“League of Legends” adaptation of e-sports strategy new work “League of Legends E-sports Manager” trailer officially launched in China in 2022-Bahamut

By Tencent according to “League of Legends》E-sports strategy smart mobile game created by IP》League of Legends Esports Manager” recently announced that it will officially meet with players in 2022. The official said that as long as you participate in the reservation, you can get 10 consecutive signing coupons, mysterious SSR and other gifts. Riot Games … Read more

【Game Trial】Rainbow Six: Escape from the Restricted Area PvE Three-player Squad Play- ezone.hk – Game Anime- E-Sports Game

“Rainbow Six: Evacuation from the Restricted Area” is launched, which is a brand-new main PvE cooperative gameplay, fighting against alien bacteria, elevating the concept of tactical squads to a new level, the game supports cross-platform connection, and the PC version is very well optimized. “Rainbow Six: Escape from the Exclusion Zone” Support cross-platform connection Detailed … Read more

The settlers return – as an eSports title?!

17.01.2022/Nathan Leuenberger The popular construction game “The settlers” returns this year in a completely new guise. The new settler is said to focus on multiplayer battles. The settlers hold a special place in the hearts of many gamers in German-speaking countries. The strategy game was often among the first video games to be installed on … Read more

The Steam Award list is out! “Evil Spirit Castle: Village” won the Game of the Year Award | E-sports | Newtalk

“Evil Castle: Village” was selected as the 2021 Steam Game of the Year.Picture: Retrieved from the Twitter of “Evil Spirit Castle” The third-party PC game platform Steam announced today (4) the winners of the 2021 Steam Awards. Capcom’s first-person horror game “Evil Castle: Village” was selected as the “Game of the Year” and “Game of … Read more

No one has gone before! “Hades” became the first game in history to win a Hugo Award | E-sports | New head shell Newtalk

“Hades” became the first game in history to receive the Hugo Award.Figure: Reversed from the official website of Supergiant Games The World Science Fiction Association presented the winners of the 2021 Hugo Award yesterday (19). The role-playing fighting game “Hades” that won the 2021 GDC Game of the Year Award in July defeated the other … Read more

The Xbox Series X is out of stock, so Microsoft’s “Last Battle: Infinite” e-sports competition can only be played on the “development machine”-Computer King Ada

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, global chips and other raw materials have fallen into a serious shortage of goods, which still deeply affects the supply of many products, and the two major next-generation game consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, continue to Stuck in a state where one machine is hard … Read more

The Xbox Series X console is out of stock too severely. Microsoft’s official “Last Battle” e-sports has moved out the development machine for players to compete | T客邦

Players who have paid attention to PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles should know how difficult it is to buy a new console. But you might think that at least Microsoft should not be short of mainframes. How much should I keep for my own use? But the problem now is that even Microsoft doesn’t … Read more

RRQ Hoshi to the Upper Bracket Semifinals, This is the Schedule for M3 Mobile Legends MLBB There is ONIC Esports vs SMG Live Today

DIY NEWS – After defeating Todak (Malaysia), RRQ Hoshi stay in the upper bracket. In timetable M3 World Championship Mobile Legends MLBB there is link live streaming ONIC Sports vs SMG today, December 13, 2021. After watching the upper bracket M3 Mobile Legends MLBB which ensures RRQ Hoshi advance to the semifinals, now another Indonesian … Read more

Can I Choose an Arcane Character in PUBG Mobile’s Mirror World Mode? – My Esports

This time we will discuss about being able to choose an Arcane character in the Mirror World mode of PUBG Mobile. This will answer your confusion when trying to enter the gameplay on Mirror Island in the collaboration mode. Currently PUBG Mobile is in season C1S3 (Cycle 1 Season 3). This season’s game mode is … Read more

The Ice Wolf Dragon is here! “Monster Hunter Rise: Breaking Dawn” announces new monsters, strongholds and other information | E-sports | New head shell Newtalk

Capcom today released the latest trailer for “Monster Hunter Rise: Breaking Dawn”.Picture: Reversed from “Monster Hunter: Rise” Twitter Japanese game developer Capcom released the latest trailer of the large-scale paid expansion “Monster Hunter Rise: Breaking Dawn” of its game “Monster Hunter: Rise” on TGA today (10), and announced the new monster “Ice Wolf Dragon” , … Read more