Epa Colombia: This is how she looked before she was famous – People – Culture

Daneidy Barrera Rojas, better known as Epa Colombia, is one of the most controversial influencers in the country; she always manages to get Internet users to talk about her or about everything she does or publishes on networks. One of her most remembered controversies was in 2019, when in the framework of the national strike, … Read more

How much will ‘Epa Colombia’ give as a gift at Andrea Valdiri’s wedding; what a millionaire

Since it was confirmed The Barranquilla dancer will marry the content creator Felipe Saruma There have been several questions that have arisen regarding the date, place and details of the ceremony. This Monday, April 4, several influencers showed on their networks the invitation that came to them from the famous couple, which featured a bottle … Read more

The new controversy of Epa Colombia; her new romance and response to Diana Celis

Why did Epa Colombia respond to Diana Celis and who is the influencer’s partner? Efor Colombia and the player of Independiente Santa Fe, Diana Clis, they ended their relationship a few weeks ago. The influencer already has a new partner and has let her see her on several occasions on her social networks. However, she … Read more

Epa Colombia would have a new love after finishing with Diana Celis

The queen of keratin Daneidy Barrera, better known as Hey Colombia, published a message on his Instagram account, which increases the rumors of a new romantic relationship, after having “a time” with the soccer player Diana Celis. The rupture between Epa Colombia and Diana Celis generated more than one comment considering that they had been … Read more

‘Epa Colombia’ will have a son with his partner, the soccer player Diana Celis

The renowned businesswoman and ‘influencer’ Daneidy Barrera, better known as ‘Epa Colombia’, gave his followers new news. He assured that he will have a son with his partner, soccer player Diana Celis. The announcement came after Barrera asked Celis to marry him in the middle of a match for Santa Fe, the team where the … Read more

Most influential Colombians of 2021: Epa Colombia, Gabo, Uribe – People – Culture

The consulting and communications firm Babel presented its ‘Influence Index’ for this 2021. This list brings together politicians, digital personalities, businessmen, singers, journalists and more figures with whom Colombians are identified to a greater extent. The question they answered was: ‘Who are the people you find particularly credible, inspiring and role models?’ Here is the … Read more

‘Epa Colombia’ and Gabriel García Márquez top the list of the 50 most influential Colombians, according to the consulting firm Babel

Daneidy Barrera (Epa Colombia) and Gabriel García Márquez The strategic communications agency and consultancy Babel Group, in its most recent study, which it called the ‘Babel Influence Index’, revealed the names of the Colombian personalities who have the most influence on citizens regarding their behavior and decision-making, particularly , when consuming or acquiring a product … Read more

Whoops! Apparently Lina Tejeiro did not receive any gift from Epa Colombia

By Snack Light October 17, 2021 at 08:38 hrs. Surely you have not found him, but this is what the actress showed in stories. Lina Tejeiro celebrated her third decade in style. He even hired Grupo Niche for this purpose. Whoops! Apparently Lina Tejeiro would not have received any gift from Epa Colombia He got … Read more

Epa Colombia is blocked for kissing Lina Tejeiro | THE UNIVERSAL

While the kiss of Epa Colombia and Lina Tejeiro became a trend in networks, receiving thousands of comments from the followers of both celebrities, others like Diana Celis, Epa’s girlfriend, was involved in her anger. (Read here: [Video] “Another, friend”: Epa Colombia in the middle of kisses with Lina Tejeiro) This is how Daneidy Barrera … Read more