart, This release improves the experience for enterprise developers and IT administrators

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announces Ubuntu 22.10 under the code name “Kinetic Kudu”, this intermediate release improves the experience for enterprise developers and IT administrators. GNOME 43 is at the core of Ubuntu 22.10, and many of Kinetic’s most striking new features and changes come from GNOME. It also includes the latest toolchains and … Read more

The destruction of the plane “Mriya”: the SBU established the involvement of officials and management of the State Enterprise “Antonov”

The SBU told the details of the investigation into the destruction of the AN-225 “Mriya” and why the leadership of the State Enterprise “Antonov” did not take all the necessary measures to preserve it. Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, together with representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor General, conducted a number of … Read more

What do Berhad, Sdn, and Sdn Berhad mean in Malaysian Enterprise Names? All pages – For those who have traveled or even lived in Malaysiaof course, already familiar with the term Berhad, Sdnor a combination of the two ie Sdn Berhad. These terms can also be found easily on the packaging of imported products originating from the neighboring country. So what exactly does Berhad, Sdn, and Sdn Berhad … Read more

Commercial banks – savings banks ‘interest rate inversion’… Securing reception from the second financial sector ‘red light’

As the aftermath of the interest rate rise widened, a ‘interest rate inversion’ occurred, in which the interest rates on time deposits at commercial banks and savings banks reversed. In line with the recent trend of interest rate rises, savings banks have also raised interest rates on deposits and savings accounts, but they have not … Read more

Hidden scandal in a strategic state enterprise: secret equipment was found in the manager’s office

The employees of the flight management company “Oro navigacija” found out these circumstances themselves – after watching the videos, they saw that the head of the company’s Safety and Security Department entered the general director’s office Marius Beliunas. He previously held the position of the company’s general director, but in January of last year, he … Read more

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) – the world’s first nuclear aircraft carrier

On September 24, 1960, the USS Enterprise was launched at Newport News on the James River. The world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was a technological breakthrough. Although it remained the only ship of its type, it set the standard that is valid until today, according to which the most powerful airships in the world are … Read more

Long-Term Servicing Channel Expected for Windows 11 IoT Enterprise

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise may soon get a Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). The channel was spotted in the test version of the control program. Xeno’s Twitter account hints at an LTSC for Windows 11 IoT Enterprise. Xeno has already leaked novelties for the Windows operating system in the past, so there is a suspicion that … Read more

Enterprise localization specialist Suzanne de Treville: “Automation doesn’t work”

As a journalist, it is rather rare to play in his professional setting. This is, however, the exercise proposed by the economist Suzanne de Treville, when she receives me in a room at the University of Geneva. So here I am, a producer of two kinds of jacket: one has a limited life expectancy because … Read more