With the Huawei Map Engine fully open, Huawei seeks to form a map services alliance with its partners

SANTO DOMINGO, RD. – The Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2020 was held from September 10 to 12 in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, China, where Zhang Ping’an, President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service, presented the latest developments related to the Huawei Map Engine. During the period from HDC 2019 to the end of August 2020, the points … Read more

Miguel Bosé, controversial on the coronavirus: “Is the great lie of governments” | DiarioShow

Miguel Bosé revolutionized social networks by sharing a video recorded in Switzerland where you can see people enjoy a sunny day without any protection in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus. “Switzerland, as the nordic countries of Europe, know from the beginning of the great lie of governments, that of Spain included“wrote the singer … Read more

Dando Candela says goodbye after 10 years on Telemundo

The entertainment show, Dando Candela, says goodbye after 10 years on the Telemundo Puerto Rico screen. The announcement was made through the Facebook page of the program where they thank the people who have tuned them in from the beginning. “Today we say goodbye to you, our public, with great sorrow in our hearts, but … Read more

Wanda Vázquez: “With the evidence we have, I think we can open up”

Federal aid to individuals is not flowing just because the Treasury Department does not approve the guidelines. Aren’t you afraid that the same thing happens with the Federal Treasury as the FEMA aid, that mistrust of Puerto Rico stopped the aid? -No. It has been important that in this process the Secretary of the Treasury … Read more

Study indicates lifestyle changes can reduce stroke risk by 25% for women

April 9 (UPI) – Middle-aged women can still reduce their risk of having a stroke by eating well, exercising and not smoking, according to a new study published Thursday in the journal Stroke. Simply by being healthier, the researchers say the risk of stroke in women decreases by 25 percent, based on data analysis of … Read more

Pilates may lower blood pressure and body fat in obese women, study finds

April 1 (UPI) – A new study has determined that Pilates can significantly improve blood pressure in young, obese women. Women who perform 90 minutes of Mat Pilates weekly observed a drop in blood pressure of up to six points and experienced a decrease in their percentage of body fat, according to the results of … Read more