Twice Divorced Jewelery Lee Ji-hyeon, Kyung-hwan-ah, I have two children, so I want to get married… Embarrassment Healing Hut 2 Comprehensive

Lee Ji-hyun from ChewleyTwo divorces and hiatus, candid disclosure‘Of course’ the queen’s wealth Photo = Channel S ‘Healing Lodge 2’ broadcast screen capture Lee Ji-hyun, a former member of the group Jewelry, confided about her second divorce and her hiatus. On the afternoon of the 13th, on Channel S ‘Healing Mountain Lodge 2’, Lee Ji-hyun … Read more

Ink Waranthon shows the results of the new round of Covid-19 tests, no infection! Reveal 7 days quarantine

From the case of BOXX MUSIC informs the news of Ink Waranthon’s RT-PCR test results positive for Covid-19 Waiting for a repeat test result from the hospital yesterday, latest today, Oct. 11, Ink Waranthon shows the result of a new round of Covid-19 test. No infection found! by Ink Waranthon Posted on IG, “Update Inc.’s … Read more

“This is that crazy outfit” Ham So-won congratulates the shopping mall controversy again

A photo of clothing that Sowon Ham is selling. [함소원 쇼핑몰 캡처] Broadcaster Ham So-won (45) talked about the controversy over the shopping mall he runs. Ham So-won communicated with fans through his Instagram live broadcast on the afternoon of the 12th. Ham So-won said, “There were a lot of articles, so the website went … Read more

Ink Waranthon infected with Covid-19, waiting for repeat results from the hospital. Sorry to everyone involved.

BOXX MUSIC announces Ink Waranthon’s RT-PCR test results positive for COVID-19, quarantined – awaiting repeat test results from hospital The person posted an apology to everyone involved. Today 10 Oct 2021 Ink Waranthon The famous female artist posted on IG that “From this document I would like to apologize to everyone involved. We apologize to … Read more

I won’t go all-in with the 2-year-old Gura Kim… Unilateral Sacrifice NO Dongsang Imong 2 Comprehensive

Gura Kim, “Thanks for the birth of the second generation”Ahn Jae-mo appeared as a special MC“My wife pays off hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.”“I was arrested until the sixth year.” ‘Same Bed, Dream 2’ Kim Gura / Photo = SBS Capture Comedian Kim Gura expressed his feelings about the birth of the second … Read more

Black Pink’s Jisoo and Son Heung-min after denial of dating rumors… I changed my cell phone TEN★

Jisoo raises dating rumors with Son Heung-minYG side “groundless”… full rebuttalFirst recent update through social media /Picture = Jisoo’s Instagram Blackpink’s Jisoo told the news after she denied dating rumors with soccer player Son Heung-min. On the 10th, Jisoo posted a picture on her SNS account along with the words “Wow, I barely changed it. … Read more

“Nummam” is very proud, granddaughter “Nong Mutita” passed the entrance exams to Canadian universities!

and the latest “Nummam Suriwipha” is very proud. Granddaughter “Nong Mutita” took the exam to enter the University of Canada! by this work “Noo Mam Suriwipha” has posted a message saying “Who remembers my niece, Aunt Mam?….Nong Mutita @mutita.n is now a young woman. I went to university in Canada. I’m working and studying too. … Read more

Mae Ying Lee snatched the bridegroom in the media. Reveal the path of love. Prepare to get married on 3 Nov.

After Mae Ying Lee, Phra Maha Devi, Lord of Thip Announced in the middle of the media interview that they will get married at the end of this year! Most recently, the bridegroom Launched with Amarin TV Ready to reveal the dowry to prepare for the wedding on November 3 by Lady Lee Open your … Read more

So cool! Song Chontida shows off a sweet shot, cheering for ‘Pek Seranee’ riding a horse on the edge of the field.

So cool! Song Chontida shows off a sweet shot, cheering for ‘Pek Seranee’ riding a horse on the edge of the field. So cool! – Open a sweet shot of a couple. Song Chontida Asawahem The beloved daughter of a famous singer. /President of Samut Prakan Provincial Administrative Organization Tu Nantida and Sweetheart Num Peck … Read more

“Ploy Chidchan” surprises “Ken”‘s birthday with a video clip!

The latest is anotherheart warming momentwhenA “Ploy Chidchan” surprises the birthday of “Ken” with a video clip fromHusband’s family in Hong Kong This work madeTears all over the house! by “Ploy Chidchan” Then posted a video clip through the YouTube channel. By stating the message that the sun is stunned! Mami surprise gifts over 40 … Read more