the “optimistic” forecasts of a virologist on the evolution of the epidemic

Read laterSavedFollow #company# company Follow-up While we thought a few weeks ago that the summer of 2021 would have saved us from a new coronavirus epidemic, the Delta variant ruined everything. Health pass, return of the mask compulsory outdoors in many departments, and even re-containment, it’s a little “One endless day“, non ? And many … Read more

Cholera epidemic Yemen. Over 115 dead and 8,500 sick. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating

For two years, Yemen has been facing a civil war between the Saudi government and Iran-backed rebels. The outbreak has spread due to the conditions in which half of the medical infrastructure has been affected. „We are facing a serious cholera epidemic“said the director of operations of the Red Cross, Dominik Stillhart. The official also … Read more

Pay attention to the use of air conditioning during the pandemic period!

It is used to live comfortably and work efficiently in hot weather. climatecan cause serious health problems. One of the most dangerous diseases transmitted through air conditioning is ‘legionnaires’ disease’, also called air conditioning disease. Specialist from Liv Hospital Samsun Internal Medicine (Internal Diseases) Clinic. Dr. Özkan Akyol stated that it was determined that the … Read more

Dengue fever: The epidemic continues to decline

The recorded cases are mainly located in the West of the island (60%): Saint-Paul, La Possession, St-Leu, Le Port and Trois-Bassins. During this school vacation period conducive to travel, the prefecture and the ARS also recall the need to continue to apply the right actions: protect yourself against mosquito bites (repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, … Read more

The recovery of the American economy is on track despite the epidemic

The Federal Reserve said on Wednesday that the US economy is still on track, despite an increase in coronavirus infections. “With progress in vaccinations and a strong support policy, indicators of economic activity and employment are getting stronger,” the US central bank said in a statement after concluding a two-day monetary policy meeting. The Fed … Read more

Apathy and chaos in the real estate market in Buda

During the epidemic, life also stopped in the real estate market, there were periods during the third wave when they were looking for almost nothing at all – said Andrea Nagy, the Balla Real Estate professional manager of his office in North and Buda. In the real estate market in Buda, the supply cannot satisfy … Read more

all indicators of the epidemic now on the rise, including deaths

►►► Read also : All the information on the coronavirus Cases detected¹ : between 06/18 and 07/24, 1481 new coronavirus infections were detected on average every day. This is an increase of 10% from the previous week. Tests : between 06/18 and 07/24, an average of 61.889 tests were performed daily, a total down 13% … Read more

Indonesia Missed Again! This terrible disease from India has entered Indonesia, it turns out that this epidemic has raged in the country without knowing what the cure is – All Pages

Freepik The case of the Delta variant of the corona virus. – At the moment, Indonesia facing a spike in cases virus corona varian Delta. Known case virus corona varian Delta came from India. In fact other than varian Delta, there is another viral infection from India who successfully entered Indonesia. Also Read: Gripping … Read more

Covid-19: teens over 16 can finally be vaccinated without parental consent

The decision still concerns more than five million young French people, as well as their parents. The Senators have decided to modify certain measures of the bill relating to the management of the health crisis, voted this Sunday, July 25. Among these, they allowed the opening to vaccination against Covid-19 without any parental consent to … Read more

Epidemic of wind vomiting. Dozens of people are hospitalized at the “Matei Bals” institute with severe complications

Dozens of children and adults are hospitalized in the Institute of Infectious Diseases “Matei Bals”, in the Capital, with wind vomiting, an extremely contagious disease.Doctors say that the only method of protection against the disease is the smallpox vaccine, but it costs over 100 lei, not being included in the free scheme. The biggest problem … Read more