UEFI boot kit BlackLotus defeats Secure Boot

March 5, 2023 – Malware called BlackLotus is able to bypass the Secure Boot security mechanism. The attackers take advantage of a vulnerability that was actually patched a year ago. Eset security researchers have identified a new malware called BlackLotus. This enables attackers to bypass the UEFI security mechanism Secure Boot Message from “Heise”. BlackLotus … Read more

Droppers keep haunting. It spreads viruses on Android

Droppers are most often spread through unofficial stores for the Android operating system, but they can also be spread through links on discussion forums and social networks. As a rule, they are implemented in the installation package of some legitimate program. They have only one job and that is to install more malicious code on … Read more

The laptops of the world’s top manufacturer have invisible factory “unremovable” Trojans

Safety Technique <!– Дмитрий Степанов –> 29 November 2022 12:1229 Nov 2022 12:12 | Share Information security company Eset has identified a dangerous vulnerability in a number of Taiwanese Acer laptop models. With its help, it costs nothing for an attacker to install malware on the victim’s computer, which is extremely difficult to detect and … Read more

Beware, Hackers Modify the OpenVPN Application on Android to Become Spyware

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – The perpetrators of crimes related to espionage on the internet, were caught trying to lure Android users with fake VPN app. ESET researchers say that this fake VPN on Android is a trojan version of the official application SoftVPN and OpenVPN. Collect Bleeping ComputerMonday (28/11/2022), this method aims to steal contact and … Read more

LinkedIn Enables New Security Feature to Identify Fake Profiles | Cybersecurity | ESET | Technology | SPORT-PLAY

Since ESET they assure that like the other social networks, LinkedIn it is a scene of deception ranging from false job offers to fraud such as pyramid schemes. As well as the popular case of the Lazarus group, which has used LinkedIn to distribute malware in several attacks in recent years, several malicious actors use … Read more

ESET: This is how it is explained if someone spies through the webcam |

More and more time is spent in front of a screen, be it a laptop, smartphone or other device, which often means being in front of a webcam. Many users rarely used this function, until the pandemic arrived and they were joined by students and collaborators who, confined from their homes, turned on their webcams … Read more

Update Windows first wait! The new disaster has made the Chrome browser “unusable”

(Picture/Photo taken from Microsoft’s official website) Update your Windows PC and wait! Microsoft’s latest version of the disaster broke out, and it was rumored that browsers such as Chrome and Edge would jump out of error codes, and the failure could not be used. According to foreign media《WindowsLatest》According to reports, netizens from foreign forums and … Read more

Other technology giants are withdrawing from Russia and Belarus. Epson and Eset are ending because of Ukraine

“Epson and its subsidiaries are very concerned about the conflict in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in the region. Based on this, we made the decision to suspend deliveries of our products to Russia and Belarus, “said Renáta Dihlová from the Czech branch of Epson. In addition, the company will support Ukraine financially, donating one … Read more