After Corona, now polio! UK tries to control epidemic NEWS June 23, 2022 11:51 TwitterLinkedinFlipboardE-mailCopy LinkFont While the world was just starting to wake up from the nightmare of the coronavirus epidemic, the polio epidemic that emerged in England created fear. When the disease, which has not been seen in the country for almost 40 years, suddenly emerged, the eyes were turned to … Read more

after the coronavirus now there is alarm for another epidemic, updates »

North Korea: after the coronavirus, there is now alarm for another epidemic, updates After the covid is alarm for another epidemicNon solo coronavirus! In North Korea, there is now alarm over a new infectious diseasemainly concentrated in the Haeju area, a city in the southwest of the country. Health authorities, as also reported by the … Read more

Worrying warning from British scientists: Monkeypox epidemic may grow 10 times – Health News

FIRST CASES OBSERVED IN SINGAPORE AND SOUTH KOREA Singapore has announced its first case of monkeys in the country. The disease was detected in a British flight attendant who entered the country last week. The 42-year-old man also became the first recorded case of monkeypox in connection with a new global epidemic in South-East Asia. … Read more

Covid: Parisi, ‘it’s not all over’, masks are important – Biotech

“It is said that it is all over, but it is not”, only the acute phase is over and the masks are still important, the “new wave of Covid-19 underway will carry its load, starting from the emergency room”: Nobel laureate Giorgio Parisi, vice president of the Accademia dei Lincei, told ANSA. “We are going … Read more

They caused a turning point in the epidemic. New variants of coronavirus are on the rise in the Czech Republic

On Monday, the National Reference Laboratory of the State Institute of Public Health (SZÚ) announced a significant shift in the representation of a specific mutation of coronavirus L452R. Within weeks, the samples examined jumped from about eight to more than 53 percent. According to the institute, the shift can most likely be attributed to an … Read more

Towards an epidemic of monkey pox? A doctor responds to Lyon Cap’

(Photo by JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK / AFP) While nine cases of monkeypox have been detected in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and more than 2,000 worldwide, the specter of a new epidemic worries. Should we be wary of it? What are the risks and what are the symptoms? Dr. Thomas Perpoint of the Croix-Rousse hospital responds to Lyon … Read more

Breast cancer has almost become an epidemic

“Breast cancer has almost become an epidemic” Head of Gynecological Oncology Department Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Vardar said that cervical cancer has now become a preventable, early-diagnosed and easily treatable disease all over the world. WHO RECOMMENDS THAT REGULAR SCREENING OF 3 CANCERS be performed Vardar said, “Because the cause is clear. This disease is … Read more

WHO announces epicenter of monkeypox epidemic

Speaking at the press conference, World Health Organization (WHO) Europe Director Dr. Hans Kluge evaluated the latest situation in the monkeypox epidemic in Europe. Noting that the virus has spread in 25 countries across the continent, Kluge noted that 85 percent of the more than 1600 confirmed cases so far are in Europe, and that … Read more

Beijing’s epidemic may spread, crude oil hits the lowest level in nearly 1 week, and the final market turns around and pulls back | Anue Juheng

Crude oil futures prices closed higher on Monday (13th), rising for the first time in three sessions, but in early trading, crude oil prices hit their lowest intraday in nearly a week due to another rise in new crown cases in China and higher-than-expected U.S. inflation data last week. level. energy commodity prices Delivered in … Read more

Erkan Trükten deciphered the ‘monkey pox virus’! They released the same plan in 2003! Researching Strategist Erkan Trükten, who made remarkable statements about the monkeypox virus from a program he attended, stated that this disease, which was shown as a new epidemic, was planned. dated 2003″monkeypox virus alertTrükten, showing the news titled “Despite these alarms, why could they not be dominant at that time, and the organization could … Read more