Killed for the environment

The number of environmental activists killed reached a dismal peak internationally last year. This shows one report from the International Environment and Human Rights Organization (NGO) Global Witness. Organization works for a more sustainable and fair planet, as they write on their websites. 227 killed is the highest number ever recorded. The report has been … Read more

Scientists have taught cows to go to the toilet to save the planet

If you can teach a child a potty, you can do it with a cow. This is exactly what scientists in Germany have decided to try, looking for solutions to reduce the negative impact of livestock waste on the environment. He believes that one day all the cows will go to the toilet. “It is … Read more

UN: Threats to the environment will be the biggest human rights challenge

According to Michelle Bachelet, climate change, pollution and the loss of the natural environment are already having a strong impact on rights in various parts of the world, and countries are not taking the necessary steps to limit the damage. “The interconnected crises of pollution, climate change and biodiversity act as a threat multiplier and … Read more

Problems with the work environment at Zara in Gothenburg

EconomyOne person fainted in the rehearsal room at Zara in Gothenburg and parts of the store had to be blocked off. Now there are alarms from within the clothing chain about a number of work environment problems in the store in Arkaden.Employees get panic attacks and cry in the changing rooms, the safety representative writes … Read more

Oil or the environment? The Norwegian paradox in the test of the vote

Apart from the sovereign fund, gas and oil represent 42% of Norwegian exports and employ 160,000 people, 6% of the employed. The major parties are well aware of this, none of which seem willing to slam the door in the face of the industry that has represented and still represents the national Eldorado, for example … Read more

2K, NBA 2K22 domestic release… Rich content such as play and community environment

(Export News Correspondent Choi Ji-young) NBA 2K22 has been released in Korea. 2K announced on the 10th that it has released NBA 2K22, the next game in the NBA simulation game series, which recorded the best evaluation in 20 years, as current and next-generation consoles in Korea. NBA 2K22 brings you a rich basketball experience, … Read more

Yoon Jung-hee’s daughter Baek Jin-hee, “Dementia mother neglected in France? The most ideal environment”

“We will take legal action against the spread of false information and defamation” 연합뉴스” style=”padding:0px;margin:0px”> ▲ Actress Yoon Jeong-hee (left)yunhap news Baek Jin-hee, the daughter of pianist Baek Geon-woo, refuted the broadcast that she neglected her mother, actress Yoon Jeong-hee, suffering from Alzheimer’s, saying it was a “false fact.” On the 6th in France local … Read more

The first rock samples from the Perseverance rover on Mars reveal a “sustained potentially habitable environment”

Published: 10 sep 2021 21:37 GMT Within the samples, which are probably volcanic, salts have been discovered that may contain “tiny bubbles of ancient Martian water.” The NASA ad This Friday the first rock samples collected by the Perseverance rover on Mars reveal a “sustained potentially habitable environment.” After one try failed in August, this … Read more

Writer Baek Mi-kyung “Single mother, stepmother, sexual minority in ‘Main’… Focus on ‘Women’s Solidarity’” (You Quiz)

tvN ‘You Quiz on the Block’ broadcast screen capture Writer Baek Mi-kyung (pictured), who wrote the ending tvN drama ‘Mine’, shared her thoughts. Writer Baek Mi-kyung appeared on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’, which aired on the 8th, and talked about her work. Writer Baek, who wrote JTBC’s ‘Woman of Dignity’, said, “It’s not … Read more

Abco Launches AMA Series Monitor Arm for a Pleasant Desk Environment

Apco (CEO: Kwang-Geun Oh) announced the release of two types of ABKO AMA27S single monitor arm (hereinafter referred to as AMA27S) and ABKO AMA27D dual monitor arm (hereinafter referred to as AMA27D). The newly released AMA27S and AMA27D can hold monitors up to 27 inches and 6.5 kg, and they harmoniously fit into any desk … Read more