Overvalued real estate in R or less on the real estate market in the coming years

There are lines appearing on the market that predict the market property perhaps in all possible directions growth was determined by the growth of material prices, stagnation and (sharp) decline. NB changes, e real estate they may be overvalued by as much as 40%, but he also added that a decrease in their prices is … Read more

Who is an inalienable heir and what are his rights

Not all heirs are equal in their rights. There is a group of heirs who have a more advantageous position – they cannot be bypassed by the testator and if this is the case, the law protects them. They are immortal heirs. Today we will look at who these heirs are and what rights they … Read more

Contributed to the Rakumachi Real Estate Investment Newspaper, “The Bomb of ‘Rise in Interest Rates’ in Japan’s Mortgage Loans” – Textbook for Bankers

Contributed an article to Rakumachi Real Estate Investment Newspaper titled “Rise in Interest Rates Bombed by Japanese Housing Loans”. Condo prices continue to rise. Tokyo’s apartments are of a standard that ordinary office workers cannot afford. Still, there is no doubt that one of the factors behind the strong sales of housing such as condominiums … Read more

Vonovia Considers Sales | The real estate world

German housing giant Vonovia, which in Sweden owns Victoriahem, is considering selling a number of property portfolios – in order to remain as a co-owner. In total, it may involve selling properties for SEK 130–140 billion. In Sweden, large holdings from the million program can be considered for jv ownership. According to information to Fastighetsvärlden, … Read more

China’s real estate crisis is coming… riot after protest

[앵커] Recently, in China, the number of places where apartment construction has been suspended has rapidly increased, causing the real estate market to falter. Residents took part in protests saying they would refuse to repay the bank loan if the construction was not resumed. The Chinese government has urgently taken measures, but the situation is … Read more

Agadir/Building materials: real estate updates its monitoring indicators

To better support the indicators of the housing sector within the region, in particular the evolution of the prices of building materials for activities relating to structural and finishing works, the Regional Directorate for Housing and city ​​has launched technical assistance related to monitoring systems for housing sector indicators. Despite the pandemic context linked to … Read more

On a chat to Italy. Interest in buying foreign real estate is growing, and the income from their rental is also higher

Source: Depositphotos According to experts, now is a good time to buy European holiday properties Investor capital will grow fastest in Berlin. They earn the most on rent in Tuscany and on the south coast of France Interest in buying European real estate is also growing on the part of Americans. They are attracted by … Read more

In China, the real estate market is collapsing and threatening to overwhelm the system

Analysts are wondering if the Chinese real estate market is experiencing its “Lehman Brothers moment”. Standard & Poors Global Ratings predicts that “domestic property sales will drop by 28% -33% by this year.” A double drop compared to the estimate that S&P itself had made at the beginning of the year. An unequivocal sign that … Read more

Anne Toledano is appointed Director of the Real Estate sector of Indosuez Wealth Management

Based in Paris, she reports to Pierre Masclet, Deputy CEO of Indosuez Wealth Management. Anne Toledano is appointed Director of the Real Estate sector of Indosuez Wealth Management as of July 18, 2022. Based in Paris, she reports to Pierre Masclet, Deputy CEO of Indosuez Wealth Management. Through the creation of the Real Estate division, … Read more