Lee Byung-hun♥ Lee Min-jung from the morning thinking of a wardrobe ghost Sexy ripped jeans TEN

Actress Lee Min-jung shared a picture from three years ago. On the 30th, Lee Min-jung posted on her Instagram, “Photos from a few years ago… I really liked those jeans… Where the hell did they go… I thought they were all torn and someone threw them away? I want to find them again… I think … Read more

Tax accountant ♥ Lee Ji-hye cut bangs and full set… A young mother TEN

/Photo = Lee Ji-hye’s Instagram Broadcaster Lee Ji-hye shared her daily life. On the 30th, Lee Ji-hye posted a picture on her Instagram along with the caption, “Cut your bangs. You pierce your eyes a lot.” In the published photo, Lee Ji-hye with her bangs cut was put. Lee Ji-hye is moving somewhere with her … Read more

Praewa Nichaphat reviews the second round of covid infection, telling about his illness more severe than the first round

from the previous actress “Praewa Nichapat” came out to inform the news of the Covid-19 infection by posting pictures ATK Two lines up on twitter and tweeted a message mocking himself, saying, “I was so crowned that I thought Wuhan would be a legend. No more stuck. In conclusion, I didn’t survive. I apologize to … Read more

So stunned, “Jenny Alphat” was rejected by the actress, she agreed to pay 5,000 for anything.

It made everyone stunned. After the superstar heroine “Janie Alphat Na Pomphet or Janie Thienphosuwan“I talked to a friend of the actress. to ask her to stay in the drama squad By saying that if she stays, she will give 5,000 baht, but the actress rejects her voice stubbornly. until the people in the theater … Read more

How much weight did Shinji lose? Unbelievably slender leggings TEN

(Photo=Shinji SNS) Shinji, a member of the group Koyote, gave an update. On the 28th, Shinji posted a picture along with the sentence “I really didn’t want to exercise today.. #Good job” on her Instagram. In the published photo, Shinji, wearing a sleeveless and leggings, is taking a mirror selfie. She surprises her with Shinji … Read more

Son Dam-bi washing her image as the eldest daughter-in-law… Scandal that disappeared silently TEN People

Son Dam-bi/Photo=Ten Asia DB Son Dam-bi, who suffered from various allegations such as a fisherman scandal and loss of a close friend, succeeded in making the image of ‘eldest daughter-in-law’. Starting with her marriage to Lee Kyu-hyuk, a former speed skater, she started washing her tainted image. Earlier, the two officially admitted dating in December … Read more

Tamil cinema’s ultimate loss; Mammootty remembers Poo Ramu

Tamil cinema’s ultimate loss; Mammootty remembers Poo Ramu Mammootty remembers the famous theater and film actor Poo Ramu. Mammootty wrote on Facebook that Poo Ramu’s death is a great loss to Tamil cinema and he is very sad about his departure. Mammootty also adds in the note that he is thankful to Poo Ramu for … Read more

Lee Mi-joo’s sexy back with a pierced back TEN

Lee Mi-joo, a broadcaster from the girl group Lovelyz, shared an unconventional daily life. On the 27th, Lee Mi-joo posted a picture on her Instagram without any comment. In the published photo, Lee Mi-joo was wearing high heels and a dress with a fine back, exuding a sexy feeling. Meanwhile, Lee Mi-joo is appearing in … Read more

43-year-old Lee Yu-ri is now synonymous with coolness and a solid body TEN

Actress Lee Yu-ri encouraged viewers to watch the drama. On the 26th, Lee Yu-ri posted two photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Two-tuck #Lee Yuri #Gongmari #TV Chosun #The Witch is Alive #Filming #Every #Saturday #9:10pm” did. In the published photo, he showed off his toned body by matching short hair with a crop … Read more

Shim Ha-eun ♥ Lee Chun-soo is embarrassed by the sudden call from her parents-in-law… This is not it, Salim Man 2

Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Salim Nam 2’ broadcast screen capture The moment Lee Chun-soo’s mother asked Lee Chun-soo to do a good job in the middle on KBS2’s ‘Housing Men Season 2’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Salim Nam 2’), which was broadcast on the 25th, the highest viewership rating of 7.9% (Nielsen Korea, nationwide) recorded … Read more